1983.11.11 PARIS Life on the Plant
1985.05.01 POISON Radical Rock Interview
1987.01.30 POISON: rockstars, believe it or not
1987.09.30 POISON at the Texxas Jamm
1989.08.03 BRET MICHAELS & C.C.DEVILLE on Hey Hey It's Saturday Night
1990.04.24 POISON Confirms Debut at Monsters Of Rock Festival
1990.09.11 POISON MTV Unplugged
1991.01.28 POISON on American Music Awards
1991.04.16 BRET MICHAELS on the New Orleans Incident With C.C. "We Took a Few Punches at Each Other"
1991.09.05 POISON Live At MTV Video Music Awards
1992.07.01 C.C.DEVILLE "I Was Always the Outsider In POISON"
1993.02.16 POISON's Native Tongue Album Released
1993.05.07 POISON on Jay Leno's Show
1993.05.07 POISON on Jay Leno's Show
1993.07.26 POISON w/BLUES SARACENO in Santiago, Chile
1993.07.28 POISON w/BLUES SARACENO on Martes 13
1993.07.30 POISON w/BLUES SARACENO in Bs As Argentina
1993.08.01 POISON w/BLUES SARACENO on Ritmo de la Noche
1993.08.03 POISON w/BLUES SARACENO in Caracas, Venezuela
1993.08.06 POISON w/BLUES SARACENO in Mexico City, Mexico
1994.05.30 BRET MICHAELS Escapes Death In a Car Smashup
1994.11.22 BRET MICHAELS Opens Restaurant Called Santuary
1995.02.19 BRET MICHAELS Talks About New POISON Album With BLUES SARACENO
1995.06.06 POISON's Crack a Smile Album Scheduled For a Sept. 14 Release
1995.08.16 POISON's Crack a Smile Album Pushed Back to January 1996
1996.02.05 C.C.DEVILLE "I'm Sober For About A Year Now"
1996.08.15 POISON's Crack a Smile Remains In Limbo, Greatest Hits Compilation Due Out Nov.12
1996.11.07 BRET MICHAELS on POISON's Greatest Hits
1996.11.28 BRET MICHAELS "C.C. Wanted a Year or Two to Comeback, He Really Liked BLUES"
1997.01.03 C.C.DEVILLE Clean & Sober... And Back in POISON
1997.01.07 BRET MICHAELS reviews 1996
1997.01.12 POISON What's Hot for 1997
1997.02.05 RIKKI Speaks of Record Contract
1997.02.12 POISON Tour and Record Deal?
1997.02.15 BRET MICHAELS "Someone is trying to kill me"
1997.02.17 POISON CMC Record Deal?
1997.02.24 News From RIKKI ROCKETT
1997.02.25 News from BLUES SARACENO
1997.03.04 Update on BLUES SARACENO from BLUES
1997.03.07 C.C.DEVILLE Interview in Guitar World Magazine
1997.03.10 BOBBY DALL's Baby
1997.03.10 BRET MICHAELS Movie Update
1997.03.16 Order Crack A Smile Import CD; Limited Edition!
1997.03.17 Order Crack A Smile Import CD; Limited Edition! UPDATE
1997.03.22 Tell Capitol Records to release Crack a Smile!!
1997.03.23 Update on Crack a Smile Orders
1997.04.01 C.C.DEVILLE on ROD STEWART Tribute Album
1997.04.07 Word From Capitol Records
1997.04.10 POISON Sues Publisher
1997.04.27 BRET MICHAELS Solo Material
1997.04.29 BRET MICHAELS in Metal Edge Magazine!
1997.05.14 BRET's Solo Album
1997.05.25 POISON Readies for Rehearsals
1997.05.29 BRET MICHAELS The Solo Career & Movie
1997.06.08 The Most Popular Poison Site in the World!
1997.06.17 ROBERT SWEET of STRYPER Comments on C.C.!
1997.06.27 Someone Stalking POISON Band Members
1997.07.08 BRET MICHAELS Chat on MSN!
1997.07.16 BRET MICHAELS Updated News on Album Release Date
1997.07.16 BRET's Concert Broadcast on the Web
1997.07.21 POISON's Greatest Hits Reviewed by E-zine
1997.07.21 BRET MICHAELS's Solo Band Announced
1997.08.09 More on BRET's Solo Concert
1997.08.14 BRET MICHAELS debuted his solo album live August 14th in Los Angeles
1997.08.15 BRET's Solo Concert Reviewed
1997.08.15 GERRI MILLER on BRET's Solo Show
1997.08.18 BRET's Solo Album Track Listing
1997.08.19 More BRET MICHAELS Solo Shows Planned
1997.08.19 BRET MICHAELS On Entertainment Tonight - A Review
1997.08.20 Urge Capitol Records to Release Crack a Smile!
1997.08.26 BRET MICHAELS Mentioned in Playboy Magazine
1997.08.29 20,000 Hits!
1997.08.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Chat Transcription with Jurassic Kik
1997.09.16 BRET MICHAELS Markets Movie Online
1997.11.04 BRET MICHAELS in Metal Edge Magazine
1997.12.10 Official Poison Web Site Coming Soon!
1997.12.21 POISON Update
1998.01.23 BRET MICHAELS Sues Over Sex Tape
1998.01.27 BRET MICHAELS Sues Web Site for Showing His Penis
1998.01.27 BRET MICHAELS Talks About Fight To Stop Pamela Lee Sex Tape
1998.02.03 SHEEN-MICHAELS ENTERTAINMENT Press Release on The Video Tape
1998.02.04 BRET MICHAELS "I want to know where I.E.G. got its copy of the tape"
1998.02.15 BRET MICHAELS' Movie "In God's Hands" Slated for March
1998.02.25 BRET MICHAELS/PAMELA ANDERSON Sex Video Case Continues In Court
1998.02.26 PAMELA ANDERSON May have released the Michaels/Anderson sex tape to IEG
1998.02.28 BRET MICHAELS/PAMELA ANDERSON Porno For Charity?
1998.03.02 BRET MICHAELS on Hard Copy
1998.03.05 PAMELA ANDERSON Ups Lawsuit
1998.03.09 BRET MICHAELS/PAMELA ANDERSON Face First Depositions Against IEG
1998.03.17 POISON To Headline Summer Tour!
1998.03.18 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON Is Getting Together On The 21st Of March"
1998.03.31 POISONWEBSITE Tops 50,000 Hits!
1998.04.01 GERRI MILLER Comments on Summer Tour
1998.04.01 BRET MICHAELS Score Legal Victory Over IEG
1998.04.07 Tour or Record? RIKKI ROCKETT Comments
1998.04.15 BRET and CC Writing New Tunes
1998.04.23 BRET MICHAELS Solo Album Delayed
1998.04.30 POISON's Original Members Plan Album, Tour
1998.04.30 POISON's Original Members Readying Reunion Album
1998.05.20 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON Is, Was, And Always Will Be A Glam Band, And I'm Damn Proud Of It!!!"
1998.05.21 BRET MICHAELS "The New POISON Album Should Be Out In May of 99"
1998.06.11 BRET MICHAELS Hooks Brando, Sorvino For Film
1998.06.30 BRET MICHAELS Does Movies, Solo Album Finally Get A Date
1998.07.08 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Don't Know What The Hell Is Going On... POISON Has Been Gone"
1998.07.12 RIKKI ROCKETT "Fans Are All We Ever Had. The Industry Never Really Liked POISON"
1998.07.25 POISON Calling it Quits?
1998.08.10 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Don't Know If We Are Going To Do A Record"
1998.08.17 POISON To Tour Mid 1999
1998.08.20 POISON Reunion Looking Unlikely
1998.09.01 BRET MICHAELS Release Party Scheduled
1998.09.17 Help Interview BRET MICHAELS Online!
1998.09.22 POISON Planning Festival Tour
1998.09.23 POISON, Crue, Whitesnake, Def Leppard to Tour?
1998.10.01 BRET MICHAELS "POISON Will Go Out Next Summer"
1998.10.06 BRET MICHAELS' Solo Album Released
1998.10.08 POISON to Tour Next Summer
1998.11.20 Announcements From BRET MICHAELS
1998.11.21 BRET MICHAELS on Fairway to Heaven Golf Tournament
1998.11.24 BRET MICHAELS on LA Radio
1998.12.04 POISONWEBSITE Tops 100,000
1999.03.05 POISON on VH1 Behind The Music
1999.03.10 POISON Tour Package Confirmed
1999.03.12 BOBBY DALL "I choose not to speak when I have nothing to say"
1999.03.28 Metal Sludge 20 Questions With RIKKI ROCKETT
1999.04.15 MATT SMITH "I Have No Regrets On Leaving POISON"
1999.05.28 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.05.30 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.06.01 C.C.DEVILLE "POISON Looked Like Women, Talked Like Men And Fucked Like Beasts!"
1999.06.01 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.06.03 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.06.15 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.06.21 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.07.10 RIKKI ROCKETT from the road!
1999.07.10 POISON on VH1 Behind The Music Got Good Ratings
1999.08.16 RIKKI ROCKETT Addresses New LP Delays
1999.08.26 RIKKI ROCKETT Announces Solo CD Called "Glitter For Your Soul"
1999.09.02 POISON's Crack a Smile Album Scheduled For a Nov. 2 Release
1999.10.13 C.C.DEVILLE Signs Deal As Solo Act, Plans "Supergroup" Project
1999.10.26 RIKKI ROCKETT's Bottleneck Available
1999.12.12 RIKKI ROCKETT "Glitter For Your Soul" Updates
1999.12.12 RIKKI ROCKETT Announces New POISON Realease
1999.12.17 RIKKI ROCKETT Poisons Pokemon
1999.12.22 THE STEPMOTHERS Officially Changed Their Name To SAMANTHA 7
2000.01.18 JOEY C. JONES "I stole C.C.'s band and formed mine"
2000.02.02 C.C.DEVILLE Departure Confirmed By POISON Members
2000.02.02 POISON Splits With C.C.DEVILLE
2000.02.03 C.C.DEVILLE Splits; RIKKI And BRET Vent
2000.02.04 POISON's Crack a Smile To Be Released on March 14 (Press Release)
2000.02.09 C.C.DEVILLE Meets RIKKI ROCKETT at NAMM "Sometimes I Vent On The Wrong Thing"
2000.02.10 TRACII GUNS "I Have Been Just Asked to Join POISON"
2000.02.14 C.C.DEVILLE Rejoins POISON
2000.02.14 C.C.DEVILLE Claims He's Back In POISON
2000.02.17 TRACII GUNS "If C.C. Makes One False Move, He Will Be In Samantha7 Forever"
2000.02.17 POISON's "Greatest Hits" Album Certified Platinium
2000.02.18 RIKKI ROCKETT Emails Metal Sludge About TRACII GUNS
2000.03.01 C.C.DEVILLE "My Main Priority Right Now Is Singing"
2000.03.09 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON Is In The Studio Recording With All Original Members"
2000.03.30 POISON To Tour U.S. With Cinderella, Dokken, Slaughter
2000.04.05 POISON Makes C.C.DEVILLE An Offer He Can't Refuse!
2000.04.15 RIKKI ROCKETT "I'm Nearly a Vegan"
2000.04.25 RIKKI ROCKETT Explains His "Metal Sludge Rewind 20 Questions"
2000.05.12 C.C.DEVILLE "I Wrote I Hate Every Bone... For Samantha 7"
2000.05.22 RIKKI ROCKETT Updates On POISON And Solo
2000.05.23 POISON's BRET MICHAELS Has Baby Girl
2000.05.30 C.C.DEVILLE "My Greatest Fear Is Dying And Being Aware That It's Happening"
2000.06.09 C.C.DEVILLE "I've Been Sober Five Years"
2000.06.19 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.06.22 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.06.23 C.C.DEVILLE "I Was Addicted To Drugs, Everything Was Based Around The Drugs"
2000.06.26 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.06.29 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.07.01 C.C.DEVILLE "SAMANTHA 7 Is Just More Viable At This Juncture Than POISON Is"
2000.07.03 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.07.14 C.C.DEVILLE "Drugs Don't Make You Creative"
2000.07.14 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.07.18 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.07.21 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.07.25 BRET MICHAELS Almost Hit By Falling Mirror Ball
2000.07.25 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.08.09 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.08.13 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.08.15 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.08.23 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.08.30 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.09.01 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.09.07 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2000.09.13 Metal Sludge's Interview With POISON Security Guard BIG JOHN
2000.10.02 SAMANTHA 7 Road Report at Buffalo, NY
2000.10.06 C.C.DEVILLE hits the road with SAMANTHA 7
2001.01.18 RIKKI ROCKETT battles with Dr. Berens
2001.02.03 RIKKI ROCKETT Announces The Glam Slam Metal Jam
2001.02.18 FRANCIS RUIZ Leaves SAMANTHA 7
2001.03.01 POISON Announces THE GLAM SLAM METAL JAM TOUR 2001
2001.03.05 WARRANT Joins GSMJ
2001.03.08 BRET MICHAELS The Rockumentary
2001.03.12 POISON Announced Full Line-up for Tour 2001
2001.03.13 POISON The Glam Slam Metal Jam Full Line Up Announced
2001.04.02 C.C.DEVILLE Will Guest On New KING KOBRA CD
2001.05.15 BRET MICHAELS "C.C. should have been the singer in our band"
2001.05.15 RIKKI ROCKETT "We haven't been overlooked as being a glam band"
2001.05.23 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.05.25 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.05.29 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.06.03 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.06.08 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.06.12 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.06.18 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.06.21 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.06.26 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.07.06 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.07.13 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.07.18 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.07.25 POISON "Swallow This Live" Album Certified Gold
2001.07.26 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.07.31 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.08.06 FRANKIE BANALI "The remainder of the GSMJ has been indefinitely postponed"
