BRET MICHAELS in Metal Edge Magazine

Date November 4, 1997 / 1138 reads

Source: Metal Edge Magazine, 1/98 issue; pages 82-85 by Gerri Miller.
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Gerri Miller wrote a huge article on Bret's solo album, band, and concert in the latest issue of Metal Edge Magazine. Here are some of the ground-breaking highlights:

* The Bret Michaels band is:
o Lorenzo Pryor (keyboards)
o Gabriel Moses (guitar)
o Bart Walsh (guitar)
o Billy Russo (bass)
o Scott Patterson (drums)
* There are 22 songs that Bret has recorded for his new record and he will write until "the very last day when I have to turn over the masters."
* Bret's first CD single, Die For You, will be out in November. "The CD single is gong to have some unbelievable cuts from the record on there. It's like a little taste of what the album will be." (Bret)
* The record company will be Bret and Charlie Sheen's Poorboy Records; and the distributor will be Unity/Sony Records.
* Letter from Death Row will be released first week of February. "We'll have two cuts available, for when it goes to cable and video, and on the director's cut we'll have the making of the film, extra stuff to go with it."
* On Poison: "I know we're gonna go out and tour next summer. I would have some of my solo singles out by then and what we would do is, even though I would do some solo shows by myself, we're hopin' to get out on the road May/June/July play throughout the summer, playing a couple of the new Poison songs in with all of our greatest hits. The album would probably come out, I would imagine, in August or September.