BRET MICHAELS Does Movies, Solo Album Finally Get A Date

Date June 30, 1998 / 324 reads

Source: MTV News Gallery.
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Bret Michaels' "Letter to Death Row," his long-awaited directorial debut, is now scheduled for an October release while the movie's soundtrack is due August 25, according to "Metal Edge" magazine. Michaels had planned a club show and a release party in Los Angeles last August, but it turned into a regular gig when the project was inexplicably delayed.

The record, on the Poorboy label, doubles as the Poison singer's solo album. Band fans will be pleased to hear that returning Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille is on one of the tracks, a song called "Party Rock Band." It's their first performance together since DeVille left the band in 1992. "Metal Edge" reports that Michaels is again planning at least one club appearance: he plays the Key Club in Los Angeles on August 28.

Michaels wrote, directed and stars in the Death Row film, a psychological thriller, which was produced under the auspices of the company he shares with Charlie Sheen, Sheen/Michaels Entertainment. The pair have a second movie ready to be released, "No Code Of Conduct," which stars Charlie and father Martin Sheen. Michaels has a cameo. That picture is due out this winter.

A third film, "Free Money," with Sheen, Marlon Brando, Thomas H. Church and Mira Sorvino, is finished, and according to the Sheen/Michaels website, a fourth flick, "5 Aces" which also stars Sheen is through shooting and is in post production. And Michaels tells "Metal Edge" he has a fifth and a sixth in the works. He plans on directing two films in 1999, "The Devil Inside" and an action comedy called "The Famous Final Scene."