BRET MICHAELS Chances Of Recovery are "Quite Good" (Video Available)

Date April 27, 2010 / 578 reads

(USAToday) Bret Michaels remains in critical condition, but what exactly is he facing as a result of having a brain hemorrhage?

According to this MTV story, in 10-15 percent of cases, doctors are unable to find the source of the bleeding. However, when doctors find the source, cutting it off is relatively straightforward. Joseph Broderick, chairman of the University of Cincinnati Neurology Department, tells MTV doctors should have a better sense of Michaels' chance of recovery over the next two weeks or so. "Patients typically die within the first couple of days or a week from this kind of stroke," he said.

And Good Morning America reports that in patients who have suffered a similar stroke, "a quarter die in the first week; half die in the first six months." Arno Fried, chairman of Neurosurgery at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, N.J. says, "I would describe (Michaels' condition) as guarded. If the bleed has not caused too much damage, the possibility of recovery is quite good."