BRET MICHAELS Talks About Wrecking His Ferrari

Date August 28, 2008 / 3281 reads

Shea Serrano of Houston Press did an interview with Bret Michaels. A few excerpts follow below:

SS: Somewhere around '94 or '95, you got into that car accident where you smashed your Ferrari. Why exactly did [happen]?

BM: I was at the Rainbow Bar and Grill and, God rest his soul, I was actually partying with Chris Penn, Sean Penn's brother. We had went out, we had a good time, and we got invited to an afterparty. All of us drove there separately, you know. I don't even think it was like a Friday, it was like a Tuesday night or something. This girl that was a friend of all of ours invited us to a party that was in Burbank; it was a pretty good distance driving through the hills and the canyons.

And I remember, honestly, I was just hauling ass and lost control of the car. That's pretty much it. And, just, thank God that I didn't hurt anyone but myself. That was the first question out of my mouth to the police when I woke up, “Did I hurt anyone?” You gotta remember, at this point I had broken my ribs, I was missing teeth, it wasn't a pleasant picture. I wasn't out there trying to be an idiot, we were just out there kinda racing, having fun and I just lost control of the car.