Dear Dr. Rockett

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To my colleagues and fellow sludgers,
I am overwhelmed at the amount of Dr. Rockett letters that I have received. I am doing my best to answer all of them. Be patient. After all, this advice is free!
But hey, I can't even get a petition out of you people for me to be on Sex And The City! I guess I'm not that good...

Dr. Rockett at your service.

Dear Dr. Rockett,

I know this is going to sound strange and a bit mind boggling, and the letter is long, but bear with me. I am 32. When I was 16, I was pregnant and had a child, which I have raised. The father just disappeared. I swore that would never happen to me again. Fast forward to 5 years later, I was 21, on the pill, long term (10 months) boyfriend that I loved. I got pregnant. I got played. To the tune of, "Oh, by the way, I'm not really divorced. We live apart, but we're really not even legally separated. And I've got this other girlfriend besides you and she's pregnant too, so I really can't deal with this." Needless to say, I didn't trust my own judgement anymore and figured that I just had psychological problems that were affecting my judgement. One night stands make me feel awful about myself and I literally turn into a geisha when I'm around a man, which I don't like, but it happens. So I decided I would just rather be alone than deal with the whole thing again.

I haven't had a date in almost 12 years. I've heard that men can pick up a vibe as to whether a woman wants to be with them or not and I know I've been sending off vibes that I don't want to be with anyone. My best friend has been trying this whole time to set me up with people and to be honest, when I'm set up with someone, they could be the Dalai Lama and Johnny Depp all rolled into one and I'd still find some excuse not to get anything started. I panic. I'm too shy to chat on the computer to anybody, and even sending emails back and forth makes me feel nervous and cornered.

For a few years, I just enjoyed the feeling of autonomy. I didn't need anyone. And I don't. I have a family, a home, a career, a couple of cars and have a mechanic, a handyman, and a yard man, for anything I can't fix. I take my kids on vacations and have no problem going anywhere without a man in tow. But I'm finding that I want a man's company. A (married) neighbor flirts with me and I like it. I'd like to go out on dates. Since I know you're thinking it, I'll tell you. Going without a sex partner has been the easiest aspect of it all. I can take care of myself in that department. A lot better than some of the guys I dated did. The problem is, I've gotten so in the habit of whatever it is that I'm doing that keeps anyone from asking me out, the vibe thing or whatever, and I don't
know how to stop. I'm not ugly. I've been told I look like everything from a young Elizabeth Taylor, to a walking china doll. I get stared at a lot, even head turning stares. I think I'm interesting, and I'm friendly, but I am very shy. I'm just clueless. I've had guys that macked on me and I didn't even realise it. My friends tell me later, "How could you not know? He had his face buried in your neck!" But he said he liked my perfume, so I assumed he was just sniffing it. I feel silly writing all of this down. I sound so stupid. I know I cut off my nose to spite my face. But I honestly don't know what I should do to get back in the game, so to speak. Do you have any advice? Other than to tell me to run to the nearest psychiatric clinic?*grin*


(I have received three letters signed "Clueless", so I have numbered them)

Dear Clueless #1.,
Wow! Tough stuff here!
Your actual question is about how to get back in the game, but it seems more likely that you are actually asking about how do you get the nerve to get back in the game. I mean, there are tons of ways to connect with people
and we both know that. Finding the guts to do it is different. I went to this seminar once with this dude I know who was trying to get over an emotional break-up. I figured, what the hell, maybe I'll learn somethin'!
Well I did. It seems that after an emotional break-up, and most of 'em are, you must do what is called "duty dating". I don't care if it's been 12 years or 12 days. What this means is that you MUST date. It doesn't matter
if it works out, doesn't work out, you fuck, you don't, just get out there and develop people skills again. Have a good time. Think of things that you wouldn't want to do alone and ask the guy in question to take you to do
one of those things. Something as simple as Disneyland (Just avoid the death rides!) or whatever is more fun with someone. Don't go to parks with a friend, you'll just look at guys anyway.
All this should be fun. Don't settle for a movie or simply dinner. That will only lead to the guy wanting to make a move. You can see a movie or have dinner alone or with a friend. You must go into the second phase of dating, which is a more sophisticated version. Don't settle for drinks at the bar. Make the dude take you somewhere to really have fun and explore.
Seek out dudes with similar interests. Start there. Say you are into magic cards or some shit, find guys that are into that and then look for the available ones. Come one! Quit wasting your time reading this. Go live life!!!

