BRET MICHAELS Father Talks to CBS 21 News

Date May 3, 2010 / 882 reads

Bret Michaels' father sits down and talks about his rock star son's fight for life. It's a story you'll only see on CBS 21 News.

"I've been in turmoil whether to go or not to go, but I've talked to him three times and he always sounds like he'll be getting out any time, but he's still in ICU," said Wallace Sychak, Bret Michaels' father.

Wally says the last time he talked to his son, he seemed to be in good spirits.

"He was talking about going back on tour by the end of the month. I thought that's good for him, because it keeps him going," said Sychak.

Doctors at Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona are now treating Michaels.

"He's still in ICU and they were still trying to decide what to do with him. The bleeding hadn't stopped completely, I guess they were trying to decide how to treat it," said his dad.

Wally says he plans on leaving to see his son any day now.

"I should've gone on probably the first day, but I held off and I keep hearing 'well, just wait. He'll be out of the hospital on tour by the end of May' and I thought, wow," said Sychak.

Wally says he appreciates everyone praying and caring for his son.

CBS 21 News should know more about Bret Michaels' condition Tuesday, after his doctors hold a news conference.