BRET MICHAELS ArgusLeader.com Interview

Date July 23, 2009 / 452 reads

Question: What was it like producing your new solo album "Rock My World," versus working with Poison on an album?
Answer: I love making solo music. ... To actually go in and make a solo record, I have complete freedom of production. In other words, my songwriting remains the same, but when you go into production, it gives you a lot more freedom to take it in what I call an exact individual direction. ... I'm still very thankful for all that I've gotten to do with Poison as well.

Q: What's the major difference playing with Poison now versus playing 20 years ago?
A: I feel it's honestly way better now. I loved it then - there's pieces of it I can remember now. I still throw a great after party. I look at the road on a day-by-day basis. ... I love where I'm at in my life. I love that I get to travel, I love the fact that I have two daughters. I feel that as a musician, I'm learning every day and playing better every day. That's part of what I got into it for was the longevity. I never wanted to have one of those paparazzi overnight successes. I like having a career.

Q: Do your daughters ever go on tour with you? How often do you get to see them?
A: I see my daughters (Raine Elizabeth, 9, and Jorja Bleu, 4) almost every day off. I bring them on the road with me. ... I have an awesome relationship with their mom, Kristi (Lynn Gibson). ... In my life, one thing that I know that I love doing and that I'm good at is that I'm a good father. It's a lot of trial and error. At the same time, I love being with my daughters. It happened to me at a good time in my life. ... When they come out on the road, they're little rockers, and they enjoy it.

Q: What are some of the characteristics you look for in the women on the "Rock of Love" show?
A: What I look for, obviously there has to be a physical connection, there has to be a physical interest in each other. The next thing I look for is a great sense of humor, smarts, a great sense of wit. More than anything, wit. They're witty, they're funny. ... Eyes are really important.

Q: I heard you were in a accident recently, on July 5, with your tour bus. Is everyone OK?
A: We came out of Toronto, and I was going on to Minneapolis to play a solo show. I got in a five-car pileup. It was pretty scary. We're all OK, there's a few injuries, but everyone's OK. ... We got to Minneapolis, and then I laughed and said, 'Who else could get knocked out at the Tony Awards?' I said, it was a freak accident and I survived it. I broke my nose, and (had) a few stitches, but other than that, I'm alive and well.