BRET MICHAELS Calls Himself 'A New Breed Of American Cowboy'

Date June 30, 2004 / 214 reads

Bret Michaels has told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that much of his solo music reflects his new gig: country music, a longtime passion. Michaels' fondness for country music even seeped into some of POISON's earlier songs, such as the 1989 No. 1 hit "Every Rose Has Its Thorn".

"I'm sort of a new breed of American cowboy," Michaels, 41, said. "Anyone that knows me knows that I love country music as much as I love rock music. I finally feel that I really have come to a point in POISON's career where I can go out as a solo artist. It's the best of both worlds.

"I don't think fans of music know they're a demographic," Michaels added. "I think it's very tough, when you're an artist like myself, to actually categorize what you do. Good music is just good music."

Michaels told that the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he loves much of the new music from groups such as BLINK-182.

"I think what they do is awesome," he said. "It's obviously different than what we did, but it tips its hat to what we did. They got pieces of what we did and added their own originality. They're starting to give the fans some fun again."