BRET MICHAELS "My Passion For A Project Is What Determines Its Worth To Me"

Date December 12, 2012 / 892 reads

Bret Michaels spoke to The Regina Leader-Post about the various projects he is currently involved in, which include touring and recording as a solo act.

"I'm a creative person and that's basically what drives me," he said. "I don't do well sitting still. My passion for a project is what determines its worth to me - it certainly has never been about the money or exposure. I always do what I want to do and I've been very lucky to have those things strike a nerve with people.

"Currently I have a new line of pet products exclusively at PetSmart locations. I'm also taping a new show called 'Rock My RV With Bret Michaels' on the Travel Channel that I think people will enjoy. It's awesome because I get to meet a lot of amazing people and trick out their mobile homes.

"Also this spring I have my new solo album coming out called 'Good Songs & Great Friends' where I made music with some great people like Lorretta Lynn, Joe Perry, Ace Frehley, Michael Anthony, Sal Costa, Phil Collen and Lil Jon. Then it's back off on tour."

Commenting on how he has changed as a person since the 1980s era of excess, Michaels said, "I'm very proud of my past, but at the same time I never look back. Everybody grows and I think that's all that's really happened. I've always been a giver and I've just been able to give more as time goes on. Philanthropy has always been part of my life, but I think that for others seeing me on 'The Apprentice', just brought it to the surface."

He continued, "My daughters have changed my life, too. The responsibility of parenting lends itself to a certain level of growth obviously, but at the core, I'm still 100 percent rock 'n' roll and will always follow my own path."