Dr. Rockett

Dear Rikki,

I'm a huge Poison fan. I have been since I was 9 yrs old. Yes, you warped my mind at an early age, but I turned out ok after all. I am honored to have you give me some advise. I have been married for 3 1/2 years. My husband was wonderful at first and he then suddenly changed (as I know people do). He is jealous, insecure, obsessive and controlling of everyone. He has to be with me all of the time. I'm an accountant for a construction co. (with all guys) and he asks me at least 3 times a day who has talked to me, looked at me or anything out of line. I am SO tired of hearing it. I've told him for over a year now that he was pushing me away acting like this. Well, I think I'm through. We've even talked about divorce but he wants joint custody of our 2 yr old and I don't want that. I told him he could have him every other weekend, but he won't go for that. If it wasn't for my son I would
definitely get a divorce.
I ran into a guy that I dated years ago and we have now became a little closer than I had expected. It is so hard for me to tell him no, but I have. I have been leaving by myself and working late just so we can spend time together. I really don't know what to do could you please help me?

Thanks Rikki,

Dear Clueless #2.,
A construction co.? That is a tuffie to live with for a guy. Any sign of a diminishing relationship and the fact that you work at construction related job will put a bit of jealousy in any man. That's typical, so let's not count that.
You say he is jealous, insecure, obsessive and controlling of everyone. You are just now discovering this? I don't for a second believe that this is the first sign of these traits. Sounds to me like you are just finally sick of them.
Don't let him get away with it anymore. Tell him you aren't fucking around and would never do that and if he asks you one more time you are done. He is being a fuck wad because you are letting him get away with it. If he wants to be like that, fine, but not with you. Understand?
A friend of mine has a good thought process about this stuff. He says about his girl of 5 years, "If I couldn't trust her, I'd leave her! It's that simple!" Most of the time, it isn't that simple though. A child is involved here and as much as we wish, things aren't so black and white in life.
Be careful though. At a time like this, everything will seem greener on the other side of the fence, but alas, everything has a down side.
On the flip side, (and there always is one), is it possible that you aren't trustworthy? I mean, you did say that you have been hangin' with some ex of yours as of late.
Hear me and hear me well... Fucking around on your significant other, never, never fixes the problem with your significant other. Period! It adds to it. If you are going to make that bed, be prepared to lie in it.

Good luck and decide wisely,
Dr. Rockett

Dear Dr Rockett.
I am seeking your advise of a situation I am currently in. IMy hubby and I were having some marital problems that I thought we were going to work through. We were starting to get along ( or so I thought) when I had a bombshell dropped on me. My best friend started telling him I was cheating on him with some guy I met on the internet and of course she was there to console him, (if you catch my drift). I cannot sleep or eat at the thought of the two people who were closest to me in my life getting it on together.
It has overtaken everything in me. I am an emotional wreck, even when I think I have come to terms with this, I hear something else and I slump back down into my pit. I could probably just never see either one of them again but I have 2 children with this asshole . HOw do I make this go away (and them for that for that matter.

Dear Clueless #3.,
Let me re-iterate the above letter before yours: *Fucking around on your significant other, never, never fixes the problem with your significant other. Period! It adds to it.* I stand by this.
I know that it isn't you in question here, I'm just substantiating my claim. My, oh my, what a mess! You can't make the guy go away completely. He is the father of your children and that's that. However, you have a reasonable request for divorce that I'm sure will stick. It's possible that he won't be able to see the kids. That all depends on several factors beyond my sphere of knowledge.
My advice? Divorce your friend and your husband. His actions and hers are ludicrous. I know it ain't easy at all. But you aren't the first and you won't be the last. Start a new life with a fresh, honest relationship when you have the strength. Remember "duty dating". Get this over with and go enjoy the rest of your life... without them!

Dr. Rockett

Dear Dr. Rockett:

I'm getting married next Sunday to a man that I love and adore. We've been together for 4 years and I never once looked at another man or women. And every time we have sex it always amazing!

But lately I have had these incredible urges to go out and screw other people just for the hell of it. And I have even been having BI-curious thoughts, like what would happen if I invited my best friend who happens to be BI to touch me a way I know he could never do! I know that he wouldn't mind me bringing another women into bed with us, but I'm only 24 I haven't even reached my sexual peak yet (according to science ).

