BRET MICHAELS New Solo Album To Feature DEF LEPPARD Members

Date August 29, 2011 / 1347 reads

Bret Michaels recently spoke to Billboard.com about his forthcoming solo album, "Get Your Rock On", which he hopes to release sometime next year. The CD will likely turn out to be a guest-studded affair that will feature DEF LEPPARD's Joe Elliott and Phil Collen, Stevie Nicks, possibly members of LYNYRD SKYNYRD and younger groups such as POP EVIL and MY DARKEST DAYS.

"I'm in the process of doing it as we speak," Michaels told Billboard.com. "When you're having other artists perform with you, it's about working with their time schedule and a lot of taking care of some of the business before you can enjoy the pleasure of just jamming together. I try to keep it pretty organic. We have to make sure everyone's good with the timing and can get into the studio to sing. But I think we're going to have a blast making this record."

Michaels is hoping to have a first single ? likely the title track, featuring Elliott and Collen ? out by the end of the year, digitally if not on CD.