BRET MICHAELS Looks Back On 9/11

Date September 6, 2011 / 608 reads

Noisecreep caught up with Bret Michaels and he shared his thoughts on 9/11 and how it inspired him to write a song called 'One More Day.'

What do you remember about that day?

I was in California working on my 'Songs of Life' album when I first heard about what was happening. I remember feeling complete shock as I woke up to those images. Obviously, my first thoughts were with my recently born daughter, Raine, and her mother Kristi. But growing up on the East Coast, I was struck by thoughts and concern for all of lifelong friends and family there.

I instantly shut down work on the record, yet I locked myself in my room and wrote the song 'One More Day.' The song addresses the topic that ran through all of our minds that day, "What if you only had one more day?"

I also contacted the Red Cross immediately to see how my company, Michaels Entertainment Group, and I could raise money and help in any way possible. That resulted in a charity solo concert held in Burbank, Calif. that I helped put together. At the time my family was at my other home in Canada. I remember feeling so far away from Raine and Kristi. They had shut down air traffic and border crossings. I was told it could be up to 5 days until I could get into Canada. You never want to be told you can't see your family. But at times like that, the pain your heart feels while disconnected from your loved ones is indescribable.

As a token of remembrance to the ones we lost, and as a tribute to the American troops and civilians that stood strong in America's darkest hours and those who are still fighting for the world's freedom; as well as for the first responders and their family members, many of whom I have personally met and whom are still feeling the after-effects a decade later, I have created a 10th anniversary video for 'One More Day,' the song I wrote on that unforgettable day.