I also grew attracted to his best friend that lives two doors down from us, and I know that he doesn't mind sleeping with his friends' wives, so that would make it even easier for me to cheat. But I couldn't do that it would brake his heart.

It's not like we don't have sex... I give it to him anyway at anytime, anywhere. I guess my question is...What's wrong with me? Is it cold feet or something more serious that I can't get out of? Is it just a fantasy I want to play out? Will these urges for intimacy with both men and women ever go away if I don't act on them? Please Dr. Rockett I need some advice!

Dear Almost Married,
Advice #1. Don't get married! You aren't ready!
Advice #2. Go get fucked and sucked 'till your hearts content!
You aren't ready! Yeah, we all have fantasies about stuff, but what about the fantasies of marriage that you want to act out? Are they there? If you are dreaming about wet pussy and someone's dick thwarting your love canal more than painting the dining room with your husband over the weekend and having the intimacy of just one person, you aren't fuckin' ready for marriage! That is, unless, he doesn't mind!

Dr. Rockett
"Flesh and Blood, sacrifice, melts the heart like fire and ice"
-Poison (Now ya know what the song is really about!)


Dear Cartman,
I can relate to your question. Threesomes and shit are great when it starts on that level or it's just, like you said, "some chick". But, when it comes out of nowhere, it's a trip. Now before the hillbillys start saying shit like, "Two pussies are better than one!" Let me say that I know it's different when ya love someone.
From an emotional standpoint of a serious one on one relationship, it doesn't really matter if she's with a chick or some guy because in your mind, you are thinkin', "Why isn't she just happy with me if I'm her prince
I used to date this chick back in the old days of the Hollywood rock strip and I thought she was the most exotic and incredible chick I had ever met. We had a great relationship but once in a while, she'd go hang with a friend of hers up north. Well, she finally admitted to fucking around with her. I was crushed! I mean, she took time away from me to be with her. Should I have been turned on by this? If it was just "some chick", yeah! If you want an exclusive relationship with no one else involved, I say tell her that. She may not be all that you think she is. I will forego saying that if it doesn't bother you, blah, blah, blah, because obviously it does bother you.
Opinions on this subject vary. I mean, some dudes are comfortable with their chicks doing porno. So, it's easy to see why this is tough. My problem with any of this stuff is that if she'll do it with some else in front of you, what is stopping her from doing it behind your back?
Chicks like this usually simply want to fuck around and bringing it into their exclusive relationship gives them the freedom to not feel ashamed.
I have to say in a nut shell, try it. Like you said, it'll be fun.
However, and I'm warning you, expect that you may feel really weird about your relationship with her afterwards. It will probably change, but you will know your answer and hers as well. I'd venture to say that in the big picture that this may not be the one for you to marry if such things bother you.

Dr. Rockett

help, dr.

how can i reduce vaginal farts? this happens very often when i have sex. i just hate it! why? my partner doesn't know either. it makes me quite embarrassed ...
please help me!


Dear Farthead,
Vaginal Farts or Varts, occurs when air gets into the pussy during intercourse. When the pussy is turned on, the pussy lengthens and the uterus moves, creating more air space. Often, the "vart" occurs when the walls of the pussy and uterus return to their unaroused state. It's nothing to be ashamed of and obviously indicates that you are turned on. There is no evidence to support that cock size has anything to do with it, but I must wonder that if the cork is bigger, less air would escape. Hmmmm...

Let 'er rip!

Dr. Rockett

Dearest Dr. Love Rockett,
I need your advice. I am 30 years old and have been married for 5 years now (been with the guy for 8 years). He is truly the love of my life, and I know no one on this earth would treat me better then him. Our sex life is amazing, when I'm in the mood, which isn't as often as it use to be. He is a fabulous lover, and knows exactly what I want and when. The problem is with me. I don't feel sexy anymore. No, I didn't get fat, I look exactly the same as I did at the beginning of the relationship. I think maybe it has to do with the way I view myself now: wife, mother of 2, boss. I almost feel like I shouldn't be a freak anymore. It's made me very insecure about my looks too, even around my husband, who total loves my body. I use to be a total sex freak, but my sex drive has bottomed out. I don't use sex toys, they really aren't my thing, and I'm not looking to add a "playmate" to the bedroom, I just want to find my libido again. I don't do drugs, so Ecstasy is not an option. Can you help me?
How can I be a horny, sex crazed vixen again?????

