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Dear Sludge Diary,
Pardon me, but I've decided to bitch for just a second or several, about somethin'. I keep getting asked and lambasted about "Power To The People". Let me first say this, this is aimed at the folks who are dissing the fuckin' record. Most of the feedback I'm getting is wonderful. Thank you to those who are down with it!
Complaint One: There isn't enough artwork / or the artwork sucks.
Well, sorry. I take full responsibility. I did the artwork. I wanted to use more pictures but the people who took them, (names I won't mention) threw a bitch fit unless we paid them stupid money. I mean stupid money! Pictures of us and they think they are our God 'cause they snapped the button. Whatever! We decided it was more important to put the money into the live show and not spend 50 grand or something on a frickin' fold out.
Most people I talk with, many of whom may be kissin' my ass, I don't know, love what is there. If you hate it, sorry. Really. I did my best. If you are just looking to bitch about something, fuck you!
Complaint Two: We wanted a full record, not live shit.
O.K. look, this was the deal. We recorded last year live because we weren't sure if we would ever tour again because, ya never know with this band. Why not get it on tape. Besides, we videotaped those shows also in case we wanted to release a live video thingy somethin' or other. It wasn't something we were planning on releasing this year. Essentially, we didn't have time between C.C.'s prior commitment with S7 and this tour to write, record and release a full record. It was either a full record or a summer tour. We had nailed down the tour by this point. Also, we had our differences with C.C., which obviously now has been resolved. The record distributors said, nope, we won't take a 5 song record. So, we said, hey, let's put the live stuff on this record plus five new ones and forget the live video thingie and do the live video thingie this upcoming year instead. I mean after all, we could have lounged on our asses and not toured this year but then someone would bitch about that too! Besides, as the tourch bearers here, someone has to represent hard rock for God's sake!
Ya know what? I never mind constructive critisism, but geez, some people just wanna bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch bitch! I'm workin' my ass off here and so is the whole band. Trust me, there will be a full length Poison record complete with all kinds 'o' shit after this tour is done. This new record will be nothing less than super-dexmo!
O.K., now that is off my chest, let's get down to some gritty sludge. Whadda ya say?
In the latest headlines: Nurse Karen visits the West Palm Beach show. Yes, we have made ammends. I actually now kinda like her. She's just herself. However, it wasn't without incident. She got way loaded and was carried off to the hospitol with a broken ankle. Not good. I really, really wanted to wax her ass like raindance after all the abuse she gave me. Oh, well! (Photos of Nurse Karen to follow this entry.) Oh yeah, there was some chick in the front row of the audience in Tampa who had red crosses on her exposed bra. Big John offered her passes but she refused. All I wanna know is why? We had the very best intentions in mind.
Bret was in the back of the bus that night with some chick that said she was inspired by him because she too was diabetic. That's nice. What was wierd was that all we heard was this fuckin' bumpin' and slammin' like two elephants in a potato sack. I was concerned. Big John was like, "All right Bret! Rock on brutha!" Turns out Bret unfourtunatly didn't have his dick in her mouth, but rather a candy bar trying to revive her from insulin shock! Another one away to the hospitol. Poor "FlipFlop" as she is now refered to, didn't even get laid by little Elvis.
Well, I'm in Atlanta! Cool! I love this town! Besides, I'll be seeing "Hick 'N' Proud" tomarrow. She wears pigtails and at the end of the night just before we left last year, she says in the most heavy southern accent, I wanna fuuuuck yuuu! Yeah, well I could damn well use that right now "Hick 'N' Proud", it's been a long couple of days. Just don't bite and please don't be on the rag for God's sake. I have all ready earned my red wings years ago. Just do this little 'ol yank fuck 'n' proud!
Hey, Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls called me and said he was comin' to the show. How cool is that? Don't know who he is? I pity you if you don't.
Sludeholics everywhere as of late. Very nice indeed. I heard I was going to get ambushed on stage with tampons at the last show. Didn't happen. If it would have, cool, but please, no bloody ones. That's just not healthy!
Lastly, I have been sniped at about trying to get in good with the sludgeaholics by doing this diary. Please. On the other hand, I'm feared for doing it because people think they are going to end up in here because of me. Well, ya might! I guess I'm just hated all around. Nothing new here!

Rikki The Rockett
Your Friendly Industry Insider