BRET MICHAELS Releases 'Jorja Bleu' Video

Date May 5, 2017 / 982 reads

Bret Michaels recently took some time to chat with Billboard about getting back together with Poison, what fans can expect on this tour, and the inspiration behind the new "Jorja Bleu." A few excerpts from the chat follow below:

Billboard: How did "Jorja Bleu" come together?

Bret: I wrote this on the road at the end of last year. Sometimes the best music you can write is inspired in the moment. And if you were on the road with us, we have the mobile studio, which is the bus. And thank god for new technology, because you can literally demo up a song right then and there.

Billboard: You sing and play everything on the song.

Bret: Pretty much. I've become my own little studio. And Pete [Evick, Bret Michaels Band guitarist], he's incredible at capturing my music insanity. I'm never in a rush but I know what I want to do. So I'll lay down something with the drum machine, and then I start laying down the guitar mixed with the vocal. And you can hear that in the tracks -- my first rhythm track on the guitar, you hear me singing along.

Billboard: Will "Jorja Blue" be part of a new Bret Michaels solo album?

Bret: Absolutely. But for right now, with the way the world works, you sort of put the songs out as they come and eventually you get the whole collection together. Plus, with the Poison opportunity, to be able to go out this year is amazing. To do both when you're out on the road... it's okay when you're doing "Jorja Bleu" with the solo band, because we sit in the back of the bus and we have the studio. When you're out with Poison it's just, the day gets filled differently. But when the time is there I absolutely plan to make a new record.