Lost my mojo Lola

Dear Lola,
You are experiencing a phase that most every couple goes through after a while. Sex is simply not a priority anymore. Work, motherhood, etc. are priorities now. Sex is something that you now have to "fit in" and work at.
You have to make time for it, anticipate it and set it up. That's just how it goes after a while.
It's like getting a puppy. You go crazy getting it things, training it, feeding it, cuddling it and picking out cute beds and shit like that. After several years, even feeding it becomes a pain in the ass. You do it and you still love it, think it's great looking but it isn't like the first six months.
Most of the time this is the fuel for people to cheat as they regain what they lost... for a while. You probably never thought you'd hear me say this, but sex isn't everything and it's overrated most of the time. I love it, you love it, but it isn't all about sex. Sex gets complicated when one partner isn't getting what they want. If both of you are about the same, relax, it'll come when it's ready.
Sex is a head trip. They say only about 15% of it really relies on the physical part. Get away once in a while alone. This always helps. Get away from tension as this robs you of your drive. I remember having sex slow down with this one chick and we went away for a week. I swear, while we were away, she played with my dick for like two minutes and I blew a wad. After that we fucked with reckless abandon for the rest of the week.
Try it!

Dr. Rockett
"Even though our life, is still special, let's fly away somewhere, alone."
- John Lennon

Dear Rockett,
Hi sweetie! Here's the story, when I go out to a club I can never seem to figure out if a guy is checking me out or not. I would ask my friends, but I just feel like the biggest geek. You seem quite wise in the interaction of the sexes.
A clueless goofball

Dear Clueless Goofball,
I was just watching some show about the interaction of the sexes last night and they were saying that when couples look into each other's eyes, that if the pupil expands, they like what they are seeing. This is an observation based on tests without lighting changes. This little test might work well if you are close enough anyway!
Glances that stay longer than a glance are usually a damn good indication that the person is checking you out. So, unless you have some funky assed hair-do or somethin', ( I rely on this so I actually think someone might like me), you are probably being checked out.

Dr. Rockett

Dear Dr. Rockett,

I have a problem. My boyfriend constantly tells me how beautiful I am and that he loves me dearly. That should be enough right? Well, what I want to know is, if I'm so darn beautiful, why don't other guys look at me? I'm 5ft 9in tall with long blond hair and blue eyes. I've looked at your standards of a fat chick and I don't qualify for any one of the examples you have. I'm not the skinny model type, but I'm not obese either. I don't sleep around. I can count the men I've been with on one hand. My boyfriend says that guys are intimidated by me because I don't look like some easy whore and I'm very smart (I'm double majoring in Accounting and Finance at the moment). That sounds like a good answer, but how do they know how smart I am if they don't talk with me? My boyfriend says that guys look for easy girls to screw around with and then later on they look for girls like me when they are ready to settle down. Is this true? If so, I'm 27, when does "later on" come for a guy? Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend very much and have been with him for many years, however, this is very perplexing to me because he was my first boyfriend and seems to be the only one interested. Please help.

Wondering why.

Dear Wondering Why,
First off, you may not know when someone is "Sweet on you" as Hick 'N' Proud once said. We inadvertently and advertently, send out sexual signals when we want attention. "Wondering Eyes", as Bret puts it, is an example of someone inadvertently looking in a sexual way. I've seen this in couples who are supposed to be content. On the other hand, chicks who want attention dress accordingly as long as they feel secure about dressing that way. Many chicks will say that just because they wear a mini-skirt, tight top, tan and grease up their legs doesn't mean they are looking for a fuck. Well, maybe not, but they sure as hell are looking for attention and this is how they get it.
Here I go waxing philosophically again: There exists a triangle for this example. Point one being the "Physical", point two being the "Intellect" and point three being the "Spiritual". If one is out of balance, the other takes over. Very few of us are ever in balance fully. We try and when it works, we consider that to be the "full package". The question is, which of the three matters the most?
When we are simply looking to get fucked, we obviously look to the Physical first. When we are looking for a wife or husband, we look at the whole picture, but maybe the physical is less important at that time. We men don't want our wives to parade around looking like strippers when we want them to act like mothers. We may want that when we have them on our arm or in the bedroom, but not just hangin' out.
Nothing is more of a turn on that some chick that you just really dig who looks very normal and when she takes her clothes off, BAM! She rocks! I think that's what your guy is telling you.

