Date April 29, 1997 / 464 reads

Source: Metal Edge Magazine, July 1997 issue, pg. 22. "Bret Michaels: Poison , Movies & More" in Metal Wire.
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

A full page article on Bret Michaels solo career as a movie star (Celebrity Pizza, Red Shoe Diaries, The Last Child, and the Sparrow Prophecies and a segment on Showtime called The Act of Love,. Completed is In God's Hands). His solo disc, Bret Michaels -- The Soundtrack to a Letter From Death Row, will be out September 23 preceded by a single on August 19. Bret describes it as "a collection of 10-12 songs that fit the film in a variety of styles of music."

On the new Poison disc: "I think it's gonna sound like traditional Poison," he said, and they're hoping to record by July. Capitol Records hasn't released Poison from contract yet, they're going to wait and see what the record sounds like before making a decision about it.

A tour may take place soon. Rikki and Bobby are in favor, C.C. can't decide, and Bret is opposed because of C.C.'s condition.

Listed on page 23 of Metal Edge is C.C.'s birthday. He'll turn 35 on May 14!