BRET MICHAELS "All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up"

Date June 9, 2009 / 679 reads

Bret told me "All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up, and Liza [Minnelli] giving me a towel," says his rep, Joann Mignano. "And Bret was laughing when he heard [Tonys host] Neil Patrick Harris said he gave new meaning to 'headbanging.' "

Despite his injuries, she says, "Bret did not walk off the stage angry or in a hissy fit. He was honored to be asked to participate and be amongst Broadway royalty, like Liza and Sir Elton [John]. He did the red carpet, and he was taking pictures with Angela Lansbury backstage. He was so happy to be there."

During the hours after accident, Michaels continued to suffer neck and back pains, so he told his rep that he was getting a CAT scan to be on the safe side.

"His neck was hurt in an accident years ago, so he's being cautious," she says, adding that she does not know the results of his tests yet. "He said he wanted to make sure this was all looked at and taken care of, and I said it was the right thing to do."

The rep also refuted a Tonys spokeperson's account that the rocker "missed his mark." "By all means, he did not miss his mark," says Mignano. "He did exactly what they asked him to do in rehearsal, where everything went fine. And when the sign came down [at the show], it smacked him on the head."

For now, the rocker, who's currently on a solo tour, is taking things a day at a time. "He may have to cancel his next show ? we'll see," says his rep. "Bret is a tough son of a bitch, but he's really banged up."