BOBBY DALL "I Choose Not To Speak When I Have Nothing To Say"

Date March 12, 1999 / 1222 reads

PoisonDall.Net (March 12, 1999)
Courtesy of Ayesha Suboor

Dall.Net> Over the last decade, Poison as a band, as well as individuals, has inspired rock fans all over the world. Do you, being the bassist, feel that you have realized all the dreams you had? Or do you want to accomplish more, musically?

Bobby> I have realized more than I could have ever dreamed. Dreams dont get that big when youre a teenager. There are many more things that I want to accomplish in life but my dreams are for my eyes only.

Dall.Net> What was your first impression of Bret/Rikki when you met them at the Dairy Queen? And of CC when he came for the rehearsals?

Bobby> It was as though we knew each other for ever, and the same goes for C.C. It was meant to be.

Dall.Net> What have you been up to, these last few years, since Poison recorded Crack A Smile?

Bobby> I am very involved in many projects all the time. None of them are music related except for Poison. I prefer to be a behind the scenes player and therefore wont go into them. Except of course you found "Go Dog Go". I am very active in "Alcoholics Anonymous" because it saved my life. If there is anyone out there who has a drinking or drug problem, please get yourself some help, there is a better way.

Dall.Net> What is the history behind Go Dog Go? Would you be interested in doing something like that or another business franchise again?

Bobby> "Go Dog Go" was a hot dog stand that I opened that my brothers in law ran. It was a piece of property that I bought that I decided to let them take a shot at. It is now closed and leased out to a new tenant. I think it will probably be the last restaurant I get involved in. It is too much like real work.

Dall.Net> Have you talked with C.C. recently? How are things going with him and how does he feel about the upcoming tour?

Bobby> I have talked to C.C. quite often just like the rest of the guys. He is doing well and looking forward to the upcoming tour.

Dall.Net> What do you think of the direction Poison took, musically, on Crack A Smile as compared to the one you guys took on Native Tongue?

Bobby> I think that the direction that we took without C.C. on both of those records was not "Poison". Poison always has and always will be Bret, C.C., Rikki and Bobby. Unfortunately C.C. needed some time away from the band and hopefully with the upcoming tour we are talking about a live record with a couple of new songs. May be something can develop from there. Keep your fingers crossed.

Dall.Net> Do you practice/play these days? If yes, where? What basses are you using nowadays?

Bobby> Yes. I play many different kinds of basses and guitars. The Fender P will always be my favorite. I have a Warwick that I am very fond of as well. But my bass and guitar collection is quite large.

Dall.Net> Have you written any new material for songs, or do you want to leave song-writing for the road? Where do you most feel comfortable writing? On or off the road?

Bobby> Song ideas come in many different ways. There is no exact formula.

Dall.Net> What are you listening to these days? Do you like any of the new bands?

Bobby> I am a fan of all music. My favorite is the 70s. That is what I grew up on. I like all the new bands. I like music.

Dall.Net> How do you think the current concert-going audience will receive Poison when they tour?

Bobby> I think the tour is going to be great. I think the fans will love it. I am excited about playing live. It has been a few years.

Dall.Net> Have you ever thought of going into any other entertainment genres besides Poison?

Bobby> No!!!

Dall.Net> Do you have any message for the fans?

Bobby> There have been way too many things said and speculated over the last few years that have not come to light. I choose not to speak when I have nothing to say. For me the music always has and always will be the message. Everything else is bullshit.