BRET MICHAELS "I Doubt That POISON Will Have a New Studio Record"

Date October 15, 2010 / 16254 reads

Bret Michaels answered questions sent by fans via Twitter at the Billboard studios. Last question he answered was the one that the webmaster of this site sent to him.

poisonwebmaster> Any plans to record a full new studio album w/POISON BEFORE the 2011 tour?

Bret Michaels> I will say this, I am extremely (first of all let me get this off my chest...) C.C., Rikki, Bobby grow up together (...) We've been together for a long time, we are four completely different individuals each of us (...) We've been through a lot together, I am looking forward for the 2011 Poison tour, you know I think it's gonna be great and hopefully we've come together (...) and the truth of the matter is we've all gather demons to deal with and mine is gonna be medical, I know is that for sure umm, but this is the bottom line I DOUBT, HIGHLY DOUBT THAT WE'LL HAVE A NEW STUDIO RECORD (...) but I think that the Poison Collection will make up for that way, we put a lot of great effort in this, I think it's got some great stuff on there and just [want to] go on and have a rockin' kickin ass tour"

Check out the entire interview here.