BRET MICHAELS on the New Orleans Incident With C.C. "We Took a Few Punches at Each Other"

Date April 16, 1991 / 1157 reads

Martha Quinn hosts this edition of Rock Line with this week's guest Bret Michaels. Viewers call a toll-free number and ask questions about the band, one of those questions pointed to the New Orleans fist fight between C.C. and Bret.

(Transcribed by POISONFANCLUB.NET)

Viewer: What happened between you and C.C. in New Orleans?

Bret: Actually it's a good question [...] we've been on the road now by nine months and I - just you know, just from tension stuff on the road - we had a [...] you know, you just a [...] - we went to see the fight that night, there was like three fights and we went to see them and we got kinda of all got intoxicate [...] we're having a great time and we went back to hotel when we kinda got into this little discussion over music and stuff and couple different things in sort of a [...] but everything was fine the next day, we had little bit of a discrepancy [...] we roar around [...] we took a few punches at each other and after that it's all fine, it's good to blow off some tensions sometimes [...] but everything was fine, next day we had a show and a made up 40 now there's no problem at all [...] everything's cool now.