2001.08.07 POISON Tour Dates Canceled As BOBBY DALL Undergoes Emergency Surgery
2001.08.07 BOBBY DALL Suffers Spinal Cord Injury Forces Entire Tour To Cancel
2001.08.12 The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge
2001.08.24 RIKKI ROCKETT "We have really inspired a lot of people by what we do"
2001.12.06 POISON Heading Into Studio To Record Some "Fuel-Injected Hard Rock"
2002.02.06 RIKKI ROCKETT "Say It, Don't Spray It"
2002.02.24 RIKKI ROCKETT Signs Drum Deal With Pork Pie Percussion (Press Release)
2002.03.15 BRET MICHAELS "I think Hollyweird is going to kick ass"
2002.05.28 RIKKI ROCKETT "Hollyweird production is not bullshit"
2002.06.09 BOBBY DALL "POISON has always been BOBBY, RIKKI, BRET, and C.C."
2002.07.09 POISON on RAW IS WAR
2002.07.16 BRET MICHAELS Tour with POISON and a solo record
2002.08.01 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Have To Thank The Fans For The Reason Why We Are Out Here"
2002.09.01 C.C.DEVILLE "I think I went back to my roots"
2003.03.22 RIKKI ROCKETT "HOLLYWEIRD Album Retain Our Sound"
2003.05.00 BOBBY DALL "It was my idea put together a big tour with three other name bands"
2003.06.00 BRET MICHAELS Interview With 1HeavyMetal.com
2003.06.15 BRET MICHAELS "I love what I do with POISON and I have no intention of ever leaving the band"
2003.07.06 BRET MICHAELS Interview With MedazzaRock.com
2003.07.19 BRET MICHAELS Interview With Glam.Metal.com
2003.09.06 BRET MICHAELS Interview With ClevelandOnstage.com
2004.02.08 POISON Authorship of "Talk Dirty To Me" In Question
2004.02.18 BILLY MCCARTHY declines to comment on authorship of "Talk Dirty To Me"
2004.02.29 NIKKI SIXX "I Refuse To Do The Tour If They Used POISON"
2004.03.01 RIKKI ROCKETT Replies to NIKKI SIXX
2004.03.03 MICHAEL MONROE "POISON is a sucky band"
2004.03.07 NIKKI SIXX "BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION Officially Pass On The KISS Tour"
2004.04.14 BRET MICHAELS Interview With MelodicRock.com
2004.04.15 KISS And POISON To Tour U.S. (Press Release)
2004.05.09 GENE SIMMONS "C.C.DEVILLE Was Drunk And All Coked Up"
2004.05.10 NIKKI SIXX On His Refusal To Tour With POISON "I am Not Into Followers"
2004.06.13 BRET MICHAELS Performs at Country Music Festival
2004.06.20 RIKKI ROCKETT Interview With PerrisRecords.com
2004.07.13 BILLY MCCARTHY "I Was The Only Hand In The Arrangement Of 'Talk Dirty To Me'"
2004.07.23 POISONWEB.com posts Summer 2004 Tour Clarification
2004.08.17 BILLY MCCARTHY "POISON's Version Of TDTM Is A Karaoke'd Version Of SCREAMIN' MIMI's TDTM"
2004.08.25 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON As A Creative Force Is Very Handicapped Right Now"
2004.09.00 RICHIE KOTZEN "Best thing about being in Poison was f*cking... a lot of f*cking"
2004.09.14 RICHIE KOTZEN "Filling Paul Gilbert's shoes was more intimidating than filling in for C.C"
2005.05.00 RIKKI ROCKETT Interview With SatyaMag.com
2005.06.07 KRYS BARATTO "Samantha 7 was a fun band"
2005.06.20 BRET MICHAELS Interview With BuffaloNews.com
2005.07.25 SAMANTHA 7 To Reunite For One-Off Performance In Hollywood
2005.08.22 C.C. DEVILLE Arrested For Domestic Violence
2005.08.23 C.C.DEVILLE "I Do Not Hit Women And I Do Not Believe In Violence"
2005.08.26 C.C.DEVILLE Arrested For Driving Under The Influence
2005.09.21 C.C.DEVILLE On The New Season Of "The Surreal Life"
2005.10.24 C.C.DEVILLE's Home Burglarized
2005.11.22 BRET MICHAELS Shots Fired At His Autobus In Chicopee
2005.11.24 C.C.DEVILLE Is Going To Serve Jail Time For DUI
2005.12.04 BRET MICHAELS Discusses Drive-By Shooting Incident
2005.12.15 RIKKI ROCKETT Teams up with Chop Shop Drum Company (Press Release)
2006.01.30 POISON Announces "20 Years of Rock Tour" (Press Release)
2006.04.17 RIKKI ROCKETT "Define POISON As 80s Rockers Bothers Me"
2006.07.01 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON Become In A Seasoned Band"
2006.08.11 RIKKI ROCKETT "NIKKI really needs to get over it"
2006.08.27 POISON Near Brawl Between BRET MICHAELS And BOBBY DALL In Atlanta Concert
2006.09.01 LEMMY KILMISTER "C.C. Never Got Credit For Being A Great Guitar Player"
2007.03.18 C.C.DEVILLE Becomes First-Time Father
2007.04.03 POISON Announces New Studio Album POISON'D! (Press Release)
2007.04.04 C.C.DEVILLE Interview With SavioursOfRock.com
2007.04.26 RIKKI ROCKETT Announces "Rockett Drum Works Inc." (Press Release)
2007.04.27 POISON Announces "POISON'D! 2007" Summer Tour Dates (Press Relese)
2007.05.17 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON and STAR WARS both started out with the same element of dirt"
2007.06.05 BRET MICHAELS Reviews POISON'D Track by Track
2007.09.19 RIKKI ROCKETT Bosphorus Rockett Ride (Press Release)
2008.01.11 BRET MICHAELS "Loveline" Video Interview Available
2008.01.14 POISON Confirmed For New Zealand's ROCK2WGTN Festival
2008.01.19 BRET MICHAELS On "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Video Available
2008.01.21 10 YEARS ONLINE!!
2008.01.23 BRET MICHAELS On "Live with Regis and Kelly"
2008.01.24 BRET MICHAELS More Solo Dates Announced
2008.01.28 BRET MICHAELS To Guest On All-New Episode Of MTV Cribs
2008.02.01 RIKKI ROCKETT "We Never Set Out To Be A Metal Band"
2008.02.06 POISON Confirmed For SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL
2008.02.08 BRET MICHAELS "Rock Of Love - Season 1" DVD Details Revealed
2008.02.12 RIKKI ROCKETT "We Never Set Out To Be A Metal Band"
2008.02.14 BRET MICHAELS On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Video Available
2008.02.26 BRET MICHAELS 'Rock of Love' Parody on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE
2008.03.01 RICHIE KOTZEN "It still blows my mind that people ask me about what happened with POISON"
2008.03.04 POISON Confirmed For KANSAS STATE FAIR
2008.03.08 POISON on tour with SEBASTIAN BACH and DOKKEN
2008.03.13 BRET MICHAELS On ROCKLAHOMA And Upcoming Solo Album
2008.03.14 Ticketmaster announces POISON's Live Raw Uncut Tour Dates
2008.03.28 RIKKI ROCKETT Arrested On Rape Warrant
2008.03.29 BRET MICHAELS Solo Tour Dates Announced
2008.04.01 BRET MICHAELS show at Salinas will be filmed for new reality series
2008.04.02 C.C.DEVILLE MySpace Page Posts POISON Summer Tour Dates 2008
2008.04.03 BRET MICHAELS Concert Free With Tickets at Marlins Game
2008.04.04 BRET MICHAELS On Jimmy Kimmel Live!
2008.04.05 POISON Announces "LIVE, RAW & UNCUT SUMMER TOUR 2008" (Press Release)
2008.04.10 BRET MICHAELS On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Video Available
2008.04.11 BRET MICHAELS Sued For Trashing 'Rock of Love' Mansion
2008.04.14 RICHIE KOTZEN Live Appearances Announced
2008.04.19 BRET MICHAELS 'Rock My World' Available on June 3
2008.05.02 BRET MICHAELS Guests On 'Don't Forget The Lyrics' Video Available
2008.05.04 BRET MICHAELS 'Rock My World' Pre-Sale at Amazon.com
2008.05.22 RIKKI ROCKETT Exonerated Of Rape Charge
2008.05.30 BRET MICHAELS Entire New Solo Album Available For Streaming
2008.06.01 RICHIE KOTZEN Interview on 'The Classic Metal Show' Audio Available
2008.06.05 C.C.DEVILLE on MOTÖRHEAD's LEMMY KILMISTER documentary
2008.06.07 DEF LEPPARD Frontman Slams POISON
2008.06.08 POISON Sweden Rock Festival Concert Review, Photos and Videos Footage Available
2008.06.10 BRET MICHAELS On ABC's "The View" Video Available
2008.06.11 BRET MICHAELS on Fox News "Red Eye"
2008.06.11 BRET MICHAELS On 'On The Record With Greta Van Susteren' Video Available
2008.06.12 BRET MICHAELS 'Rock My World' First-Week Sales Revealed
2008.06.18 POISON sues Capitol Records
2008.06.19 BRET MICHAELS "I don't want to do albums of cover material"
2008.06.27 BRET MICHAELS Rocklahoma Private After Party
2008.07.02 BRET MICHAELS hosts Time Life's "Hard & Heavy"
2008.07.04 POISON kicks off Live Raw Uncut Summer Tour 2008
2008.07.08 BRET MICHAELS "People Want To Hear Rock Again"
2008.07.09 RICHIE KOTZEN European Tour Dates Announced
2008.07.11 BOBBY DALL To Guest On Maximum Threshold
2008.07.15 RIKKI ROCKETT Slams DEF LEPPARD Singer
2008.07.16 BRET MICHAELS Confirms Another "Rock Of Love" Season
2008.07.18 DEF LEPPARD Singer Hits Back At POISON
2008.07.22 C.C. DEVILLE Wants POISON Concerts To Be "Honoring To God"
2008.07.28 POISON Top 10 Debut For Live, Raw & Uncut DVD
2008.07.29 BOBBY DALL "I Don't Have To Necessarily Always Agree With BRET"
2008.08.01 C.C. DEVILLE "Im Learning Grace From The Lord"
2008.08.01 JOEY ELLIOTT "RIKKI ROCKETT Is a F**cking Idiot"
2008.08.01 RIKKI ROCKETT To JOE ELLIOTT "You Need To Shut The F**k Up! "
2008.08.04 POISON "Seven Days Live" To Receive CD Release
2008.08.09 BRET MICHAELS Interviewed At ROCKLAHOMA Video Available
2008.08.10 BRET MICHAELS "I Dont Wanna Fight JOE ELLIOTT" Audio Available
2008.08.13 DON DOKKEN On Touring With POISON
2008.08.15 BRET MICHAELS Still "Not Over" AMBRE LAKE
2008.08.22 SEBASTIAN BACH Explains Why He Changed His Mind About Touring With Bands Like POISON
2008.08.22 BRET MICHAELS "Fallen" Video Single and New "Rock Of Love" Season
2008.08.28 BRET MICHAELS Talks About Wrecking His Ferrari
2008.09.30 BRET MICHAELS Suspends "Rock Of Love Bus" Production After Deadly Crash
2008.11.12 POISON Members To Guest On "3 Guys Pickin"
2008.11.24 BRET MICHAELS Working On 'The Bret Michaels Story' Book
2008.11.26 BRET MICHAELS "Driven" Video Available
2008.12.03 RIKKI ROCKETT Ties The Knot
2008.12.03 BRET MICHAELS auctioning his bed
2008.12.10 BRET MICHAELS will host a new VH1 show
2008.12.15 BRET MICHAELS "Im Not A Sleazy Bachelor"
2008.12.18 BRET MICHAELS Schedules TV Appearances
2008.12.31 BRET MICHAELS "Nobody Wants To See Me In Spandex Right Now"
2009.01.05 FRANCIS RUIZ "It Seemed Every Time SAMANTHA 7 Was Gaining Momentum, POISON Would Come Up"
2009.01.06 BRET MICHAELS Rock Of Love Bus Scores For VH1 In Debut
2009.01.07 RICHIE KOTZEN Completes Work On WILSON HAWK CD
2009.01.12 BRET MICHAELS on Chelsea Lately - Video Available
2009.01.13 POISON And DEF LEPPARD On Tour This Summer
2009.01.14 BRET MICHAELS on Fox News "Red Eye"
2009.01.22 11 YEARS ONLINE!
