BRET MICHAELS "I Would Love To Make A New POISON Album, BUT"

Date May 13, 2009 / 600 reads

Andy Greene of RollingStone.com recently conducted an interview with Bret Michaels.

On the Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick tour: "It?s a shame the economy sucks, but people still need to go out and have a great night and a lot of fun. I think we?re going to give it to them at a pretty awesome price. It?s the night of a thousand hits. All of us have a good competitive spirit and the fans will be the ones that win."

On Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott calling Poison a ?shite band? last summer: "Joe may have been having a bad day, who knows? The bottom line is I like their music. Phil Collen is a good friend of mine. Joe and I e-mailed each other right after that and we straightened things out. I told Joe, ?Look, I have enough problems fighting with my own band. I can?t take on anything else. I can?t fight everybody. I grew up loving your music and you guys are awesome.? He wrote back, ?I?m sorry, mate. It was a bad day for me and they asked me some off the wall questions.?"

On the possibility of a new Poison record: "I?d love to say yes, but I?m probably lying. I don?t know if our four heads are all in the right place to make a new album. I would love to make one, I just want it to be a pleasurable experience. My brain is too creative and I don?t want to go in there and fight with these guys at this point. I?d love to do it and if the time is right and everyone?s head is in it, that would be great. We just aren?t there now."

On Rock of Love Bus winner Taya: "Taya is absolutely beautiful. The show should be called Rock of Dating. You don?t fall in love in a month and a half on TV. You might fall in lust, you might be hot for somebody, but love takes time and both of us have children. We?re having a great time and we?ll see what happens.?

On runner-up Mindy: "When were in the Dominican Republic she should have said what she told me at the reunion. Mindy was great, but she would often get into a funk. I?m not talking about a fake funk, but a real funk. If we were out on the road and you got into a fake funk, we wouldn?t last two days after the show was over. Two or three of these arguments, you?d be like, ?I?m done.? She really came around at that reunion and said everything she should have said at that reunion."

On the possibility of Rock of Love 4: "I don?t know. I have to see where me and Taya go. We didn?t plan on a third one. You don?t finish one and then they start scheduling a show. All three were shot at all different times. It just depends if it works out. If I can withstand doing it and everyone wants to do it, then it?s definitely possible. It doesn?t suck being on a show with 25 women that can?t leave until I say so. They can?t escape. If there was to be something else, who knows what I would do. Maybe I?d be a love guru doctor and I?d give advice. Life throws me a lot of curves and I?ll see what happens."