BRET MICHAELS Nose fracture and busted lips at Tonys

Date June 8, 2009 / 574 reads


According to the Associated Press, POISON singer Bret Michaels fractured his nose and had to get three stitches in his lip after getting clocked in the head by a descending set piece during his band's performance at Sunday's (June 7) Tony Awards ceremony.

Publicist Joann Mignano says Michaels was getting a CAT scan on Monday as a precaution, as he's had a past neck injury.

Although he's "pretty bruised up," Mignano says, Michaels was in good spirits. He wiped off blood with a towel and laughed backstage when host Neil Patrick Harris joked that the singer "gave head banging a whole new meaning."

"He had a great time performing for the Broadway audience," Mignano told the Associated Press.