2009.02.03 RIKKI ROCKETT Auctioning ROLEX Watch
2009.02.04 RIKKI ROCKETT To Detractors: "I am Far From Broke"
2009.02.06 RICHIE KOTZEN Seeking Fan-Filmed Footage For Upcoming DVD
2009.02.11 BRET MICHAELS "I will never do another cover song with POISON"
2009.02.17 POISON, AEROSMITH and DEF LEPPARD on NOW Thats What I Call Power Ballads! CD
2009.02.18 STEVEN ADLER joins Rockett Drum Works
2009.02.25 POISON/DEF LEPPARD/CHEAP TRICK Summer Tour 2009 (Press Release)
2009.02.26 BRET MICHAELS Rock Of Love Among The A-List Awards Nominees
2009.02.28 JOEY ELLIOT Comments About POISON Were
2009.03.01 RIKKI ROCKETT on DEF LEPPARD "Fact Is, There Is a Mutual Respect Between Us"
2009.03.02 BRET MICHAELS on TV
2009.03.04 BRET MICHAELS sings in bathroom with Ellen Degeneres Audience
2009.03.05 DEF LEPPARD guitarrists talk about DL/Poison tour
2009.03.05 RICHIE KOTZEN
2009.03.05 Reminder: BRET MICHAELS on E!
2009.03.05 POISON, TWISTED SISTER, ALICE IN CHAINS Confirmed for Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits
2009.03.06 POISON Boxset at Amazon.com
2009.03.08 PHIL VARONE joins Rockett Drum Works
2009.03.10 Rock of Love Bus Fantasy Game
2009.03.11 BRET MICHAELS and PHIL COLLEN interview on CNN
2009.03.11 BRET MICHAELS Autobiography Due In June
2009.03.11 Rock Of Love Bus ends well for BRET MICHAELS
2009.03.17 HERMAN RAREBELL from SCORPIONS joins Rockett Drum Works
2009.03.17 MADY TAYLOR from THE RAYMIES joins Rockett Drum Works
2009.03.18 BRET MICHAELS Two New Solo Tour Dates Added
2009.03.20 POISON 2009 V.I.P. Ticket Packages
2009.03.24 BRET MICHAELS about solo shows and autobiography
2009.03.26 BRET MICHAELS - Roses & Thorns
2009.03.26 BRET MICHAELS cancels solo show
2009.03.26 BRET MICHAELS cancels another solo show
2009.03.27 BRET MICHAELS cancels solo show
2009.03.28 BRET MICHAELS cancels more solo shows
2009.03.28 POISON in your mobile phone!
2009.03.30 BRET MICHAELS invites you to choose the cover book of Roses and Thorns
2009.04.03 BRET MICHAELS confirmed for COLORADO ROCK FEST 09
2009.04.03 BRET MICHAELS Rescheduled dates from last week
2009.04.06 RICHIE KOTZEN cancels SouthAmerican Tour
2009.04.06 RIKKI ROCKETT Fearless Fighting Championship
2009.04.06 BRET MICHAELS Two New Solo Tour Dates Added
2009.04.07 RICHIE KOTZEN cancels SouthAmerican Tour (update)
2009.04.08 BRET MICHAELS on EMINEM Video
2009.04.10 BRET MICHAELS TVGuide.com interview
2009.04.11 RIKKI ROCKETT and MELANIE MARTEL tonight at The Londoner
2009.04.12 RIKKI ROCKETT and RATT drummer at World Week For Animals Benefit Concert
2009.04.13 BRET MICHAELS Rock of Love Bus Final Episode Video Available
2009.04.15 BRET MICHAELS on Biography Channel
2009.04.15 Taya Parker talks about BRET MICHAELS Audio Available
2009.04.16 BRET MICHAELS cancels Grand Juction, CO
2009.04.22 BRET MICHAELS Going Green Rocks!
2009.04.29 BRET MICHAELS Showcase Live-Foxborough, Mass postponed
2009.05.01 BRET MICHAELS Texas date added
2009.05.11 BRET MICHAELS Texas Tour Update w/Special Guests!
2009.05.13 BRET MICHAELS "I Would Love To Make A New POISON Album, BUT"
2009.05.13 BRET MICHAELS Cactus Courtyard May 15 Update
2009.05.15 RIKKI ROCKETT: "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive"
2009.05.15 BRET MICHAELS: rain or shine.. Lubbock, TX Tonight!
2009.05.19 BRET MICHAELS to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Hens Game, May 26
2009.05.25 BRET MICHAELS Forced To Cancel Ft. Campbell Performance Due To Weather
2009.05.27 BRET MICHAELS singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Video Available
2009.05.27 BRET MICHAELS at the Rib America Festival - Pictures Available
2009.05.28 BRET MICHAELS at the Rib America Festival - More Pictures Available
2009.05.30 RIKKI ROCKETT and MELANIE MARTEL Unplugged Tonight
2009.06.02 RICHIE KOTZEN To Play Earthquake Benefit Concert
2009.06.02 POISON to perform at Tony Awards 2009 (Press Release)
2009.06.04 RIKKI ROCKETT Eddie Trunk Interview
2009.06.05 BRET MICHAELS at The Blue Note, Columbia MO - Video Available
2009.06.05 BRET MICHAELS Tonys are the "coolest yet strangest" gig ever
2009.06.06 Without BRET MICHAELS, RIKKI ROCKETT and C.C.DEVILLE at Rock of Ages show tonight.
2009.06.07 Reminder: POISON along with the cast of Rock of Ages at Tony Awards tonight
2009.06.07 BRET MICHAELS Almost Beheaded at Tony Awards - Video Available
2009.06.08 BRET MICHAELS Nose fracture and busted lips at Tonys
2009.06.08 BRET MICHAELS interview at Tonys Red Carpet
2009.06.09 RIKKI ROCKETT: "I Don't Like BRET Doing Solo Shows Away From POISON"
2009.06.09 BRET MICHAELS "All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up"
2009.06.10 BRET MICHAELS representatives respond to incident at Tony Awards
2009.06.10 BRET MICHAELS "Sometimes I Will Endanger My Own Life To Pleasure A Woman"
2009.06.10 BRET MICHAELS Injuries Photos Posted Online
2009.06.11 BRET MICHAELS Myrtle Beach show postponed
2009.06.11 BOBBY, RIKKI and C.C. backstage with Rock of Ages. No BRET MICHAELS
2009.06.11 BRET MICHAELS Official Statement After The Tonys Incident
2009.06.11 BRET MICHAELS Hints at New Season of Rock of Love
2009.06.17 BRET MICHAELS First Post-Tonys Interview on KIISFM.com - Audio Available
2009.06.17 BRET MICHAELS will not Sue Tony Awards
2009.06.18 POISON No Ticket Services Fees
2009.06.18 BRET MICHAELS Yuma show canceled
2009.06.18 BRET MICHAELS USA TODAY interview
2009.06.19 BRET MICHAELS the new Hottest Bachelor in People Magazine
2009.06.19 POISON 2009 V.I.P. Packages
2009.06.19 BRET MICHAELS Cache Creek show canceled
2009.06.21 BRET MICHAELS To Guest On NBC Today Show Tomorrow
2009.06.22 Despite BRET MICHAELS' Injuries, POISON Tour To Kickoff June 23!
2009.06.22 BRET MICHAELS on NBC Today Show Video Available
2009.06.22 BOBBY DALL To Guest On Mitch Minute
2009.06.23 BOBBY DALL "POISON Has a Lot Of Enemies And They Can All F*ck Off!"
2009.06.24 POISON No Ticket Services Fees Today
2009.06.24 RIKKI ROCKETT and Joe Elliot Face Off Backstage!
2009.06.24 POISON, DEF LEPPARD, CHEAP TRICK Kick Off Summer Tour: Video & Photos Available
2009.06.25 BRET MICHAELS Hottest Bachelor Photo Available
2009.06.25 RIKKI ROCKETT Drum Kit 2009 - Photo Gallery Available
2009.06.26 RIKKI ROCKETT "MICHAEL JACKSON - Huge Loss!!!"
2009.06.28 POISON Cuyahoga Falls, OH (June 25) Videos Available
2009.06.29 POISON Scranton, PA (June 28) Concert Review Available
2009.06.30 POISON Scranton, PA (06/28) Video Footage Available
2009.07.01 BRET MICHAELS WBAB.com Interview - Audio Available
2009.07.01 POISON No Ticket Services Fees Today
2009.07.01 POISON launches Official Facebook Page
2009.07.02 POISON Mansfield, MA (June 30) Video Footage Available
2009.07.02 BRET MICHAELS filed suit against Pianos
2009.07.02 BRET MICHAELS BAND Guitarist Launches EVICK 2009 Summer Tour
2009.07.03 BRET MICHAELS "I Love Women!"
2009.07.05 BRET MICHAELS Issues July 4th Update
2009.07.05 POISON Saratoga Springs, NY (07/03) Video Footage Available
2009.07.05 BRET MICHAELS On TONY AWARDS Incident "I Wish It Would Have Never Happened"
2009.07.05 POISON Toronto, Canada (July 4) Video Footage Available
2009.07.06 BRET MICHAELS Tour Bus Involved In Multi-Vehicle Accident (Update)
2009.07.07 POISON Hartford Show To Be Filmed For VH1
2009.07.08 POISON No Ticket Services Fees Today
2009.07.08 POISON Tour Tracker!
2009.07.09 BRET MICHAELS Band schedules Mexico concert
2009.07.12 POISON Hartford, CT (July 7) Video Footage Available
2009.07.13 POISON Wantagh, NY (July 8) Video Footage Available
2009.07.13 POISON Virginia Beach, VA (July 11) Video Footage Available
2009.07.13 POISON on HDNet Sunday Viewer Request Concert Series
2009.07.14 RIKKI ROCKETT and MELANIE MARTEL Congrats to the new parents!! (Picture Update!)
2009.07.16 BRET MICHAELS Portland, OR August 2 Solo Show Postponed
2009.07.16 BRET MICHAELS Cincinnati, OH After Party - Pictures Available
2009.07.16 POISON w/FRED COURY on Drums Cincinnati, OH (July 15) Video Footage Available
2009.07.17 Reminder: POISON Live and Loud concert series tonight on VH1
2009.07.17 RIKKI ROCKETT Rejoins POISON Tour Today
2009.07.19 BRET MICHAELS on billboards throughout Dodgertown
2009.07.19 POISON Tinley Park, IL (July 17) Video Footage Available
2009.07.20 POISON MilwaukPOISON Milwaukee, WI (July 18) Video Footage Available
2009.07.21  RICHIE KOTZEN Will Release A New CD This Fall
2009.07.21 BRET MICHAELS Roar On The Shore Rally in Erie, PA July 16 Pics Posted
2009.07.22 POISON tickets half-off only today July 22nd
2009.07.23 BRET MICHAELS ArgusLeader.com Interview
2009.07.23 POISON tour takes a break, BRET MICHAELS upcoming solo dates detailed
2009.07.25 POISON St Louis, MO (July 20) Video Footage Available
2009.07.25 POISON Indianapolis, IN (July 23) Video Footage Available
2009.07.25 PETE EVICK (BRET MICHAELS BAND) Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio Audio Available
2009.07.26 POISON Clarkston, MI (July 24) Video Footage Available
2009.07.26 BRET MICHAELS Band (July 25) Dakota Rockfest Video Footage Available
2009.07.28 JOEY ELLIOT "DEF LEPPARD Is Better Than POISON"
2009.07.29 RIKKI ROCKETT and ODUM Frontman In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Exhibition Video
2009.08.02 BRET MICHAELS Brat Days (July 26) Photos Posted Online
2009.08.04 BRET MICHAELS Solo Tourdates Update
2009.08.10 WE ARE BACK!
2009.08.11 BRET MICHAELS Sheboygan WI (July 31) Brat Days Video Footage Available
2009.08.11 BRET MICHAELS Myrtle Beach, SC (Aug 06) House of Blues Video Footage Available
2009.08.11 POISON Raleigh NC (Aug 7) Video Footage Available
2009.08.11 POISON Charlotte NC (Aug 08) Video Footage Available
2009.08.11 BRET MICHAELS at Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway (Aug 09) Photos Available
2009.08.11 POISON Birmingham AL concert postponed, BRET MICHAELS After Party Postponed
2009.08.13 BRET MICHAELS Bristol, TN After Party (August 9) Photos Available
2009.08.13 BRET MICHAELS Funding Children To Attend 2010 Juvenile Diabetic Camp
2009.08.13 BOBBY DALL MiamiHerald.com Interview
2009.08.13 BRET MICHAELS Crowd shots of ISF show will be filmed for use in the upcoming season of Rock of Love
2009.08.15 RIKKI ROCKETT "R.I.P. Allen Shellenberger"
2009.08.18 BRET MICHAELS Iowa State Fair (Aug 17) Concert Review, Setlist and Photos Available
2009.08.19 POISON New Orleans, LA (Aug 18) Photos Available
2009.08.20 RICHIE KOTZEN "Peace Sign" Artwork Unveiled/Audio Samples Available
2009.08.20 BRET MICHAELS tickets for Mexico concert on sale now
2009.08.21 POISON New Orleans, LA (Aug 18) Video Footage Available
2009.08.24 POISON Houston TX (Aug 19) Video Footage Available
2009.08.24 POISON Dallas TX (Aug 21) Concert Review, Video Footage Available
2009.08.24 POISON Tulsa OK (Aug 22) Video Footage Available
2009.08.26 POISON Englewood CO (Aug 24) Video Footage Available
2009.08.26 BOBBY DALL Too Ill To Perform In UT, HUGH MCDONALD Steps In
2009.08.26 RICHIE KOTZEN "Paying Dues" Music Video Available
2009.08.31 POISON Albuquerque NM (Aug. 28) Video Footage Available
2009.08.31 Due to Illness, BOBBY DALL Replaced by ERIC BRITTINGHAM (Aug. 29) Video Footage Available
2009.08.31 POISONFANCLUB.NET "POISON: Mixes & Remixes"
2009.09.01 "Behind The Music: BRET MICHAELS" To Premiere In October
2009.09.02 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, Irvine CA (Aug. 30) Video Footage Available
2009.09.02 BRET MICHAELS Lincoln NE (Sept 1) Photos Available
2009.09.03 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, Mountain View (Sept. 2) Video Footage Available
2009.09.05 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, Marysville CA (Sept 3) Video Footage Available
2009.09.08 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, Las Vegas NV (Sept 5) Photos Available
2009.09.08  POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, San Bernardino CA (Sept 6) Video Footage Available
2009.09.13 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, San Diego CA (Sept 9) Video Footage Available
2009.09.14 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, Ridgefield WA (Sept 11) Photos and Video Footage Available
2009.09.14 POISON w/ERIC BRITTINGHAM on bass, Seattle WA (Sept 12) Video Footage Available
2009.09.21 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Lemoore CA (Sept 18) Video Footage Available
2009.09.22 RICHIE KOTZEN European Fall Tour Dates Announced
2009.09.22 BRET MICHAELS confirms a new season of Rock of Love and announces POISON World Tour for 2011
2009.09.28 RIKKI ROCKETT of POISON and DROWNING POOL Members To Judge New VH1 Reality-TV Show
2009.09.29 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Reno, NV (Sept 26) Video Footage Available
2009.10.04 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Libertyville, IL (October 1) Video Footage Available
2009.10.04 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B West Springfield, MA (October 3) Video Footage Available
2009.10.07 BRET MICHAELS Behind The Music Full Episode Available
2009.10.12 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Atmore, AL (October 9) Video Footage Available
2009.10.12 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Valdosta, GA (October 10) Video Footage Available
