BRET MICHAELS "'Every Rose' Is The 'Freebird' Of Our Generation"

Date July 8, 2004 / 292 reads

Jeff Vrabel of the Chicago Sun-Times writes: "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", POISON's quintessential breakup song of the glitzy '80s that lighter-waving weeper, occasional prom theme and karaoke nightmare is the Godzilla of the monster ballads, demolishing all others in its path (In the interest of fairness, we'll call BON JOVI's "I'll Be There for You" its Mothra).

For some reason fate, karma, wistful nostalgia, the populace's collective ability to identify with cowboys singing sad, sad songs this "Rose" has bloomed in public far more often this year than expected. No less an image-conscious alt-rock hipster than Billy Corgan sang the tune and its, er, praises last year at a Second City benefit, where he admitted, "I have a soft spot for this song because it does mark a moment in time."

"The best way I can put this is: Slowly but surely, I think 'Every Rose' is becoming the 'Freebird' of our generation," said Bret Michaels, lead singer of POISON. "I've heard this from just about every DJ. I'm like, 'Oh, OK,' but I'm not gonna fight it. 'Freebird'? Well, that doesn't suck."