BRET MICHAELS "C.C.DEVILLE and I Beat the Living Crap Out of Each Other"

Date May 8, 2015 / 1468 reads

Steve Gorman of Fox Sports Radio conducted an interview with Bret Michaels earlier this week. During the chat, Gorman questioned Michaels about whether or not there had ever been any fights between band members, and the singer recalled one incident between himself and guitarist C.C.DeVille.

"Let's start with New Orleans, me and CC at a sports bar; Archie Manning's sports bar," says Michaels. "This is no lie. Me and him were having a few words, having a good time, next thing you know, maybe a couple drinks, a little substance here, next thing you know a few words, and we are beating the living crap out of each other. And then it continued. They broke us apart. We went back to the hotel, right, and all of a sudden the elevator door opens and we just happened to be going down to our buses, they were trying to separate us, and it started again. Old CC came at me and we went at it again. And it was like an old Army/Navy bam, boom, boom, we got some punches in. It was good..."

But even with the scuffle, it was more like brothers being brothers. When asked if they were still friends, Michaels stated, "Best friends. The next day we went and played. I broke his nose. He chipped one of my teeth. We went and played the next day in Georgia and it was great. Then we did it at the MTV Awards. We came out on stage and beat the living crap out of each other right after "Talk Dirty To Me.'

Michaels and Gorman discussed how tight quarters and years of touring could lead to such incidents, with even the smallest of things sparking a tussle. "You know what would make you mad," asked Michaels. "One song would get excluded from the set listů"