BRET MICHAELS Still Sees "Something Amazing Happening" For POISON In The Future

Date April 19, 2016 / 778 reads

During an April 18 appearance on the SiriusXM satellite radio show "Eddie Trunk Live", Michaels was asked if he thinks POISON will ever regroup to do some more touring. He responded: "One thousand percent. I still consider 'em great friends. We've been through a lot together. And, you know, we've been out there a lot a few years back - with DEF LEPPARD, MÖTLEY CRÜE, we were out with KISS, [LYNYRD] SKYNYRD... We've done a lot of stuff. And just as POISON, playing the amphitheaters and arenas. But I still see something amazing happening."

Michaels added that POISON's future plans depend partly on the health of drummer Rikki Rockett, who last year completed nine rounds of chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiation after being diagnosed with oral cancer in the summer. He said: "Right now we've all got a prayer out for Rikki and his health; we hope that it's great. And that's number one - for our drummer and his health and his kids and everything... He's working really hard at [his treatment]. And you know the combination - it's grace of God and good medical attention and taking care of himself. But I think if all goes great, which it will, I'm hoping in the very near future - I don't wanna say a date - we go out there and do some amazing shows together. And I'm thankful for every minute I have had and will have. Meaning I'm not... I'm not one of those guys, I'm not a bitter guy. I'm happy for what I've got and the amazing time we had together, and hopefully we'll continue to do it in the future. But if not, it was a great journey and a great time."