BRET MICHAELS Debuted His Solo Album Live August 14th In Los Angeles

Date August 14, 1997 / 341 reads

Source: SME

SHEEN/MICHAELS ENTERTAINMENT present Poor Boy Records recording artist Bret Michaels, singer/songwriter for the multi-platinum band, POISON performing his first solo concert ever August 14th at 11PM at Billboard Live. Michaels will be debuting songs from his upcoming solo album which is music inspired from his first feature film, A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW - an action thriller which he wrote, co-directed and stars in. The film also stars Martin Sheen, Kristi Gibson and has a special appearance by Charlie Sheen - due out this fall.

The SOUNDTRACK of A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW was produced by Michaels and co-produced and engineered by Jim Faraci. The album, comprised of music written and recorded over the last six years contains a wide variety of styles. Michael states, "All the songs were written on an acoustic guitar. It wasnt until I was in the studio that I had a chance to produce each one and give them an individual style all their own." The soundtrack from A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW is a strong mixture of rock, blues, funk and even country music. Michaels adds, "Its freedom rock, baby - whatever fit the mood of the film."

Written and recorded in Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Rio de Janeiro, the album reflects the different thoughts and emotions of the film. Although new musical territories are explored throughout the album, Michaels unmistakable groove, feel and energy are evident in every track. Released by SHEEN/MICHAELS ENTERTAINMENTS Poor Boy Records, the soundtrack for A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW hits the streets in early October.

Other SHEEN/MICHAELS projects currently in production include "FREE MONEY" starring Marlon Brando and also the Michaels penned and directed "LAST CHILD" starring Charlie Sheen, Luke Perry, Martin Sheen, Bret Michaels, Sharon Gless and Joe Lando.