2009.10.15 BRET MICHAELS on Celebrity Apprentice 3 taping
2009.10.20 BRET MICHAELS In MEXICO (Video Footage Available)
2009.10.20 BRET MICHAELS Selling Hamburgers On NYC Street Corner RIGHT NOW!
2009.10.22 BRET MICHAELS Free Photo Op Today! (Video Available)
2009.11.03 BRET MICHAELS "Celebrity workout"
2009.11.03 BRET MICHAELS/SHARON OSBOURNE @ Opie and Anthony Show (Audio Available)
2009.11.26 BRET MICHAELS Upcoming Nevada Show Pushed To March 2010
2009.11.30 When C.C. DEVILLE Met BRIGHTON ROCK
2009.12.02 RICHIE KOTZEN refuses to stop in Warsaw
2009.12.02 Guilty Pleasures Reality TV Showdown BRET MICHAELS Rock of Love vs. Mommas Boys
2009.12.04 BRET MICHAELS tickets for Dec. 5 Cache Creek show are half off!
2009.12.10 Miley Cyrus Remakes Poison's Every Rose Has Its Thorn
2009.12.10 BLUES SARACENO To Guest On "Hard Rock Nights"
2009.12.15 BRET MICHAELS in "American Pie Presents: The Book of Love" DVD
2009.12.17 MILEY CIRUS commented on BRET MICHAELS, POISON and Every Rose Has Its Thorn
2009.12.23 BRET MICHAELS featured in December issue of People Magazine
2009.12.23 BRET MICHAELS Talks About MILEY CYRUS Collaboration (Audio Available)
2009.12.23 BRET MICHAELS new demo song from upcoming album posted online (Audio Available)
2009.12.29 BRET MICHAELS Talks American Pie: Book of Love
2009.12.29 BLUES SARACENO "POISON was awesome" Hard Rock Nights Interview (Audio Available)
2009.12.29 POISON In "Hot Tube Time Machine" Movie
2010.01.02 BRET MICHAELS New Year 2010 Special Message
2010.01.05 BRET MICHAELS in the upcoming season of "Celebrity Apprentice"
2010.01.05 BRET MICHAELS new single "Nothing To Lose" available February 16, 2010
2010.01.08 Behind The Music: BRET MICHAELS To Re-Air Tonight
2010.01.09 POISON on Hard Rock Nights Radio Show
2010.01.09 BRET MICHAELS on Celebrity Apprentice Promos (Videos Available)
2010.01.12 BRET MICHAELS @NBC Universal Winter Press Tour 2010 Cocktail Party (Photo Available)
2010.01.12 BRET MICHAELS Talks To Access Hollywood About Celebrity Apprentice (Video Available)
2010.01.16 BLUES SARACENO @NAMM 2010
2010.01.16 ROCKETT DRUM WORKS launches new website! (Ad Video Available)
2010.01.18 BRET MICHAELS Promo shot for Celebrity Apprentice
2010.01.18 BRET MICHAELS on Celebrity Apprentice Cast Interviews (Video Available)
2010.01.22 MELANIE MARTEL/RIKKI ROCKETT acoustic show at Valencia Town Center (Video Available)
2010.01.22 RICHIE KOTZEN Featured On STEVE SALUTO's Resurrection Album
2010.01.22 RICHIE KOTZEN Performs At NAMM 2010
2010.01.22 BRET MICHAELS Celebrity Apprentice Photos/TV Commercial/Preview/Cast Interviews
2010.01.22 BLUES SARACENO performs at NAMM 2010
2010.01.22 RIKKI ROCKETT in "Skin Trade" documentary
2010.01.22 BRET MICHAELS Star Magazine - February 1, 2010 Edition
2010.01.22 POISON on AOL's 10 Best 80s Metal Songs Ranking
2010.01.22 POISONFANCLUB.NET 12th Anniversary
2010.01.26 BRET MICHAELS Headed to the Studio (Photos Available)
2010.01.31 BRET MICHAELS confirmed at ROCK N ROLL FANTASY CAMP 2010
2010.01.31 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Single Release Moved Forward
2010.01.31 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Tour 2010
2010.02.01 RICHIE KOTZEN at Guitar Fest 2010 in Valparaiso, Chile
2010.02.01 BRET MICHAELS.com launches new website
2010.02.01 BRET MICHAELS at the Surf Ballroom and Museum on March 13th
2010.02.08 Comedian Carol Leifer on BRET MICHAELS
2010.02.09 MELANIE MARTEL / RIKKI ROCKETT Unplugged Show Tonight
2010.02.10 BRET MICHAELS Announces New Solo Tourdates
2010.02.11 BRET MICHAELS Previews New Solo Single Next Week
2010.02.11 RIKKI ROCKETT NAMM 2010 Interview with AskOurMusicians.com (Video Available)
2010.02.13 BRET MICHAELS The Celebrity Apprentice (Video Commercials Available)
2010.02.15 BRET MICHAELS Preview of New Solo Single "Lie To Me" Available Now
2010.03.05 BRET MICHAELS Interview on Lopez Tonight (March 02, 2010) Video Available
2010.03.05 BRET MICHAELS Performs "Nothing To Lose" on Lopez Tonight (March 02) Video Available
2010.03.07 BRET MICHAELS new solo single "Nothing to Lose" available now
2010.03.11 BRET MICHAELS on Fox News "Red Eye"
2010.03.12 BRET MICHAELS on @WPIX (Video Available)
2010.03.12 BRET MICHAELS Interviewed By FOX BUSINESS "Good Day LA" (Video Available)
2010.03.12 BRET MICHAELS from @celebapprentice 3 and @Joan_Rivers (Photo Available)
2010.03.12 BRET MICHAELS Celebrity Apprentice Promo Video Available
2010.03.15 BRET MICHAELS on The Celebrity Apprentice (Episode #1 Available)
2010.03.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Fargo, ND (March 12) Video Footage Available
2010.03.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Clear Lake, IA (March 13) Video Footage Available
2010.03.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Dubuque, IA (March 15) Video Footage Available
2010.03.18 BRET MICHAELS on WGN Morning New Chicago (March 17)
2010.03.18 BRET MICHAELS on Rachel Ray Show (March 17) Video Available
2010.03.20 BRET MICHAELS on AOL Popeater (March 17) Video Available
2010.03.20 BRET MICHAELS on Blago (March 17) Video Available
2010.03.20 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Chicago, IL (March 17) Pictures and Video Footage Available
2010.03.24 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Hayward, WI (March 18) Video Available
2010.03.24 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Red Lake, MN (March 19) Video Footage Available
2010.03.25 MELANIE MARTEL / RIKKI ROCKETT Unplugged Show Tonight
2010.03.30 BRET MICHAELS at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp 2010 (Video Footage Available)
2010.03.30 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Red Kansas City, MO (March 26) Video Footage Available
2010.03.30 BRET MICHAELS New single "Lie To Me" Music Video (FoundryMusic Version)
2010.04.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Primm, NV (March 27) Video Footage Available
2010.04.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Green Bay, WI (March 29) Video Footage Available
2010.04.02 BRET MICHAELS partners with PANTENE
2010.04.02 BRET MICHAELS Thinks Fatherhood Rocks
2010.04.03 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Nashville, TN (April 2) Video Footage Available
2010.04.04 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Peoria IL (April 3) Video Footage Available
2010.04.06 POISON Part Of EMI Music's Live Life Greener Series
2010.04.12 BRET MICHAELS San Antonio, TX show canceled
2010.04.12 BRET MICHAELS Rushed Into Emergency Surgery
2010.04.15 RICHIE KOTZEN Peace Sign Tour 2010 (SouthAmerican Leg)
2010.04.16 BRET MICHAELS In Diabetic Rehab Facility
2010.04.17 Celebrity Apprentice Contestants Send Warm Wishes To BRET MICHAELS
2010.04.17 BRET MICHAELS "I Could Have Died"
2010.04.19 BRET MICHAELS on 24/7 Chicago News (April 11)
2010.04.21 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Album Out This June
2010.04.23 BRET MICHAELS Rushed to ICU with Brain Hemorrhage
2010.04.23 BRET MICHAELS Stabilized After Brain Hemorrhage
2010.04.23 RIKKI ROCKETT Confirms BRET MICHAELS condition
2010.04.23 BRET MICHAELS Dad Breaks Silence On Son's Condition
2010.04.25 Get Well BRET!
2010.04.25 BRET MICHAELS Medical Update
2010.04.26 BRET MICHAELS "I Felt Like I Have Been Hit With a Baseball Bat" (Video Available)
2010.04.27 PETE EVICK From B*M*B* Speaks About BRET MICHAELS Condition
2010.04.27 BRET MICHAELS Chances Of Recovery are "Quite Good" (Video Available)
2010.04.27 "Celebrity Apprentice" Cast Supports BRET MICHAELS
2010.04.27 HLN News Report about BRET MICHAELS (April 26) (Video Available)
2010.04.28 BRET MICHAELS Death Rumors Are False
2010.04.28 BRET MICHAELS to Undergo Surgery
2010.04.28 BRET MICHAELS Father "He is Speaking Slowly and Moving His Arms and Hands" (Video Available)
2010.04.28  Taya Parker Talks BRET MICHAELS On CNN
2010.04.28 BRET MICHAELS In Stable Condition
2010.04.28 BRET MICHAELS Tests Suggest Setback (Video Available)
2010.04.28 BRET MICHAELS Scoop MSNBC Reports (Video Available)
2010.04.29 BRET MICHAELS Michelle Sychak on Nebraska Radio Show
2010.04.29 Amy Palmer talks BRET MICHAELS on MSNBC (Video Available)
2010.04.29 Donald Trump "Everybody loved BRET MICHAELS"
2010.04.30 BRET MICHAELS could be back on tour by late May
2010.04.30 BRET MICHAELS HLN medical condition update (April 29)
2010.04.30 BRET MICHAELS Doctor Says He Will Make Full Recovery
2010.05.01 MELANIE MARTEL/RIKKI ROCKETT acoustic show at Pet Expo Valencia today
2010.05.01 RICHIE KOTZEN Peace Sign Tour 2010 (SouthAmerican Leg/Video Footage Available)
2010.05.03 BRET MICHAELS Father Talks to CBS 21 News
2010.05.03 BRET MICHAELS Sister Says He Is Starting To Walk Again
2010.05.04 BRET MICHAELS Released from Hospital
2010.05.05 BRET MICHAELS "I Am Lucky To Be Alive"
2010.05.06 RIKKI ROCKETT on ISSUES w/Jane Velez-Mitchell (Video Available)
2010.05.06 RIKKI ROCKETT (POISON) and PETE EVICK (B*M*B) on Larry King Tonight
2010.05.07 BRET MICHAELS from Hospital to Wedding Bells
2010.05.07 RIKKI ROCKETT on Larry King Live
2010.05.08 BRET MICHAELS "Wasted Time" new solo single available on iTunes
2010.05.08 KRISTY GIBSON on BRET MICHAELS "We are closer now"
2010.05.10 BRET MICHAELS on VH1 Undateable
2010.05.11 RIKKI ROCKETT To Attend Red Carpet Opening Of Rock Of Ages In Toronto Tonight
2010.05.12 BRET MICHAELS Solo Band Preps For Emergency Stops
2010.05.13 RIKKI ROCKETT credited on new ACCEPT video
2010.05.14 BRET MICHAELS to Appear On The Oprah Winfrey Show
2010.05.15 Donald Trump talks about BRET MICHAELS on Jay Leno
2010.05.16 RIKKI ROCKETT "DIO was one class act for sure"
2010.05.17 BRET MICHAELS is in the Celebrity Apprentice finals
2010.05.17 BRET MICHAELS announces May 28 return
2010.05.17 BRET MICHAELS on "Life As I Know It" New VH1 Reality Series
2010.05.17 MELANIE MARTEL/RIKKI ROCKETT acoustic show at Salt Creek Grille
2010.05.18 BRET MICHAELS To Guest On Live With Regis And Kelly
2010.05.20 BRET MICHAELS On The Oprah Winfrey Show (Video Available)
2010.05.20 BRET MICHAELS and Snapple launch new flavor tea
2010.05.20 BRET MICHAELS Celebrity Apprentice Items For Auction
2010.05.20 BRET MICHAELS The Oprah Winfrey Interview
2010.05.20 BRET MICHAELS Back in Hospital After Mini-Stroke
2010.05.21 BRET MICHAELS Still Plans to Be on Celeb Apprentice Finale
2010.05.22 BRET MICHAELS "I lost my virginity When I Was 17"
2010.05.22 BRET MICHAELS "I am 75 percent right now"
2010.05.23 CONFIRMED: BRET MICHAELS is in NY to attend the Celebrity Apprentice Final
2010.05.24 BRET MICHAELS Wins Celebrity Apprentice
2010.05.24 BRET MICHAELS Post Celebrity Apprentice Win Interviews
2010.05.25 BRET MICHAELS Diet Snapple "Trop-A-Rocka" Tea commercial
2010.05.25 BRET MICHAELS on Live Regis and Kelly (Video Available)
2010.05.25 BRET MICHAELS on MSNBC Today Show (Video Available)
2010.05.25 BRET MICHAELS "I Have Every Intention Of Trying To Continue The Tour"
2010.05.26 BRET MICHAELS To Have Heart Surgery In Fall
2010.05.26 BRET MICHAELS in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (May 25)
2010.05.27 BRET MICHAELS and Casey James on American Idol
2010.05.27 BRET MICHAELS at American Idol Press Conference (Video Available)
2010.05.27 BRET MICHAELS Radio Interview on KIISFM Ryan Seacrest
2010.05.28 BRET MICHAELS Next American Idol Judge?
2010.05.28 BRET MICHAELS on Lopez Tonight (May 27)
2010.05.28 BRET MICHAELS Returns Against Medical Orders
2010.05.29 Fox News Anchor Thinks BRET MICHAELS Illness Was A Hoax
2010.05.29 BRET MICHAELS Returned To The Stage In Biloxi MS (Video Footage Available)
2010.05.30 BRET MICHAELS on Gary Coleman: "Extremely Sad"
2010.05.30 RIKKI ROCKETT featured in the May-June issue of Drumhead Magazine
2010.05.30 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B St. Louis, MO (May 29) Video Footage Available
2010.05.31 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Columbus, OH (May 30) Video Footage Available
2010.06.02 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Wheeling, WV (May 31) Video Footage Available
2010.06.04 CASEY JAMES on BRET MICHAELS "He is an amazing dude"
2010.06.04 BRET MICHAELS gets animated for "Glenn Martin, DDS"
2010.06.06 BRET MICHAELS performs "What I Got" from "Custom Built" in Medina, MN (June 4)
2010.06.06 RIKKI ROCKETT featured in the new Gracie Magazine Issue
2010.06.07 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Fort Yates, ND (June 5) Video Footage Available
2010.06.10 TRACII GUNS Talks About His Brief Stint With POISON
2010.06.10 RICHIE KOTZEN "Larger Than Life" Music Video
2010.06.11 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Palm Beach, FL (June 10) Video Footage Available
2010.06.12 BRET MICHAELS visits Hurlburt Field Airmen
2010.06.12 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Ft Walton Beach, FL (June 11) Video Footage Available
2010.06.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Austin, TX (June 12) Video Footage Available
2010.06.14 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Houston, TX (June 13) Video Footage Available
2010.06.15 BRET MICHAELS: "I have Always Tried To Live My Life To The Fullest"
2010.06.16 PAULA ABDUL on BRET MICHAELS "He is The Perfect Fit For American Idol"
2010.06.17 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Huntsville, AL (June 16) Photo Gallery Available
2010.06.17 BRET MICHAELS To Perform with MILEY CYRUS on "Good Morning America"
2010.06.18 BRET MICHAELS and MILEY CYRUS "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" live GMA
2010.06.19 BRET MICHAELS Adds New Chapter To "Roses & Thorns" Autobiography
2010.06.19 BRET MICHAELS Wants POISON/MOTLEY CRUE Tour for 2011
2010.06.20 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Birmingham, AL (June 17) Video Footage Available
2010.06.21 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Raleigh, NC (June 18) Video Footage Available
2010.06.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Charlotte, NC (June 19) Video Footage Available
2010.06.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Virginia Beach, VA (June 20) Video Footage Available
2010.06.25 BRET MICHAELS joins Lynyrd Skynyrd on stage to sing "Sweet Home Alabama" (June 24) Detroit, MI
2010.06.26 BRET MICHAELS awarded by the American Diabetes Association
2010.06.28 BRET MICHAELS "Custom Built" Audio Samples Available
2010.06.28 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Chicago, IL (June 25) Photos and Video Footage Available
2010.06.28 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B St. Louis, MO (June 26) Photos and Video Footage Available
2010.06.28 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Indianaplois, IN (June 27) Video Footage Available
2010.06.30 BRET MICHAELS Still Not 100 Percent
2010.07.02 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Boston, MA (July 01) Video Footage Available
2010.07.03 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Holmdel, NJ (July 02) Video Footage Available
2010.07.04 BRET MICHAELS Meeting With American Idol Producers
2010.07.05 DEE SNIDER on BRET MICHAELS illnesses "Not sure if they are honest"
2010.07.06 BRET MICHAELS on E! News
2010.07.08 BRET MICHAELS Doctors Put To Rest Medical-Condition Speculation
2010.07.08 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Verona, NY (July 07) Video Footage Available