Dr. Rockett

Dear Dr, Rockett,

i'm with my girlfriend since 1996, our relationship is really amazing ( i mean : good talk, great sex...) but there's just one problem that drives me crazy! I sing in a band (sorry, we don't play Poison covers even if i'm really into your stuff) and very often we play far >from home, this means that the promoter gotta pay food and hotels for the band and the only roadie we have. Where's the problem? My girl is so jealous that WANTS to come with with us to EVERY show and it means that the promoters don't want to pay for a person who ain't really in the band, my band hate her, i can't play my "rockstar" role after the show and so on. Don't get me wrong, i really love the girl but, fuck, i'm a rock'n'roll singer!!!!! Are you ever been in this kind of situation? If yes, waht is the solution?

Thanxxx Kelly from CRACKHOUSE PS Sorry for my english, i'm a stupid italian!!! :-)

Dear Kelly from Crackhouse,
Play Poison covers and she won't want to come with you anymore! Explain it to her and tell her that she has to at least cut it in half. I know what ya mean. It is enough that you have to do your shit without dealing with someone else's presence. Ask her if you could hang out with her at her job and have the boss give you food? This is a biz and she is going to have to deal with it.
Besides, she can come see us on some night you are playing and one of us will fuck her as a favor to you. Naw, just joshin' ya!

Dr. Rockett


I thought Id ask for your advice since you are the best person to help me with this problem. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years. His band is really starting to take off, he went on a nationwide tour opening for a very well known band. ive just noticed that hes changing, i mean he called me everyday from the road but i went to a couple of shows and I caught him when he thought I wasnt looking getting some girls numbers. i didnt say anything, plus on his web site some girls have written some pretty explicit things on his message board. He flirts openly with this girl who works for his manger right in my face. he tells me he doesnt want people to know he has a girlfriend cause itll ruin his single image. hes back home from the road and he tells me his friend is an idiot for getting married and says "why Have 1 woman when u can have 50". hes like obsessed with himself and he has like pictures of himself on his wall and he acts like im not even there alot of times. the sex is just about him now and ill i find myself doing is blowing him.I just find myself stressed, everytime i go out with him i have to get really dressed up because i feel so insecure he'll be checking out someone else, and i also have been cheating on him just to get him back inmy own way. My question is i mean is this normal for a guy in his situation,,? do i confront him with all the stuff hes doing? or do i just dump him? please help cause i feel like im going crazy

Dear I'm Going Crazy,
Is this normal for a guy in his situation? Yes, it is. Is it right? No, it isn't.
This is why I always say that you shouldn't have a significant other while you are trying to make it. Too many factors are involved. Many would disagree with me, but shit, here's your prime example.
However, you didn't know for sure that he has fucked around and you fucked around on him anyway! He probably has, but that isn't the way to handle it. (Unless of course it was with me.)
I say dump his ass and now he'll have 49 chicks! The relationship is way out of hand at this point anyway. Neither you or him really wanna be together anymore, let's face it. I don't mean to be so curt, but it just really seems that way and I think you are just headed for more trouble. When you start fucking other people to get someone back, it's over.

Dr. Rockett

Dearest Dr. Rockett,

I am so happy that I can get a real rock stars advice on my real rock star problem. Here's my dealio-I have been trying to get with this one guy who is in a band for a while now(in fact, he's in one of the bands that played with you guys on your PTTP tour). I've always seen them at clubs and I've met some of the guys maybe 5 or 6 times. They have flirted noticeably with me in the past, but have never taken it farther than that. I would like to make a further move, but I am shy and I also don't like to come onto guys. I leave the work for them, and I usually don't have to work to get a guy I want. But for some reason, things just aren't happening the way they usually do when I see this guy. Like I said, men always come onto me, I don't work for it.
This isn't the most modest thing to say, but I'll say it anyway. I am a very attractive girl; I have a very fit and toned body (size 8), BIG boobs, and great style. I have been told I look like a cross between Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford; especially the hair, the eyes and all. So why is it so damn hard for me to get this guys complete and utter attention? Do all rock stars play hard to get? I heard he has a chick, who he brought on the road for a short period of time, but he's not all into her. I swear, from experience, long haired guys (especially when they are in bands) are so hard for me to get with. What is the secret ingredient that I need?! Help me Dr. Rockett!

