BRET MICHAELS on POISON 2015 Reunion Tour "It's Gonna Be Great"

Date October 20, 2014 / 727 reads

Bret Michaels recently made an appearance in Pomona California at the 62nd Annual RV Show and talked about Poison touring in 2015.

Lucas H Gordon interviewed Michaels at the event (video below) and Bret talked about his solo band, new single "A Beautiful Soul" and more tour plans for Bret Michaels.

But the big question was will there be a new Poison album. Bret kinda dodged that question, but talked about the band touring in 2015. Michaels said: "With Poison next year, if everything goes awesome, is gonna be the biggest reunion ever. It's gonna be great. C.C., Bobby, Rikki, myself - and ah, all original." The singer continued in regards to Poison touring in 2015 with; "We're gonna take it out there on the road and it's gonna be an unbelievable summer."

Gordon also asked if Poison will be in Latin America, Bret said: "Yes, we will be in Latina America for sure, and if not, I will be there as Bret Michaels (band)." See full video below.