2010.07.08 BRET MICHAELS on "Good Day L.A."
2010.07.09 BRET MICHAELS Interview on ET Online
2010.07.12 BRET MICHAELS on the New Season of Rock Star Supernova?
2010.07.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Cleveland, OH (July 08) Video Footage Available
2010.07.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Washington, DC (July 09) Video Footage Available
2010.07.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Hartford, CT (July 10) Video Footage Available
2010.07.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Pittsburgh, PA (July 11) Video Footage Available
2010.07.13 BRET MICHAELS on The View
2010.07.13 BRET MICHAELS on The Joy Behar Show
2010.07.14 BRET MICHAELS (Finally) Proposes To Longtime Girlfriend KRISTI GIBSON
2010.07.14 RICHIE KOTZEN You Cant Save Me (Club Re-Mix)
2010.07.14 BRET MICHAELS on Fox News "I am a fighter" (July 13)
2010.07.14 BRET MICHAELS Not Engaged, Just "Dating With Benefits"
2010.07.15 BRET MICHAELS on The Wendy Williams Show (July 14)
2010.07.15 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Allentown, PA (July 14) Video Footage Available
2010.07.16 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Lansing, MI (July 15) Video Footage Available
2010.07.16 BRET MICHAELS in Late Show with David Letterman (July 15)
2010.07.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Hobbs, NM (July 17) Video Footage Available
2010.07.20 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Hyannis, MA (July 19) Video Footage Available
2010.07.20 BRET MICHAELS sounds off on life, love and "Custom Built"
2010.07.21 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Dallas, TX (July 20) Video Footage Available
2010.07.22 BRET MICHAELS Feared Addiction After Health Scare
2010.07.22 BRET MICHAELS in current issue of US Weekly Mag
2010.07.22 Cops Found Pot In BRET MICHAELS Bus
2010.07.24 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Sioux Falls, SD (July 23) Video Footage Available
2010.07.25 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Boise, ID (July 24) Photos Available
2010.07.30 BRET MICHAELS on Private Sessions: Lynyrd Skynyrd
2010.07.31 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Colorado Springs, CO (July 29) Photos and Video Footage Available
2010.07.31 BRET MICHAELS To Host MISS UNIVERSE Pageant
2010.07.31 POISON Song On "Whole Lotta Love" Tribute Album
2010.08.05 BRET MICHAELS Performs On America´s Got Talent (Video Available)
2010.08.05 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Big Flats, NY (Aug 04) Video Footage Available
2010.08.06 BRET MICHAELS Syracuse concert canceled by Promoter
2010.08.07 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Clearfield, PA (Aug 06) Video Footage Available
2010.08.07 BRET MICHAELS On Co-Hosting Miss Universe "What Could Go Wrong?"
2010.08.12 BRET MICHAELS on Nightline Playlist (Aug 11)
2010.08.13 RIKKI ROCKETT Supergroup "Shifty Uncle" to play Cafe Desmo
2010.08.13 VOAnews.com reports on BRET MICHAELS Custom Built album
2010.08.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Franklin, OH (Aug 07) Video Footage Available
2010.08.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Three Forks, MT (Aug 13) Video Footage Available
2010.08.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Milwaukee, WI (Aug 14) Video Footage Available
2010.08.19 BRET MICHAELS Files 5 Million Lawsuit Against Concert Promoter
2010.08.20 BRET MICHAELS Diet Snapple Trop-A-Rocka Sells Out!
2010.08.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Quincy, IL (Aug 18) Video Footage Available
2010.08.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Elko, MN (Aug 20) Video Footage Available
2010.08.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Hayward, WI (Aug 21) Video Footage Available
2010.08.23 BRET MICHAELS "I am very excited to be the co-host of Miss Universe"
2010.08.24 BRET MICHAELS co-host Miss Universe 2010 (Video Available)
2010.08.25 RICHIE KOTZEN New Single Preview Available
2010.08.25 RIKKI ROCKETT Supergroup "Shifty Uncle" at Cafe Desmo (Video Footage Available)
2010.08.26 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B St Charles, IL (Aug 24) Video Footage Available
2010.08.27 Win A Copy Of "A Shot Of Poison" The Book!
2010.08.28 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Springfield, MO (Aug 26) Video Footage Available
2010.08.31 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Shawnee, OK (Aug 28) Video Footage Available
2010.08.31 BRET MICHAELS at the Hard Rock Café in Medellín, COLOMBIA
2010.09.03 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Baltimore, MD (Sept 1) Video Footage Available
2010.09.03 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Joliet, IL (Sept 2) Video Footage Available
2010.09.04 BRET MICHAELS on The BOB AND TOM Show (Sept 3)
2010.09.04 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Indianapolis, IN (Sept 3) Video Footage Available
2010.09.10 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Denver, CO (Sept 5) Photos and Video Footage Available
2010.09.15 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Puyallup, WA (Sept 10) Video Footage Available
2010.09.16 BRET MICHAELS Concert for Kids
2010.09.16 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B St. Charles, IL (Sept 15) Video Footage Available
2010.09.16 BRET MICHAELS Signs Deal With DEAN GUITARS
2010.09.16 BRET MICHAELS "Life As I Know It" To Premiere Next Month
2010.09.16 BRET MICHAELS To Serve As "Love Guru" In "Rock Of Love Boat" Reality Show
2010.09.16 BRET MICHAELS Announces New Solo Album
2010.09.17 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Fayetteville, AR (Sept 16) Video Footage Available
2010.09.19 RIKKI ROCKETT Participates In West Coast Puppy Mill Awareness Day
2010.09.19 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Madison, WI (Sept 18) Video Footage Available
2010.09.20 M80s With BRET MICHAELS Performing Talk Dirty To Me (Sept 19)
2010.09.20 BRET MICHAELS Show Rescheduled To Help Support Local Food And Toy Drive
2010.09.21 BRET MICHAELS Teams Up With Rock CAN Roll To Beat Hunger On Long Island
2010.09.23 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Clifton Park, NY (Sept 22) Video Footage Available
2010.09.24 BRET MICHAELS Set for Surgery
2010.09.24 BRET MICHAELS In Current Issue Of Billboard Mag
2010.09.25 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Hampton Beach, NH (Sept 24) Video Footage Available
2010.09.26 RIKKI ROCKETT on "That Metal Show"
2010.09.27 SLASH On Auditioning For POISON
2010.10.01 RIKKI ROCKETT says POISON is planning to tour next spring
2010.10.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B St. Petersburg, FL (Sept 25) Video Footage Available
2010.10.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B La Crosse, WI (Sept 28) Video Footage Available
2010.10.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Donna, TX (Sept 30) Video Footage Available
2010.10.02 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B* San Antonio, TX (Oct 1) Video Footage Available
2010.10.03 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B* Gulfport, MS (Oct 2) Video Footage Available
2010.10.04 BRET MICHAELS Naked: "I Didnt Eat for a Day and Did About 2000 Sit-Ups!"
2010.10.06 BRET MICHAELS Tour Rider Revealed
2010.10.06 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B* Wilmington, DE (Oct 5) Video Footage Available
2010.10.06 BRET MICHAELS Billboard Cover "Six-Pack Is Real" Says Photographer
2010.10.07 BRET MICHAELS "Riding Against The Wind" Video Released
2010.10.08 Capitol/EMI Box Set "Nothin' But A Good Time: The Poison Collection" coming Nov. 9 (Press Release)
2010.10.09 BRET MICHAELS Live Chat (Video Available)
2010.10.11 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B* Halifax, NS (Oct 8) Video Footage Available
2010.10.11 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B* Halifax, NS (Oct 9) Video Footage Available
2010.10.12 BRET MICHAELS on Extra
2010.10.13 BRET MICHAELS on KTLA.com
2010.10.13 Win A BRET MICHAELS Signed Billboard Poster!
2010.10.14 BRET MICHAELS on Ellen Degeneres
2010.10.14 BRET MICHAELS on Access Hollywood
2010.10.14 BRET MICHAELS Wont Be An American Idol Judge
2010.10.15 BRET MICHAELS "I Doubt That POISON Will Have a New Studio Record"
2010.10.16 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Coquitlam, BC (Oct 15) Video Footage Available
2010.10.18 BRET MICHAELS Tim and Willy Radio Interview
2010.10.24 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Phoenix, AZ (Oct 23) Video Footage Available
2010.10.25 RIKKI ROCKETT "BRET doesnt want to work with POISON on a record"
2010.10.25 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Los Angeles, CA (Oct 24) Video Footage Available
2010.10.26 BRET MICHAELS on Dancing with the Stars
2010.10.29 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Edmonton, ALB, Canada (Oct 29) Video Footage Available
2010.11.05 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Chicago, IL (Nov 4) Video Footage Available
2010.11.06 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Onamia, MN (Nov 5) Video Footage Available
2010.11.07 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Onamia, MN (Nov 6) Video Footage Available
2010.11.08 BRET MICHAELS On Lopez Tonight
2010.11.09 BRET MICHAELS Denies Affair With MILEY CYRUS Mother
2010.11.10 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Wantagh, NY (Nov 9) Video Footage Available
2010.11.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Wabash, IN (Nov 12) Video Footage Available
2010.11.14 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Windsor, ONT, Canada (Nov 13) Video Footage Available
2010.11.14 BRET MICHAELS "Super Cruise" Details Revealed
2010.11.14 BRET MICHAELS Says POISON And MÖTLEY CRÜE Will Join Forces For North American Tour
2010.11.15 BRET MICHAELS Country Solo Album Due In Early 2011
2010.11.15 TOMMY LEE Says MÖTLEY CRÜE Is Not Planning To Tour With POISON
2010.11.16 VINCE NEIL Says MÖTLEY CRÜE/POISON Tour "Has Never Been Brought Up Or Discussed"
2010.11.17 BRET MICHAELS Admits POISON/MÖTLEY CRÜE Tour Idea "Is Simply A Pipe Dream"
2010.11.19 BRET MICHAELS Provides Promotional Music For "Top Gear"
2010.11.20 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Durant, OK (Nov 19) Video Footage Available
2010.11.21 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Catoosa, OK (Nov 20) Video Footage Available
2010.11.22 BRET MICHAELS sings national anthem at NASCAR race
2010.11.23 BRET MICHAELS Featured On Cover Of DIABETES FORECAST Magazine
2010.11.25 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Charlotte, NC (Nov 24) Video Footage Available
2010.11.26 BRET MICHAELS "What I Got" Video Available
2010.11.27 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Atlantic City, NJ (Nov 26) Video Footage Available
2010.11.27 RICHIE KOTZEN Interviewed By Croatia MIXER TV
2010.11.28 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Morristown, NJ (Nov 27) Video Footage Available
2010.12.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B El Paso, TX (Nov 30) Video Footage Available
2010.12.03 BRET MICHAELS Mark and Mercedes Interview
2010.12.06 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Las Vegas, NV (Dec 5) Video Footage Available
2010.12.07 BRET MICHAELS at The 2010 American Country Awards
2010.12.09 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Salt Lake City, UT (Dec 8) Video Footage Available
2010.12.14 BRET MICHAELS in New Promo Video for The 2011 FORD EXPLORER
2010.12.15 BRET MICHAELS Part Of "Rock Stars Of Science"
2010.12.16 BRET MICHAELS Is One Of "25 Most Intriguing People"
2010.12.18 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Riverside, CA (Dec 17) Video Footage Available
2010.12.19 BRET MICHAELS on Dean Guitars Live From Namm 2011 Webcast Promo
2010.12.23 BRET MICHAELS (Finally) Proposes To Girlfriend On Reality-Show Finale
2010.12.30 BRET MICHAELS Named Celebrity Of The Year by FOX411.com
2011.01.09 2010 A Year In Review
2011.01.09 BRET MICHAELS "Rock Hard - Ride Hard" AMA Supercross Award
2011.01.11 BRET MICHAELS YoungHollywood.com Interview
2011.01.12 BRET MICHAELS To Rock Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Party
2011.01.12 RIKKI ROCKETT unveils POISON Drum Kit 2011
2011.01.13 BRET MICHAELS AMA SX Phoenix Analysis
2011.01.14 BRET MICHAELS at Steelers Pregame Party
2011.01.15 BRET MICHAELS Signature Series released at NAMM 2011 by Dean Guitars
2011.01.22 POISONFANCLUB.NET 13th Anniversary
2011.01.23 BRET MICHAELS To Undergo Heart Surgery
2011.01.24 BRET MICHAELS At 40th Annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction
2011.01.25 BRET MICHAELS has successful heart surgery
2011.01.25 BRET MICHAELS to released from hospital by Wednesday
2011.01.26 BRET MICHAELS Released From Hospital
2011.01.29 BRET MICHAELS on "Extra"
2011.02.17 C.C.DEVILLE and RIKKI ROCKETT at Rock Of Ages Opening Night in LA
2011.02.19 BRET MICHAELS Joins Forces With COMPETITOR GROUP For "Rock N Roll Marathon Series" Events
2011.02.26 RIKKI ROCKETT The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Interview
2011.02.28 POISON And MÖTLEY CRÜE To Team Up For Summer Tour
2011.03.01 MÖTLEY CRÜE/POISON/NEW YORK DOLLS Tour Dates Revealed
2011.03.02 RIKKI ROCKETT talks with JiuJitsuSweep.com
2011.03.04 BRET MICHAELS on Access Hollywood
2011.03.05 NIKKI SIXX Why We Changed Our Minds About Touring With POISON
2011.03.10 BRET MICHAELS 2011 Ticket Packages
2011.03.10 BRET MICHAELS Talks About Health, New Solo Album, POISON 25th Anniversary Collection
2011.03.10 POISON "A Double Dose Of Poison" Tracklisting Revealed
2011.03.13 BRET MICHAELS On Touring With MOTLEY CRUE "It Doesn't Have To Be A Lovefest"
2011.03.16 BRET MICHAELS "I am making history this year"
2011.03.18 BRET MICHAELS on Access Hollywood
2011.03.18 RIKKI ROCKETT The Rockett Rubicon
2011.03.19 BRET MICHAELS "I Taught CHARLIE SHEEN How To Trash A Hotel Room"
2011.03.21 BRET MICHAELS says MILEY CYRUS will release "Every Rose" this year
2011.03.22 BRET MICHAELS at Celebrity Fight Night XVII
2011.03.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Orlando, FL (March 21) Video Footage Available
2011.03.23 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Panama City Beach, FL (March 22) Video Footage Available
2011.03.23 BRET MICHAELS and NIKKI SIXX on KAAB Fox San Antonio
2011.03.24 BRET MICHAELS and NIKKI SIXX on WSVN Deco Drive
2011.03.24 BRET MICHAELS and NIKKI SIXX on WGNTV Chicago Morning News
2011.03.25 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Huntsville, AL (March 23) Video Footage Available
2011.03.25 BRET MICHAELS AOL Defining Moments
2011.03.25 BRET MICHAELS raises money for family of murdered girl
2011.03.26 BRET MICHAELS Files Lawsuit Over 2009 Tony Awards Injury
2011.03.26 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Ledyard, CT (March 25) Video Footage Available
2011.03.27 BRET MICHAELS "Donald Trump convinced me to sue"
2011.03.28 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Dallas, TX (March 27) Video Footage Available
2011.03.28 BRET MICHAELS on Sixx Sense "Deeper with"
2011.03.30 POISON "Double Dose - Ultimate Hits" Artwork Unveiled
2011.03.30 BRET MICHAELS Radio Interview at 99.9 THE FOX
2011.03.31 BRET MICHAELS Interview On "On Air With Ryan Seacrest"
2011.03.31 RIKKI ROCKETT at Poison Spider's Grand Opening
2011.04.01 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Park City, KS (March 31) Video Footage Available
2011.04.02 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Rochester, MN (April 1st) Video Footage Available
2011.04.05 RIKKI ROCKETT at Poison Spider's Grand Opening (Video Available)
2011.04.06 NIKKI SIXX Talks About Touring With POISON
2011.04.07 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Dubuque, IA (April 06) Video Footage Available
2011.04.08 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Clear Lake, IA (April 07) Video Footage Available
2011.04.09 BRET MICHAELS "One Day POISON Will Write All-New Music Again"
2011.04.11 RIKKI ROCKETT "I am going to continue to try and convince the band to do another Poison album"
2011.04.11  BRET MICHAELS B*M*B South Bend, IN (April 10) Video Footage Available
2011.04.13 BRET MICHAELS On Live! With Regis And Kelly
2011.04.13 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Easton, PA (April 12) Video Footage Available
2011.04.15 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Orono, ME (April 14) Video Footage Available
2011.04.16 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Patchogue, NY (April 15) Video Footage Available
2011.04.17 BRET MICHAELS in current issue of AZ Sports and Lifestyle Mag
2011.04.17 POISON in MEXICO
2011.04.17 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B w/Rubix Kube Staten Island, NY (April 16) Video Footage Available
2011.04.18 CHIP RITTER plays ROCKETT DRUM WORKS at NAMM 2011
2011.04.18 BRET MICHAELS Teams With Daughters On Track For KIDZ BOP
2011.04.21 BRET MICHAELS Replaces JERRY SEINFELD At Charity Golf Tournament
2011.04.22 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Annapolis, MD (April 21) Video Footage Available
2011.04.23 BRET MICHAELS Suffering From Corneal Ulcer
2011.04.24 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Panama City Beach, FL (April 23) Video Footage Available
2011.04.25 RIKKI ROCKETT The Rockett Rubicon on KrawlZone.tv
2011.04.28 BRET MICHAELS "There is no wedding date"
2011.04.30 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Katy, TX (April 28) Video Footage Available
2011.04.30 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Amarillo, TX (April 29) Video Footage Available
2011.05.03 BRET MICHAELS Interview on 98.7 Jack FM
2011.05.04 BRET MICHAELS "The Vocalizer"
2011.05.06 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Denver CO (May 5) Video Footage Available
2011.05.10 BRET MICHAELS Says NIKKI SIXX Apologized For Derogatory Comments MÖTLEY CRÜE Made About POISON
2011.05.14 NIKKI SIXX Says He Never Apologized To BRET MICHAELS For Comments About POISON
2011.05.15 BRET MICHAELS B*M*B Laughlin NV (May 14) Video Footage Available
2011.05.16 BRET MICHAELS On "Fox 10 Arizona Morning"
2011.05.19 BRET MICHAELS Responds to NIKKI SIXX
2011.05.22 BRET MICHAELS on BillBoard Awards 2011
2011.05.23 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON needs a new record"
