BRET MICHAELS "Jammin' With Friends" Reviewed by MelodicRock.com

Date August 21, 2013 / 715 reads

Bret Michaels new solo album was reviewed by the popular zine MelodicRock.com The album got 10% out of 100% and it was qualified like "crap". Some excerpts from the review follow below:

"Utter crap. Purely and simply...shit. Even worse, as at least shit can be used for fertilizer. Composting this release would be akin to dumping a 50 Gallon drum of highest quality Chernobyl soil into your veggie patch.
This type of collaboration release really is the lowest form of musical intelligence. Frankly, I'm amazed that Michaels found yet another excuse to roll out the same tired old songs for yet another run. Note to Bret ? no one wants to hear these songs again, ok?

Take for example Nothing But a Good Time. Not only is this version devoid of any energy or signs of life, but he has rapper Lil Jon cannibalize any hint of a chorus melody. My ears are still pissed off with me. Just because you hung out with the dude on Celebrity Apprentice doesn't mean you need to make music with him.

The production is beyond shiteous. The singing is horrendous. The songs are the same tired old craptastic tunes as featured on Bret's last 4 releases and the energy level rates about as high as his latest foray into getting laid on reality TV.

This is an insult to fans, an insult to all the guests rounded up to appear ? seriously ? how did he do that? Is Michaels really owed that many favors?

The Bottom Line
In a word ? embarrassing. Embarrassing for all involved. Stunning that it took this may people to make an album this epically bad. One of the worst releases by a major artist that I have reviewed in the last 15 years."