Tastefully yours,

Dear PussyCat,
Damn, it's a shame it isn't me!
Anyway, aftershows are difficult because it really is hard to tell if someone REALLY wants to get with you or not. The backstage rules of life are different and differ from band to band as well. If there is 50 people backstage and 8 are forward about fucking around, the average rock star will usually gravitate towards the ones who seem like they will perform. This is also true with chick rock stars, so all you physdo-feminists pipe the fuck down !
*Pay attention here* Chicks who say "I wanna party", DON'T COUNT! I mean, who doesn't wanna party? Anyone in their right mind will drink your beer and shoot the shit. That's nice, but the ones who wanna fuck will do that too. So why not look for the best of both worlds? Once in a while just hangin' and shooting the shit is cool, but it's easy to feel taken advantage of as an artist. Hell, if we invited the whole crowd to come and drink our beer and party, probably 90% would show up for that. My advice, be more forward. Say something like, I just wanna fool around with one person, and it's you! Trust me, it'll work. You'll party and fuck.
Now wouldn't that be neato?

Dr. Rockett
"Wouldn't it be nice?"
-The Beach Boys

Dear Dr. Rockett, (Phd of the skins)

Although I enjoy reading your column and gleaning all the worthwhile advice, I yearn for some drum information and advice from someone as experienced as yourself. The sex stuff is great (don't get me wrong), but let's talk about what really matters--drums.

First off, why are you playing Innovation Drums (who I don't know much about or can find little info on) gear?? I thought you were a hard-core DW fanantic (such as myself). What gives? Please don't be PC about the whole deal.

Second: what kind of formal training do you have with the drums? I am primarily self taught and I can play fairly well. I just have trouble coming up with fills for original songs. I was wondering where you got your inspiration and how you came up with yours.

Third: What is the cymbal (china like sound) that is heard on the beginning drum riff of Unskinny Bop? Is that something sampled?

Finally: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you behind the skins? What do you find yourself thinking about while you are playing in front of 20,000 people.

Thanks for the insight. More questions to follow for sure.

Now back to the sex and sleaze.....


Dear Skinpounder,
Let's treat this like 20 questions.

Although I enjoy reading your column and gleaning all the worthwhile advice, I yearn for some drum information and advice from someone as experienced as yourself. The sex stuff is great (don't get me wrong), but let's talk about what really matters--drums.


First off, why are you playing Innovation Drums (who I don't know much about or can find little info on) gear?? I thought you were a hard-core DW fanantic (such as myself). What gives? Please don't be PC about the whole deal.

I still love D.W. drums and the guys over at D.W. are still some of my dearest friends. I still use their hardware and pedals as a matter of fact. I went with Innovation for one simple reason, they are better made drums.
At this point in my career, I wanna play what I wanna play, not who'll give me the big ads. D.W. wasn't much for advertising me anyway. I also get to contribute my input as to how the stuff is made.
No, it's not because I was dropped from their roster either. It was a really tough decision as I was with them for about 11 years.

Second: what kind of formal training do you have with the drums? I am primarily self taught and I can play fairly well. I just have trouble coming up with fills for original songs. I was wondering where you got your inspiration and how you came up with yours.

I'm pretty much self taught as well. I did do weekly jams with a few other drummers and share stuff once a week for several years while I was growing up.
There is so many ways to come up with fills that it is all experimental.
Bill Bruford formally of Yes, used to set up his toms and stuff differently once a week. Try and steal a fill that you dig and once you learn it, start with the other hand or do it backwards. A good example of an inverted fill is Queen's "My best friend" It's a simple right-down-the-line fill but, backwards and it works so perfectly for the song.

Third: What is the cymbal (china like sound) that is heard on the beginning drum riff of Unskinny Bop? Is that something sampled?

It's just a a little 8" inch splash that I keep over my hi-hats that has a mic turned up really loud.

Finally: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you behind the skins?

Anytime I fuck up, actually.

What do you find yourself thinking about while you are playing in front of 20,000 people.

At least one of 'em should be willing to fuck me!
Honestly, it varies from night to night in front of 4,000 or 20,000 or whatever. I worry mostly about cues and equipment failing. Other than that, I just fuckin' rock!

Dr. Rockett

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