BRET MICHAELS Hooks Brando, Sorvino For Film

Date June 11, 1998 / 304 reads

Source: MTV News Gallery.
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Marlon Brando and Poison frontman Bret Michaels have finally teamed up for a film project,
but it won't be distributed by IEG.

No, it's not another Michaels sex tape... rather the legendary actor has finished work on a film for Sheen/Michaels Entertainment, the production company headed by Michaels and Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen.

According to the company's official website (at sheen-michaels.com), the movie, titled "Free Money," stars Sheen and Thomas H. Church as two men who marry the daughters of an evil prison warden played by Brando. The site notes that Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino also stars in the film.

According to the website, the film is finished, but when MTV News called Sheen/Michaels Entertainment to discuss the project, we learned that the company had adopted an unlisted phone number, so when or how the film will surface is still unknown.