2011.05.23 BRET MICHAELS Says Daughter Jorja Is His Karmic Payback
2011.05.24 BRET MICHAELS in New Ford Commercial
2011.05.25 Win a POISON Spider Drum Set made by ROCKETT Drum Works!
2011.05.26 POISON kicks off tour in Tupelo, MS (May 25) Video Footage Available
2011.05.28 POISON at Riverfest in Little Rock, AR (May 27) Video Footage Available
2011.05.30 BRET MICHAELS/POISON Exhibit Added To The "Rock Your World" Cruise
2011.05.30 POISON Rocklahoma Festival Pryor, OK (May 29) Video Footage Available
2011.05.31 POISON El Paso, TX (May 30) Video Footage Available
2011.06.02 POISON Monterrey, MEXICO (June 1st) Video Footage Available
2011.06.04 POISON Southaven, MS (June 3) Video Footage Available
2011.06.05 POISON Birmingham, AL (June 4) Video Footage Available
2011.06.06 Daily Crawl - RIKKI and the ROCKETT Rubicon
2011.06.07 BRET MICHAELS Doesn't Know Why NIKKI SIXX Keeps Saying Negative Stuff About POISON
2011.06.08 MÖTLEY CRÜE To Tour Australia With BRET MICHAELS
2011.06.08 POISON Dallas, TX (June 7) Video Footage Available
2011.06.09 BRET MICHAELS on ABCNews 20/20
2011.06.10 POISON San Antonio, TX (June 9) Video Footage Available
2011.06.11 POISON Houston, TX (June 10) Video Footage Available
2011.06.12 POISON Lubbock, TX (June 11) Video Footage Available
2011.06.13 POISON Albuquerque, NM (June 12) Video Footage Available
2011.06.15 POISON Los Angeles, CA (June 14) Video Footage Available
2011.06.15 RIKKI ROCKETT Talks Touring With MÖTLEY CRÜE On 97.1 THE EAGLE ROCKS
2011.06.16 POISON San Francisco, CA (June 15) Video Footage Available
2011.06.16 BRET MICHAELS talks 93.3 KDKB Rocks Arizona
2011.06.17 RIKKI ROCKETT talks to FullMetalRock.com
2011.06.18 POISON Phoenix AZ (June 17) Review and Video Footage Available
2011.06.19 POISON Las Vegas (June 18) Video Footage Available
2011.06.20 POISON Salt Lake City (June 19) Video Footage Available
2011.06.22 POISON Kansas City, MO (June 21) Video Footage Available
2011.06.23 POISON Maryland Heights, MO (June 22) Video Footage Available
2011.06.24 POISON makes their Rock Band debut
2011.06.25 POISON Minneapolis, MN (June 24) Video Footage Available
2011.06.25 BRET MICHAELS on Celebrity Ghost Stories
2011.06.26 POISON Milwaukee, WI (June 25) Video Footage Available
2011.06.27 POISON Cincinatti, OH (June 26) Video Footage Available
2011.06.29 POISON Toronto, ON (June 28) Video Footage Available
2011.06.30 POISON Clarkston, MI (June 29) Video Footage Available
2011.06.30 TOMMY LEE Talks Touring With POISON
2011.07.02 POISON Tinley Park, IL (July 1) Video Footage Available
2011.07.03 POISON Noblesville, IN (July 2) Video Footage Available
2011.07.04 POISON Nashville, TN (July 3) Video Footage Available
2011.07.05 BRET MICHAELS "We are having a blast"
2011.07.06 POISON Hollywood, FL (July 5) Video Footage Available / LITA FORD joins POISON on stage
2011.07.06 LITA FORD Punches BRET MICHAELS
2011.07.07 POISON Tampa, FL (July 6) Video Footage Available
2011.07.07 BRET MICHAELS Visits ROCK OF AGES Film Set
2011.07.08 POISON Orange Beach, AL (July 7) Video Footage Available
2011.07.08 NIKKI SIXX "Fans Pushed Us To Tour With POISON"
2011.07.09 POISON Biloxi, MS (July 8) Video Footage Available
2011.07.11 POISON Atlanta, GA (July 10) Video Footage Available
2011.07.13 POISON Charlotte, NC (July 12) Video Footage Available
2011.07.14 POISON Hershey, PA (July 13) Video Footage Available
2011.07.15 BRET MICHAELS Super Cruise Canceled
2011.07.16 POISON Uncasville, CT (July 15) Video Footage Available
2011.07.17 POISON Camden, NJ (July 16) Video Footage Available
2011.07.18 POISON Holmdel, NJ (July 17) Video Footage Available
2011.07.19 ENEMYNSIDE New Single Featuring RICHIE KOTZEN
2011.07.20 POISON Mansfield, MA (July 19) Video Footage Available
2011.07.21 POISON Uniondale, NY (July 20) Video Footage Available
2011.07.21 NIKKI SIXX "BRET MICHAELS Said He Wanted To Tour With MÖTLEY Because POISON Needs Credibility"
2011.07.22 POISON London, ON (July 21) Video Footage Available
2011.07.23 POISON Darien Center, NY (July 22) Video Footage Available
2011.07.24 POISON Saratoga Springs, NY (July 23) Video Footage Available
2011.07.25 BRET MICHAELS "I am Not Around MOTLEY CRUE Enough To Know Or Really Care How They Feel"
2011.07.27 BRET MICHAELS "Not sure if there will be more POISON recordings"
2011.07.29 POISON Toledo, OH (July 28) Video Footage Available
2011.07.30 POISON Youngstown, OH (July 29) Video Footage Available
2011.07.31 POISON Frederick, MD (July 30) Video Footage Available
2011.08.01 POISON Scranton, PA (July 31) Video Footage Available
2011.08.02 BRET MICHAELS Meets Injured U.S. Soldiers
2011.08.03 POISON Columbus, OH (August 2) Video Footage Available
2011.08.04 POISON Grand Rapids, MI (August 3) Video Footage Available
2011.08.05 POISON Tomah, WI (August 5) Video Footage Available
2011.08.10 POISON Sturgis, SD (August 9) Video Footage Available
2011.08.11 BRET MICHAELS Sues Over Failed Super Cruise
2011.08.12 POISON Ridgefield, WA (August 11) Video Footage Available
2011.08.12 RIKKI ROCKETT on JANI LANE "I hope you finally find peace my friend"
2011.08.13 POISON Tacoma, WA (August 12) Video Footage Available / RIKKI ROCKETT Tributes JANI LANE
2011.08.14 POISON Boise, ID (August 13) Video Footage Available
2011.08.15 C.C.DEVILLE on SIXX SENSE
2011.08.16 BRET MICHAELS Forced To Cancel XSport Fitness Rock N Roll Chicago Half-Marathon Appearance
2011.08.17 POISON Fresno, CA (August 16) Video Footage Available
2011.08.18 POISON San Diego, CA (August 17) Video Footage Available / Final Stop!
2011.08.20 RIKKI ROCKETT Interviewed by Vater Percussion
2011.08.21 BRET MICHAELS on Celebrity Close Calls
2011.08.21 BRET MICHAELS And DONALD TRUMP To Team Up For Another Reality Show
2011.08.22 BRET MICHAELS on The Weather Channel
2011.08.23 BRET MICHAELS on "Bachelor Pad"
2011.08.29 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Album To Feature DEF LEPPARD Members
2011.08.29 BRET MICHAELS Two New Realities And a New POISON Tour for 2012
2011.08.31 RICHIE KOTZEN "24 Hours"
2011.09.06 BRET MICHAELS Looks Back On 9/11
2011.09.13 POISON to play in Orlando FL
2011.09.14 BRET MICHAELS Ethan and Lou Interview
2011.09.20 POISON Singer On Feud With GUNS N ROSES
2011.09.25 POISON to play in PERU
2011.09.26 RIKKI ROCKETT at Puppy Mill Awareness Day
2011.09.27 BRET MICHAELS "Pets Rock" Collection Coming Next year
2011.09.28 BRET MICHAELS on The Fifth Annual Eric Trump Foundation Golf Invitational
2011.09.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Apperarance at "Off-Road Expo"
2011.10.03 BRET MICHAELS Live On HSN
2011.10.05 POISON Warn Of Falsely Advertised Peru Show
2011.10.06 RIKKI ROCKETT Sneak Peak at New RDW Merchandise
2011.10.07 BRET MICHAELS Joining "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition" Team In Iowa
2011.10.10 BRET MICHAELS promote his New Year's Eve show in Springfield
2011.10.15 BRET MICHAELS "The show with my solo band is a little more raw than POISON"
2011.10.18 BRET MICHAELS talks about his New Year´s Eve Extravaganza
2011.10.22 POISON (After 25 Years) Sued By Authorship of "Talk Dirty To Me"
2011.10.25 BRET MICHAELS To Have Hospital Waiting Room Named After Him
2011.10.28 POISON Responds to Song Theft Allegations
2011.10.28 BRET MICHAELS Talks About Having Hospital Room In Phoenix Named After Him
2011.11.06 POISON Live at the Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando FL (Nov 5)
2011.11.08 BRET MICHAELS in "The Doctors"
2011.11.16 Old Radio Interview of C.C.DEVILLE Used Against POISON In Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
2011.11.17 BRET MICHAELS on Live With Regis & Kelly
2011.11.25 BRET MICHAELS "Farewell To Regis" Available Via iTunes
2011.12.12 BRET MICHAELS Interview with Azul TV
2011.12.13 BRET MICHAELS Nearly Dies Crushed By A Disco Ball
2011.12.30 BRET MICHAELS Auctioning Off Three Cars From His Personal Collection
2012.01.01 2011 A Year In Review
2012.01.12 BRET MICHAELS "Get Your Ride On" Monster Energy Supercross
2012.01.19 BRET MICHAELS Donates 3 Cars to be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson
2012.01.20 BRET MICHAELS New Song in the Beneath The Darkness Soundtrack
2012.01.22 Ex-MEGADETH Guitarist Jeff Young Interviews RIKKI ROCKETT At NAMM 2012
2012.01.24 RIKKI ROCKETT Full Contact Fighter Interview
2012.01.26 RIKKI ROCKETT Radio Screamer Interview At NAMM
2012.01.27 BLUES SARACENO At NAMM 2012
2012.01.27 ROCKETT DRUM WORKS Drums At NAMM 2012
2012.01.28 BRET MICHAELS at Super Bowl XLVI
2012.01.29 PHIL COLLEN says POISON Will Join DEF LEPPARD On Tour This Year
2012.02.07 RIKKI ROCKETT confirms POISON/DEF LEPPARD Tour 2012
2012.02.08 RIKKI ROCKETT unveils POISON Drum Kit 2012
2012.02.09 RIKKI ROCKETT BackstageAxxess Interview at NAMM 2012
2012.02.09 BRET MICHAELS To Re-Record "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" As Duet With LORETTA LYNN
2012.02.10 BRET MICHAELS at the 14th Annual GRAMMY Foundation Music Preservation Project
2012.02.11 BRET MICHAELS On "The Talk"
2012.02.11 RICK ALLEN Releases Video Message Confirming POISON Tour
