BRET MICHAELS' Movie "In God's Hands" Slated for March

Date February 15, 1998 / 678 reads

In God's Hands is a Zalman King movie shooting in Bali where Bret plays a cult leader of an "apocalyptic village" where some wayward surfers land.

King recently saw Bret in a promo and immediately cast him in the production: "God's Hands". Michaels will play the role of Phillips, who is a charismatic and self proclaimed-Guru who is ultimately ill intentioned. King decided to expand upon the role specifically for Bret. The film is being described as "Apocolypse Now" meets "The Endless Summer." The Triumph Films project has been slated for a Spring '97 release. Poison fans will be happy to note that Michaels will soon be announcing more of his own "in-front of" and "behind-the camera" activities in the near future.

Release of movie is slated for March 6, 1998