BOBBY DALL Suffers Spinal Cord Injury Forces Entire Tour To Cancel

Date August 7, 2001 / 2590 reads

POISON's Glam Slam Metal Jam 22 remaining summer concert dates have been cancelled as POISON's bassist Bobby Dall was rushed by ambulance to Omaha's University of Nebraska Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery on his back for an injury suffered while performing onstage. The operation was performed by neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Singer. Dr. Singer replaced several discs in Bobby Dall's spine and says at least six months of rehab and recovery will be necessary.

"Because of Mr. Dall's persistent weakness and severe pain, he was urgently taken to the operating room on Sunday, August 5 for an anterior cervical diskectomy with allograft fusion and plating at C5-6 and C6-7," says Dr. Singer, "I anticipate that Mr. Dall will have a good recovery but does need a period of up to six months to heal in a safe fashion given his vocation."

Says Bret Michaels, "On behalf of POISON, I apologize to our fans and the promoters for having to cancel these dates. Bobby Dall is my best friend and at this moment our only concern is for his well-being."

Poison's tour was scheduled to run through September 2. Upon Bobby's return, the band will go into the recording studio to begin work on their next CD, featuring all new originals.