BRET MICHAELS "POISON Will Go Out Next Summer"

Date October 1, 1998 / 440 reads

Seven years since C.C. DeVille was fired and nearly three since he announced his return, Poison may actually tour again: Bret Michaels says the band will go out next summer, possibly teaming up with one or more bands on a festival tour he’s calling Exiled From Mainstream. No other acts have been confirmed, however. ¾ of Poison jammed on three songs—"Nothin' But a Good Time," "Unskinny Bop" and "Talk Dirty to Me"—in the encore at Bret's gig at L.A.'s Roxy last Saturday night, with C.C. (whose BOMBS OVER BROADWAY opened up) and Rikki Rockett playing for the first time together since 1992. Bret plans another L.A. show in November and a repeat performance is likely. His A Letter From Death Row soundtrack/solo album will finally be released October 6, followed by the movie on November 17.