BRET MICHAELS BAND Guitarist Launches EVICK 2009 Summer Tour

Date July 2, 2009 / 394 reads

Pete Evick has checked In With Bravewords.com for this update:

"The band Evick is exactly the same band as BMB only I sing and we have a guitar player named JJ. This summer we are going out doing a two-hour show that kind of introduces us to the fans we have made through BMB without me trying to shove all our original stuff down their throat. We have put together a set that is a chronological trip down rock and roll history that anyone of my generation will get loud and clear. We start with KISS, move on to VAN HALEN and I take it right up to Rock Of Love and the theme song 'Go That Far' that I co-wrote with Bret. Through the hour journey, It gives the fans a chance to know why I came to be in Bret?s band as I tell stories of each song we do and how that song effected my life. Kind of like a story tellers yet electric and with cover tunes, but its gonna be fun I promise. Evick is BON JOVI/VAN HALEN/ POISON /BOWLING FOR SOUP AND SALIVA mixed up with some old GOO GOO DOLLS.

Just to be around Bret for five minutes teaches you how he made it and why you didn?t. That is the joke I used to make because you instantly understand his drive and passion are like no one else. That?s why Poison can't contain him, why he does so many things. He has taught me how to feel comfortable with the talent I do have, not bitch about what I, and to take all you have and make something of it. He is very very humble for all his fortune and fame. I laugh because he works so hard, in fact the last three days we have been East Coast to West Coast three times in his private plane, doing solo and Poison shows, he barely slept and delivers to the fans every night, even with a crippling disease. He has so much cash that his kids never have to work. So if anything he has taught me that people still do believe in rock and roll and do things for the right reason.

I just hope that all you out there that have come to see the BMB over the last three or four years will take the time to stop in and check us out, I'm not trying to shove anything down anyone's throat, just celebrating rock and roll with the people that have made it possible for me to feed my family while doing so.

Lastly, I have a lot of thoughts on the death of MICHAEL JACKSON. First he was a musical genius, forget being the king of pop, he was the king of lots of things a total creative genius in every aspect. On the day of his death I sat on CC Deville's bus and we took a few minutes to just remember all the great songs he wrote. That's what I will remember of the day he died. Sitting with one of my heroes remembering great music."