BRET MICHAELS' Coronavirus Message to Fans

Date March 25, 2020 / 1961 reads


Bret Michaels recently posted on his official Youtube channel the following message to fans regarding Coronavirus. You can watch the video below.

"To all of my awesome family friends and fans out there, this is Bret Michaels just telling you I miss you, I want to be out there in the road playing but the corona virus is very real. let's follow the guidelines that the CDC has given us, let's watch those hands, try to keep a little bit of distance but at same time still have fun, still be positive, stay calm, let's do all the right things so we can get this thing gone and get back to rocking - all right? I also want to say to everyone out there that it is so-so important that all of you-all of you right now stand strong and rock on keep a positive attitude. For God's sakes I'm growing a beard during this time, as you can see by the door shining I have lemon pledged my doors. We're gonna find stuff to do, we're gonna rock, we're gonna stay positive. Lucky my friends!"