The Poison Tour Diary via Metal Sludge

Date June 19, 2000 / 688 reads / No comments yet

Dear Sludge Diary,
Hello Poison People & Sludgeaholics!
Sorry I have been so lame about writing so far. The first week of a tour is totally exhausting. Shit doesn't work correctly and it's simply tough to get in the swing of things. I have only gotten a line out for the 'ol powerbook once and it was just to check e-mail.
O.K., so here it is, the first real day off on the tour. With a thirteen hour drive, the idea of a total day off was out of the question as we didn't arrive here in Cinci till about 3:00 p.m. I am forgoing food to write this. Am I commited or what?
Last nights show was great! That is to say, the audience was great. I wear "in ear" monitors and when I go to do my solo, I always take them out so I can hear everything I'm doing more precisely. Well, in perfect Rockett form, one got stuck in my right ear. I mean, the wire part came out, but the actual plug was stuck in there. Amid the sweat and hair gel (which forms an epoxy) the damn thing wouldn't come out. In fact, it wedged tighter when I tried to pull it out. I tried to signal Sal (my trusty drum tech), but he was like, "What the fuck! I'm not digging in your stank assed ear!" So, I just rocked on. Bobby later pulled it out with a pair of tweezers. And you wondered if he was more than a bass player. Playgirl magazine was there doing a piece on Poison and I only hope that they don't print the picture of Bobby removing the plug. I actually think the Playgirl chicks work on the side for Sludge. They were way too deviate for just good 'ol Playgirl. But of course, I liked them. I warmed up with some simple sticking patterns on the one's ass. She said it was better than a massage! Things that make you go, hmmmm.
The weather... A dark cloud has been following us. Without fail, we have been getting rain just about every night. The fans have been great about it. I know they care, but they just seem to not mind all that much. It's amazing. Of course there are always those folks that just won't bother coming to a wet show and that sucks.
What else... Bret is doing a CNN interview today. Pretty cool, huh? Me? I'm doing Sludge. Speaking of interviews... Mark Slaughter is kinda wiggin out. He keeps doing interviews with some funky assed voice. Like a cartoon character or somethin'. He was C.C. yesterday. Even when I say hi to him, he answers with a Daffy Duck thing or some shit. It's kinda scary. He and his chick must have some bizzare thing with voices. Can you imagine? "Honey, you know I can't cum unless you talk like tweety bird!"
Oh, and finally, allow me to bitch for a sec. I am already getting shit for after show activities. People are complaining about feeling snuffed. Ya know what? Poison hasn't had under 200 people backstage so far. I swear the after show is more exhausting than the actual show! Look, we do our very best to see as many people as possible. Shit, the promoters have been saying that there hasn't been another band so far that has as many people on the pass list as Poison. We are more than gracious, so please, quit bitchin'! Most bands don't even have an after show. Like last night. We had like 230 people on the list, had radio winners, family and Playgirl interviews. There is only so many hours in a day! I do apoligize to anyone that I didn't get to see, but damn, I did my best with a frickin' thirteen hour drive ahead of us. I mean once in while it might be nice to just play, bop someone and go to bunk for the night. Naw, that'll never happen!
Damn, I love the road! I really do.
Anyway, my desire for food has gotten the best of me. So I shall sign off for now.

Sex, Drums and Sludge,
Rikki Rockett
(Somewhere in Ohio)
p.s. Forgive me for any typos. I'm new at this writing thing.