BRET MICHAELS auctioning his bed

Date December 3, 2008 / 499 reads

Bret Michaels' bed frame as seen on MTV's "Cribs" program is up for auction at his official web site. Linens, pillows and mattress are not included.

Michaels was featured on MTV's "Cribs" twice in a 2001 episode showing his 10-acre Los Angeles ranch, and again in January 2008 where he showcased his Arizona abode.

The Arizona property, which boasts 10 acres, features a motor cross track, guest quarters, stunning city views and a main hallway long enough for the singer to ride his custom American IronHorse chopper in the house.

Michaels' Los Angeles ranch was featured in MTV's book "MTV's Cribs, A Guided Tour Inside The Homes Of Your Favorite Stars".