BRET MICHAELS "Nobody Wants To See Me In Spandex Right Now"

Date December 31, 2008 / 382 reads

Bret Michaels recently spoke to Cristina Kinon of New York's Daily News about his VH1 "Rock of Love" dating reality franchise.

The latest installment of the show, "Rock of Love Bus", takes place entirely on the road, with 20 female contestants vying to stay on board and in Michaels' heart.

"Immediately, the entertainment value and the nuttiness was on level 10," Michaels said. "I didn't want my life, or the show, to become predictable, because what is great about dating and makes a dating reality show fun is the unpredictability of it all. This kept me on my toes."

When VH1 first approached him with the "Rock of Love" pitch, they envisioned it as an '80s throwback, but, to Michaels, that wasn't genuine.

"Nobody wants to see me in spandex right now," he said. "I didn't want to go backward. I feel like my glory days are these days, so I just said, 'Let me be me how I am right here and now. I'll bring my cars, my motorcycles, all my toys. I just don't want to tape it at my house, because I don't know these girls.' "

Michaels is "pretty sure" "Rock of Love Bus" will be the show's swan song.

"I can never say never, but I'm pretty sure that this kind of show is it for me," he said. "I'd like to do a hybrid of it where you come into my real life a little more ? like a mixture of 'Rock of Love' and 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels'. I think the ups and downs and sideways of my life would be really interesting for people to see."

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