2012.02.21 BRET MICHAELS Sues Producers For Broadcasting Tony Awards Accident
2012.02.22 Yo Me Llamo... BRET MICHAELS
2012.03.10 BRET MICHAELS Challenges The Public To A Fitness Contest
2012.03.10 DEF LEPPARD, POISON, LITA FORD U.S. Tour Dates Announced
2012.03.12 POISON Announces 2012 Tour With DEF LEPPARD (Press Release)
2012.03.17 DEF LEPPARD/POISON Tour Poster Unveiled
2012.03.24 RICHIE KOTZEN New Tour Dates North and South America and Europe
2012.03.31 BRET MICHAELS Interviewed On Houston's MIX 96-5 (Audio Available)
2012.04.06 BRET MICHAELS To Launch "Music For Your Soul" Column
2012.04.12 RICHIE KOTZEN Forced To Cancel Shows Due To Hemorrhaged Vocal Cord
2012.04.13 BRET MICHAELS partners with GoodChime.com to issue a health challenge
2012.04.20 BRET MICHAELS To Address Diversity Alliance For Science 2012 National Conference And EXPO
2012.04.27 MARC CANTER On GUNS N ROSES Early Days - "SLASH Almost Joined POISON"
2012.04.29 VICKIE HAMILTON "BRET MICHAELS was the most difficult personality I had to deal with"
2012.05.05 BRET MICHAELS at Mega Partnering V
2012.05.05 BRET MICHAELS Interview and Photo Shoot with JetSet Magazine
2012.05.10 BRET MICHAELS Thanks The Hospital Who Saved His Life
2012.05.15 BRET MICHAELS Settles Lawsuit Over 2009 Tony Awards Mishap
2012.05.16 RIKKI ROCKETT Returns To Sabian Cymbals
2012.05.18 RIKKI ROCKETT To Take Part In Music-Making World-Record Attempt
2012.06.02 RIKKI ROCKETT Announces POISON Rehearsals
2012.06.04 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Video To Make Its Online Debut
2012.06.05 RIKKI ROCKETT 2010 Dodge Challenger RT Classic Car On Sale
2012.06.08 RIKKI ROCKETT talks to Hear Mag
2012.06.11 POISON at the "Rock of Ages" Movie Premiere
2012.06.13 BOBBY DALL "Someone Needs To Talk Bret That We Want To Make An Original Record"
2012.06.19 BRET MICHAELS Launches Exclusive PetSmart Collection
2012.06.21 POISON kicks off tour in Salt Lake City, UT (June 20)
2012.06.23 POISON Irvine, CA (June 22) Video Footage Available
2012.06.24 POISON Las Vegas, NV (June 23) Video Footage Available
2012.06.26 POISON Denver, CO (June 25) Video Footage Available
2012.06.28 New POISON Merch Available
2012.06.28 POISON Kansas City, MO (June 27) Video Footage Available
2012.06.30 RIKKI ROCKETT AfterParty at Southside Steve's Bar
2012.06.30 POISON Atlanta, GA (June 29) Video Footage Available
2012.07.01 POISON Tampa, FL (June 30) Video Footage Available
2012.07.03 POISON Cincinnati, OH (July 02) Video Footage Available
2012.07.04 POISON Nashville, TN (July 03) Video Footage Available
2012.07.07 POISON Cleveland, OH (July 06) Video Footage Available
2012.07.08 POISON Detroit MI (July 7) Video Footage Available
2012.07.11 POISON Baltimore, MD (July 10) Video Footage Available
2012.07.12 POISON Newark, NJ (July 11) Video Footage Available
2012.07.14 POISON Wantagh, NY (July 13) Video Footage Available
2012.07.14 BRET MICHAELS Guests on Animal Radio
2012.07.15 POISON Atlantic City, NJ (July 14) Video Footage Available
2012.07.17 POISON Montreal QC, CA (July 16) Video Footage Available
2012.07.18 POISON Hamilton ON, CA (July 17) Video Footage Available
2012.07.19 POISON Chicago (July 19) Video Footage Available
2012.07.22 POISON Omaha, NE (July 21) Video Footage Available
2012.07.23 POISON Cadott, WI (July 22) Video Footage Available
2012.07.30 BRET MICHAELS Calls Off Engagement
2012.08.08 Special Offer From The Hard Rock Cafe Dallas, TX For POISON F@N CLUB Members!
2012.08.10 POISON Sunrise, FL (August 09) Video Footage Available
2012.08.12 POISON Charlotte, NC (August 11) Video Footage Available
2012.08.13 POISON Virginia beach, VA (August 12) Video Footage Available
2012.08.15 POISON Burgettstown, PA (August 14) Video Footage Available
2012.08.16 POISON Hershey, PA (August 15) Video Footage Available
2012.08.18 POISON Darien Lake, NY (August 17) Video Footage Available
2012.08.19 POISON Mansfield, MA (August 18) Video Footage Available
2012.08.21 POISON Saratoga Springs, NY (August 20) Video Footage Available
2012.08.23 POISON Bangor, ME (August 22) Video Footage Available
2012.08.25 POISON Noblesville, IN (August 24) Video Footage Available
2012.08.26 POISON St Louis, MO (August 25) Video Footage Available
2012.08.29 POISON Des moines, IA (August 28) Video Footage Available
2012.08.30 BRET MICHAELS On Why POISON Rejected SLASH
2012.08.30 POISON Lampe, MO (August 29) Video Footage Available
2012.09.01 POISON Oklahoma city, OK (August 31) Video Footage Available
2012.09.02 POISON Houston, TX (September 01) Video Footage Available
2012.09.04 POISON Dallas, TX (September 03) Video Footage Available
2012.09.05 POISON Cedar Park, TX (September 04) Video Footage Available
2012.09.05 BRET MICHAELS Meet & Greet In Mexico
2012.09.06 POISON Arrives in MEXICO
2012.09.07 POISON Monterrey, MEXICO (September 06) Video Footage Available
2012.09.10 POISON Mexico City, MEXICO (September 08) Video Footage Available
2012.09.13 POISON Tucson, AZ (September 12) Video Footage Available
2012.09.15 POISON Concord, CA (September 14) Video Footage Available
2012.09.16 POISON Santa Barbara, CA (September 15) Video Footage Available
2012.09.21 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Would Have Done Differently About a Lot Of Stuff"
2012.09.23 BRET MICHAELS "We Have No Concrete Plans For A New Album"
2012.09.25 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Am Not Sure What Is Going To Happen With POISON"
2012.10.07 BRET MICHAELS performs in San Juan, Puerto Rico
2012.10.10 BRET MICHAELS opens music room at Arizona hospital
2012.10.12 BRET MICHAELS on Celebrity Apprentice All-Star season
2012.10.18 BRET MICHAELS To Host TRAVEL CHANNEL's "Rock My RV"
2012.11.16 BRET MICHAELS To Release "Good Songs & Great Friends" In February
2012.12.12 BRET MICHAELS "My Passion For A Project Is What Determines Its Worth To Me"
2012.12.19 RIKKI ROCKETT To Take Part In "Bonzo Bash NAMM Jamm 2013"
2012.12.26 BRET MICHAELS Featured In FreeCreditScore.com Commercial (Video Available)
2013.01.02 BRET MICHAELS Footage Of New Year's Eve Performance In Minnesota
2013.01.08 BRET MICHAELS Featured In "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" Preview Clip
2013.01.10 BRET MICHAELS Donates To Arizona Therapeutic Horse Ranch
2013.01.27 RIKKI ROCKETT NAMM Observations 2013
2013.01.28 RIKKI ROCKETT Interviewed At NAMM (Video Available)
2013.01.30 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Track "You Know You Want It" Available For Streaming
2013.01.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Talks Drums At NAMM (Video Available)
2013.02.06 RIKKI ROCKETT Discusses Upcoming Reality Show
2013.02.07 RIKKI ROCKETT Talks About "American Drums"
2013.02.08 BRET MICHAELS New Version Of Nothin But A Good Time Available For Streaming
2013.02.08 BRET MICHAELS New Version Of Every Rose Available For Streaming
2013.02.09 BRET MICHAELS Hosting TRAVEL CHANNEL's "Rock My RV" Trailers Released
2013.02.10 BRET MICHAELS to Live Blog During Grammys on AOL.com
2013.02.13 RIKKI ROCKETT Developing Reality Show
2013.02.15 POISON Tour 2013?
2013.02.17 BRET MICHAELS Teary Reunion With Those He Helped Through Diabetes, Cancer
2013.03.03 RIKKI ROCKETT And Wife Welcome Second Child
2013.03.03 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Album Pushed Back To June
2013.03.03 BRET MICHAELS "All Star Celebrity Apprentice" Premiere Tonight
2013.03.04 BRET MICHAELS Fired From "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice"
2013.03.04 BRET MICHAELS Reacts to His Shocking Firing
2013.03.05 BRET MICHAELS Has Meltdown After Being Fired From "Celebrity Apprentice"
2013.03.15 BRET MICHAELS working on a new studio album with POISON?
2013.05.25 POISON Indianapolis Motor Speedway (May 24) Video Footage Available
2013.06.01 BRET MICHAELS Talks To FOX NEWS About "Rock My RV" Series
2013.06.07 RIKKI ROCKETT Indy 500 Kit Up For Auction
2013.06.13 BRET MICHAELS Shows Off Pet-Apparel Line On "Conan"
2013.06.22 BRET MICHAELS Involved In Tour Bus Accident
2013.07.08 POISON on "Learn To Play '80s Metal" DVD
2013.07.19 BRET MICHAELS Weighs In On ROLLING STONE "Bomber" Cover Story Controversy
2013.08.21 BRET MICHAELS "Jammin' With Friends" Reviewed by MelodicRock.com
2013.08.25 BRET MICHAELS to play in PERU
2013.09.06 BRET MICHAELS concert in CHILE
2013.09.09 C.C.DEVILLE "NATIVE TONGUE Is A Crap!" (C.C. Takes LEMMY's Place at RAINBOW BAR & GRILL)
2013.10.07 BRET MICHAELS Radio Interview On Rock 108
2013.11.07 Ask BRET MICHAELS a Question!
2013.11.14 RIKKI ROCKETT SEMA 2013 Interview
2013.11.14 RIKKI ROCKETT Interview on FoxSports910.com
2014.01.16 BRET MICHAELS meets 2 long-time fans at Barrett-Jackson gala
2014.01.24 RIKKI ROCKETT Live at Bonzo Bash NAMM Jamm 2014
2014.01.28 BRET MICHAELS To Perform "Every Rose" On NBC's "Revolution"
2014.01.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Backstage Interview at Bonzo Bash NAMM Jamm 2014
2014.01.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Interview with Visions of Eon
