BRET MICHAELS On Entertainment Tonight - A Review

Date August 19, 1997 / 386 reads

Source: Jenn Cruegirl@sk.sympatico.ca of Motley Livewire.
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Entertainment Tonight started out with a very good introduction by saying that if you think rock stars are nothing but long hair and tattoos, you haven't met Bret Michaels. The Poison front man is now taking on movies, a solo album, and production in Sheen/Michaels Entertainment. ET showed clips from Bret's movie, A Letter From Death Row, where Bret had to shave his head (which has since grown back). Both the movie and the soundtrack (which was written and performed by Bret Michaels) will be out early next year.

They showed a clip of Bret playing I'd Die For You. This is a great song -- a ballad. that reminds me of the Native Tongue era. Bret explained that the song is about the moment before a person's execution.

The movie and album look and sound great so check them out when they're released!

Editor's note: special thanks to Jenn for writing this review for the Poison Web Site!