BRET MICHAELS Chicago Radio Station Recovers Stolen Guitar

Date November 19, 2004 / 320 reads

During Bret Michaels' performance on Friday, November 12, 2004 at McCool's Bar near Valparaiso, Indiana, one of Bret's favorite guitars was stolen right from the stage. The following week, "The Morning Loop Guys" show on Chicago radio station The Loop 97.9 FM announced the incident and passed along Bret's personal plea to have it returned.

On Thursday evening, November 18, 2004, The Loop was scheduled to host a promotional event at Hog Head McDunna's in Chicago's Lincoln Park area. Before the event began, an anonymous person delivered a guitar matching the description of Bret Michaels' missing guitar to the bar manager. The anonymous delivery was accompanied by a note addressed to The Loop stating, "Return to owner by 11/21." The guitar was brought back to The Loop's studios for the night.

Friday morning, November 19, 2004 The Loop contacted Bret's management stating that it's believed that the guitar has been recovered. The description was given to Bret's tour manager and confirmed that in fact it is the guitar that was stolen from the McCool's Bar performance. The guitar will be routed back to Bret and join him for the remainder of the tour. This particular guitar holds "sentimental value to Bret dating back to 1989," said Bret's tour manager.

The Loop was honored to take part in the investigations that lead to the recovery of Bret Michaels' guitar.