BRET MICHAELS Has Meltdown After Being Fired From "Celebrity Apprentice"

Date March 5, 2013 / 1156 reads

Sunday night was the premiere of the competition, and Donald Trump openly questioned Michaels' decision to come back after already winning. Bret was on the chopping block after the first task, and Donald Trump fired the Poison singer for not living up to his winning ways.

A source now says Michaels "freaked out" following his departure. "Bret totally went into the show believing he was going to win again," the source told Radar Online. "He couldn't believe it that he was let go so quickly. It was brutal to watch him freaking out the way he did."

"It was a mess when Bret was told the news and filming was done," the source says. "He couldn't stop crying and even the producers were trying to comfort him. No one expected him to have a meltdown like that."

During his exit interview on the show, Michaels said he would immediately return to the show if he was given another chance.