BRET MICHAELS Prays Shootings Are Random Acts Of Violence

Date April 9, 2006 / 270 reads

Bret Michaels told "Inside Edition" he's talking publicly about the two shooting incidents he's experienced recently because he's asking for help in stopping whoever has been shooting at him. "It's a pretty scary feeling to be randomly shot at no matter what it is," Michaels explained. "I'm not a real fearful person. I'm actually a pretty independent person and I'm not a big posse guy. I like to go live my life and do my thing but I'm taking this very seriously, I mean, everyone's taking it seriously. What you pray is that it's a random act of violence; you hope that it's just a couple of kids with a bb gun or a pellet gun."

Back in November in Massachusetts, someone fired a weapon at Michaels that shattered a window on his tour bus, and a similar thing happened two weeks ago, when a window in his car was shot out while he was driving in Los Angeles.

Michaels has no idea who's behind either shooting incident, but he told Launch that there's one person who's been under scrutiny for quite a while. "The FBI's been investigating a guy by the name of Mark Kram," he said. "We cannot figure out who this is, because obviously it's his name spelled forward and backwards. They've been investigating that since the early '90s. And we've gotten so many death threats, and they've become weirder and stranger over time, so it's pretty scary."