BRET MICHAELS Files Lawsuit Over 2009 Tony Awards Injury

Date March 26, 2011 / 657 reads

Bret Michaels has filed a lawsuit against Tony Awards Productions, CBS Entertainment and numerous others for negligence and civil battery in connection with his performance at The Tony Awards in 2009.

Michaels performed Poison's hit, Nothin' But A Good Time, and according to the lawsuit, "Michaels was struck in the head by a piece of scenery.....it smacked Michaels in the face - throwing him to the ground and ultimately sending him to the hospital for X-Rays and stitches with a cut lip and broken nose."

Following the incident at the Tony Awards, the singer claims he was forced to cancel multiple concert dates

According to court documents, the singer was struck in the head and "then, months later, which is not uncommon when dealing with head traumas, Michaels suffered a near fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage.....Through his sheer will to live, see his children grow up, Michaels was able to survive this trauma. Although he put a brave face on for the public, the fact is that the injury left Michaels clinging for his life and in excruciating agony. It was only through months of hard work and dedication - that continue to this day - that Michaels has been able to resume some semblance of his life and career."

Michaels is seeking unspecified damages, attorney's fees, and other costs.