BRET MICHAELS Almost Hit By Falling Mirror Ball

Date July 25, 2000 / 811 reads

According to a concert review from KNAC - in July 21st at the World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, IL - "a gigantic mirror ball fell from above, missing Poison singer Bret Michaels by only a few feet."

After Cinderella's set there was definitely electricity in the air as they set up Poison's stage. When they hit the stage you'd swear it was 1988 again, the crowd went absolutely crazy, it was a beautiful sight, the cheers almost drowned out their sound, one unfortunate incident was after they played "Something To Believe In" they went into a new tune "Power To The People" and the gigantic mirror ball that was used in the previous song fell from above, missing Bret by only a few feet, it was frightening, although the band didn't miss a beat, CC did comment on it before he went into his solo, "That fuckin' disco ball scared the shit uotta me". Other that that incident the show was a blast, they even brought about 100 fans on stage to sing "Rock and Roll All Night" with them, it was a party atmosphere for sure and you could tell that the band appreciated every cheer.