BRET MICHAELS Asking For Help In Shootings Investigation

Date April 7, 2006 / 265 reads

Launch Radio Networks reports: POISON singer Bret Michaels is tired of being shot at, and he's asking for your help. Back in November in Massachusetts, someone fired a weapon at him that shattered a window on his tour bus, and a similar thing happened last week, when a window in his car was shot out while he was driving in Los Angeles. Michaels told Launch that he hopes anyone with information on what's happening will come forward. "I'd like to believe it's random, but it's getting pretty scary at this point," he said. "And I'm not a fearful person of much of anything meaning I'm not a person that lays down and says, 'That's it. I'm not doing nothing.'But at the same time, this is also my family, my daughters there's a lot of other people involved so anything that would lead to any information would be very helpful."

Michaels has no idea who's behind either shooting incident, but he told us that there's one person who's been under scrutiny for quite a while. "The FBI's been investigating a guy by the name of Mark Kram," he said. "We cannot figure out who this is, because obviously it's his name spelled forward and backwards. They've been investigating that since the early '90s. And we've gotten so many death threats, and they've become weirder and stranger over time, so it's pretty scary."

If anyone has any information, Michaels asks that you send it in through his website, bretmichaels.com