BRET MICHAELS "Country Music Is Just Great Music"

Date May 15, 2015 / 396 reads

Bret Michaels called in to Washington D.C.'s country station 98.7 WMZQ to talk about his newly released rock-and-country-crossover single, "Girls On Bars". You can listen to a clip of his appearance below.

Regarding his interest in country music, Michaels said: "Let me just say this with full, undisclosed... everything here coming out... I'm putting the cards on the table... We know, and I've talked about this a lot, I said, throughout my entire career, whether it's POISON or solo.... and it's really simple: I grew up loving music that you consider what's classic rock and country. They call me the 'crocker rocker' now for my love of classic rock and country, right?! So I headline these festivals now with Lee Brice, and I've been on stage with Kenny Chesney... We did... If people get a chance to go to YouTube, look at this: go to Bret Michaels and Kenny Chesney singing 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' at the stadium, and the entire stadium... We stop playing it acoustically, and the entire stadium sings it of sixty thousand people... It's insane!"

He continued: "Here's what's great... My love of southern rock, of country... You know, my dad, again, played pedal steel guitar, and I learned to play the harmonica first. But I said country music is just great music, and if anything, it's a great attitude, it's a great life."