2014.02.04 BRET MICHAELS Launches "Roses & Thorns" Cologne
2014.02.15 BOBBY DALL Speaks To BackstageAxxess.com At NAMM
2014.03.01 RIKKI ROCKETT "Doesn't look good for POISON touring this summer (Again!)"
2014.03.01 RIKKI ROCKETT Hospitalized
2014.03.04 RIKKI ROCKETT "Press needs to calm down about my tweet. I was venting."
2014.03.30 BRET MICHAELS To Release "A Beautiful Soul" New Solo Single
2014.04.04 BRET MICHAELS on Oprah's Life Class (Video Available)
2014.04.09 BRET MICHAELS "A Beautiful Soul" Lyric Video Released
2014.04.14 RIKKI ROCKETT at The Making of "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II"
2014.05.06 MICHAEL SWEET "C.C. Politely Declined The Opportunity To Play In STRYPER"
2014.05.31 BRET MICHAELS Forced To Cancel Show Due To Low Blood Sugar
2014.07.10 BRET MICHAELS Salad Now Available At Hard Rock Cafe In Pittsburgh
2014.07.25 BRET MICHAELS Reveals How to Properly Trash a Hotel Room
2014.07.31 BRET MICHAELS Remakes LIONEL RICHIE Classic "Endless Love" For NISSAN Marketing Campaign
2014.08.20 RIKKI ROCKETT Joins Los Cabos Drumsticks
2014.09.08 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON Is Throwing Around Touring Ideas For Next Year"
2014.09.13 BOBBY DALL takes the stage with DEVIL CITY ANGELS at Florida club show
2014.09.15 BRET MICHAELS "It Looks Like POISON Will Tour In 2015"
2014.09.21 RIKKI ROCKETT "The reality is [at this point in time] there is not a POISON tour"
2014.10.02 BRET MICHAELS "C.C., BOBBY And Myself Are Going To Have A Mega POISON Summer Bash"
2014.10.03 RIKKI ROCKETT "It's All Good, BRET's My Brother"
2014.10.09 RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON Will Continue On As Long As It Makes Sense"
2014.10.19 POISON Reunites For Corporate Gig, Teases Possible 2015 Tour
2014.10.20 BRET MICHAELS on POISON 2015 Reunion Tour "It's gonna be great"
2014.11.05 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Don't Know If POISON Will Tour Next Summer"
2014.11.11 BRET MICHAELS Undergoes Kidney Surgery
2015.01.08 POISON To Play At Atlanta Corporate Gig
2015.01.09 RIKKI ROCKETT "There is no one who would love a new POISON record than me"
2015.01.28 BRET MICHAELS Performs At NBA Halftime Show During Detroit Pistons Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game
2015.04.13 BRET MICHAELS Joins Overstock.com
2015.04.20 BRET MICHAELS & Overstock.com Set to Rock Mom's World
2015.05.04 BRET MICHAELS Releases New Solo Single "Girls On Bars"
2015.05.08 BRET MICHAELS "C.C.DEVILLE and I Beat the Living Crap Out of Each Other"
2015.05.12 BRET MICHAELS Featured In New NISSAN Commercials
2015.05.15 BRET MICHAELS "Country Music Is Just Great Music"
2015.05.16 BRET MICHAELS to sell Los Angeles area home for $3.6M
2015.06.01 THE SPECIAL GUESTS Perform In Tucson
2015.06.10 DEVIL CITY ANGELS Parts Ways With Bassist ERIC BRITTINGHAM, Recruits RUDY SARZO
2015.06.24 RIKKI ROCKETT Has Cancer Scare
2015.06.26 RIKKI ROCKETT 2nd Round Biopsy
2015.06.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Biopsy Cultures Were All Negative
2015.07.02 RIKKI ROCKETT Goofed Dr. Appointment
2015.07.03 RIKKI ROCKETT No Cancer Found
2015.07.10 RIKKI ROCKETT Cancer Scare Update
2015.07.20 RIKKI ROCKETT Files For Divorce From Wife
2015.08.10 RIKKI ROCKETT "BRET Would Prefer Not To Deal With The Three Of Us If He Can Avoid It"
2015.08.11 RIKKI ROCKETT "Native Tongue Is A Great Record, I Love Crack a Smile And I Don't Love Hollyweird"
2015.08.13 RIKKI ROCKETT Decides No More Health Issues Updates (For Now)
2015.08.20 RIKKI ROCKETT at Z Mornings
2015.09.18 DEVIL CITY ANGELS Release New Self-Titled Album
2015.10.02 RICHIE KOTZEN "'Native Tongue' Could Have Easily Been My Solo Record"
2015.10.21 SLASH On Auditioning For POISON "When C.C. Got The Job, I Wasn't Surprised"
2015.10.27 BRET MICHAELS "I'm Sure POISON Will Do Something Special Next Year"
2015.10.29 RIKKI ROCKETT "BRET Hasn't Wanted To Work With Us On An Equal Basis For Quite Some Time"
2015.11.19 TOM WERMAN Talks About POISON
2015.12.07 BRET MICHAELS "It 'Would Be Great' For POISON To Play Select 30th-Anniversary Shows"
2015.12.16 RIKKI ROCKETT Reveals Cancer Battle
2015.12.17 RIKKI ROCKETT On POISON "It's Time For Us To Do Something"
2015.12.18 BRET MICHAELS "RIKKI ROCKETT Is A True Fighter"
2015.12.18 RIKKI ROCKETT on Cancer: "I'm Recovering Very Well, All Signs Point to Remission"
2016.01.27 BRET MICHAELS's Childhood Home Destroyed In Fire
2016.03.27 BRET MICHAELS Forced To Postpone Show Due To Illness
2016.04.07 BRET MICHAELS On POISON "When The Time Is Right, We Will Get Back Out There"
2016.04.10 BIG JOHN On BRET MICHAELS "He's Made His Bed With His Bad Decisions And Bullshit Ego"
2016.04.19 BRET MICHAELS Still Sees "Something Amazing Happening" For POISON In The Future
2016.04.20 RIKKI ROCKETT Discusses His Motorcycle Addiction
2016.05.02 BRET MICHAELS Visits Fan Suffering Spinal Injury In Hospital
2016.06.18 C.C.DEVILLE "I'm Open to Inspiration a Little Bit Different Now"
2016.06.25 BRET MICHAELS 2016 Bobblehead In Stock Now
2016.06.25 BRET MICHAELS To Appear On ABC's Greatest Hits
2016.06.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Tongue Cancer Almost Gone After Immune Treatment
2016.06.30 RIKKI ROCKETT "There Is A Possibility For A Spring Tour On The Table"
2016.07.13 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Am Cancer Free!"
2016.07.15 BRET MICHAELS On ABC's Greatest Hits
2016.07.17 JOEY C. JONES "After the MTV Video Awards, I Visited C.C. And We Talked About Working Together"
2016.07.18 ERIC BRITTINGHAM On Playing With BRET MICHAELS "It Seemed Like A Natural Move, So I Joined The Band"
2016.07.26 RIKKI ROCKETT Discusses Recent Cancer Battle "C.C. DEVILLE Was Probably My Closest Confidant"
2016.07.28 BRET MICHAELS Says POISON And DEF LEPPARD Will Tour Together Again In 2017
2016.07.31 RIKKI ROCKETT Didn't Want To Lose His Tongue In Cancer Battle
2016.08.04 RIKKI ROCKETT "I'm Not Sure What Is Going On With POISON"
2016.08.21 RIKKI ROCKETT Talks About How Immunotherapy Put His Cancer In Remission
2016.08.26 RIKKI ROCKETT "I've Stopped Telling Anybody That POISON Is Going To Tour"
2016.08.27 BRET MICHAELS "Right Now Is Not The Time For Us To Make New Music"
2016.08.30 RIKKI ROCKETT Shares His Experience With Cancer Immunotherapy
2016.09.03 BRET MICHAELS Speaks About DEF LEPPARD And POISON Tour During Hampton Beach Concert
2016.09.05 BRET MICHAELS "I'll Be Grateful To Accept" ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Nod When It's POISON's Time
2016.09.10 BRET MICHAELS "POISON Has Never Broken Up, And We Never Will"
2016.09.24 PHIL COLLEN Says DEF LEPPARD Will Not Tour With POISON In 2017
2016.10.05 BRET MICHAELS Is Still Hoping That POISON And DEF LEPPARD Can Tour Together Next Spring
2016.10.26 POISON's Debut Album Released As Limited-Edition Picture Disc To Commemorate 30th Anniversary
2016.11.07 RIKKI ROCKETT Discusses Cancer Battle "No One Is Safe"
2016.12.19 BRET MICHAELS To Launch Emoji And Lyric Keyboard
2017.01.07 BRET MICHAELS On Possibility Of POISON Tour "We're Close To Making It Happen"
2017.01.12 DEF LEPPARD Announces North American Tour With POISON And TESLA
2017.01.24 BRET MICHAELS Wants POISON To Embark On Headlining Tour In 2018, Says He Is Open To Making New Music With Band
2017.02.28 POISON Announces First Headlining Tour Dates In Over A Decade
2017.03.09 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Am Still Cancer Free"
2017.03.22 RIKKI ROCKETT Says SLASH Was "Really Pissed Off" He Didn't Land Guitarist Gig In POISON
2017.03.27 BRET MICHAELS To Release "Jorja Bleu" Solo Single Next Month
2017.03.28 POISON - First 2017 Photo Of Reunited Original Lineup Posted
2017.03.28 RIKKI & C.C. Unveils 2017 POISON Drum Kit (Video Available)
2017.03.29 RIKKI ROCKETT Announces Photo Side Project
2017.03.31 Win Tickets To See POISON On Their 2017 Tour
2017.04.03 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Really Wish A New POISON Album"
2017.04.09 POISON Kicks Off Tour In Manchester, NH (April 8)
2017.04.10 POISON Montreal, QC Canada (April 10) Video Footage Available
2017.04.11 BRET MICHAELS New Solo Single "Jorja Bleu" Postponed to May 5
2017.04.12 RIKKI ROCKETT Interview On WBAB
2017.04.13 POISON Uncasville, CT (April 12) Video Footage Available
2017.04.13 RIKKI ROCKETT "There Aren't Any Immediate Plans Right Now For Another POISON Album"
2017.04.14 BOBBY DALL "My Plan Is To Play For The Rest Of My Life"
2017.04.15 POISON Baltimore, MD (April 14) Video Footage Available
2017.04.16 POISON Uniondale, NY (April 15) Video Footage Available
2017.04.18 POISON Grand Rapids, MI (April 17) Video Footage Available
2017.04.18 BOBBY DALL "I'm A Recovering Alcoholic And A Drug Addict"
2017.04.20 POISON Green Bay, WI (April 19) Video Footage Available
2017.04.22 POISON St Paul, MN (April 21) Video Footage Available
2017.04.23 POISON Sioux Falls, SD (April 22) Video Footage Available
2017.04.25 POISON Des Moines, IA (April 24) Video Footage Available
2017.04.27 POISON Louisville, KY (April 26) Video Footage Available
2017.04.28 POISON Nashville, TN (April 27) Video Footage Available
2017.04.29 POISON Raleigh, NC (April 28) Video Footage Available
2017.04.30 POISON Charlotte, NC (April 29) Video Footage Available
2017.05.02 RIKKI ROCKETT Says There Has Been 'Talk' About POISON Recording 'At Least One' New Song
2017.05.03 POISON Tuscaloosa, AL (May 2) Video Footage Available
2017.05.04 POISON Atlanta, GA (May 3) Video Footage Available
2017.05.04 RIKKI ROCKETT on Phone Booth Fighting w/ UFC's Frank Mir
2017.05.05 POISON Charlottesville, VA (May 5) Video Footage Available
2017.05.05 BRET MICHAELS Releases 'Jorja Bleu' Video
2017.05.06 RIKKI ROCKETT "I Really Hope, That Maybe In The Fall That We Could Go In And At Least Cut A Couple Of Songs"
2017.05.06 BRET MICHAELS On POISON New Record "Whether Or Not We Will Do It Is Yet To Be Seen"
2017.05.07 POISON Cherokee, NC (May 6) Video Footage Available
2017.05.08 POISON Huntington, WV (May 7) Video Footage Available
2017.05.10 POISON Albany, NY (May 9) Video Footage Available
2017.05.10 BRET MICHAELS Would Like to "Write a Really Amazingly Great Rock Song" With POISON
2017.05.12 POISON Rama ONT CAN (May 11) Video Footage Available
2017.05.15 RIKKI ROCKETT "It Feels Great Being Back On Stage With POISON"
2017.05.25 POISON Lincoln, NE (May 24) Video Footage Available
2017.05.25 BOBBY DALL "You Never Know If There's Going To Be Another [POISON] Tour"
2017.05.27 POISON Rapid City, SD (May 26) Video Footage Available
2017.05.28 POISON Grand Forks, ND (May 27) Video Footage Available
2017.05.30 POISON Colorado Springs, CO (May 29) Video Footage Available
2017.06.01 POISON Bozeman, MT (May 31) Video Footage Available
2017.06.02 BRET MICHAELS "I'm Not A Guy That Lives In My Glory Days"
2017.06.03 POISON Edmonton, AB (June 2) Video Footage Available
2017.06.04 POISON Calgary, AB (June 3) Video Footage Available
2017.06.07 POISON Vancouver, BC (June 6) Video Footage Available
2017.06.08 POISON Spokane, WA (June 7) Video Footage Available
2017.06.10 POISON Seattle, WA (June 9) Video Footage Available
2017.06.11 POISON Portland, OR (June 10) Video Footage Available
2017.06.13 POISON Fresno, CA (June 12) Video Footage Available
2017.06.14 POISON Oakland, CA (June 13) Video Footage Available
2017.06.15 POISON Ontario, CAN (June 14) Video Footage Available
2017.06.15 RIKKI ROCKETT "We Have No Plans To Play Anywhere Outside NorthAmerica -- There Isn't Any POISON Album In The Works"
2017.06.17 POISON San Diego, CA (June 16) Video Footage Available
2017.06.18 POISON Las Vegas, NV (June 17) Video Footage Available
2017.06.22 POISON Kansas City, MO (June 21) Video Footage Available
2017.06.23 POISON St.Louis, MO (June 22) Video Footage Available
2017.06.25 POISON Chicago, IL (June 24) Video Footage Available
2017.06.26 POISON Indianapolis, IN (June 25) Video Footage Available
2018.01.08 RIKKI ROCKETT Will Launch New Video Blog Series
2018.01.10 ROCKETT VLOG # 1 "I Broke My Head at Fred's!"
2018.01.17 ROCKETT VLOG # 2 "Cameras, Haircuts & Jiu Jitsu!"
2018.01.24 ROCKETT VLOG # 3 "Snow, Jiu-Jitsu, etc."
2018.02.06 Poison announce the Nothin' But A Good Time North American tour
2018.02.07 ROCKETT VLOG # 5 "Indian Scout Bobber"
2018.02.21 ROCKETT VLOG # 6 "I Love My Ford Raptor"
2018.02.22 ROCKETT VLOG # 7 "I Moved My Studio"
2018.02.28 ROCKETT VLOG # 8 "Shocking The Indian Bobber"
2018.03.05 ROCKETT VLOG # 9 "Assembly Damnation!"
2018.03.12 ROCKETT VLOG #10 "Cinebags Tech Review"
2018.03.14 ROCKETT VLOG #11 "Presonus Faderport 16 - Unboxing"
2018.03.20 ROCKETT VLOG #12 "Off Roading The Ford Raptor"
2018.03.28 ROCKETT VLOG #13 "GoPro, Fast Indian Ride & The Manson Family Ranch"
2018.04.03 ROCKETT VLOG #14 "Motorcycle Mayhem!"
2018.04.09 ROCKETT VLOG #14.2 "(Norton True Love)"
2018.04.16 ROCKETT VLOG #15 "Monsterpalooza"
2018.04.20 ROCKETT VLOG #16 "Indian Scout Bobber Mid Control Install"
2018.04.26 ROCKETT VLOG #17 "Poison Drum Kit Unboxing! Plus... Gravity Hill!"
2018.05.01 ROCKETT VLOG #18 "Indian Scout Rebadge, 2-Stroke Show and Solo Bag Review!"
2018.05.19 POISON Kicks Off Tour In Irvine, CA (May 18)
2018.05.20 POISON Las Vegas, NV (May 19) Video Footage Available
2018.05.21 POISON Reno, NV (May 20) Photos Available
2018.05.23 POISON Salt Lake City, UT (May 22) Photos Available
2018.05.24 POISON Denver, CO (May 23) Video Footage Available
2018.05.26 POISON Kansas City, KS (May 25) Video Footage Available
2018.05.26 ROCKETT VLOG # 19 "Open Up & Say Vlog! (Poison Tour)"
2018.05.27 POISON St. Louis, MO (May 26) Video Footage Available