BRET MICHAELS "The New POISON Album Should Be Out In May of 99"

Date May 21, 1998 / 278 reads

Results of Bret Michaels Chat at The Globe, Wednesday May 20th, from 9pm-10pm Eastern time.
Source: Angela & Rose

These are all quotes from Bret Michaels.

* we're looking to do a summer tour in 99. the record should be out in may of 99

* my strangest memory of the early days was a very surreal memory--going from playing really small clubs--basically moving the pool table to the side so we could play--and then suddenly being out there opening for WhiteSnake, Ratt, Aerosmith...

* my best memory came on the same day when we played the Texas Jam in 87 in front 83,000 people. it was such a strange memory because Paul Stanley from Kiss was on stage playing with us and Steven Tyler was on the side of the stage singing our songs. they're two of my biggest idols.

* what made me become a singer was going to see Sweet and Foghat play. I was very very young.

* the first band I ever played in--i've been playing guitar and harmonica since I was 7 years old. my first band was Lazer, and we played all Kiss covers. our first big performance, we charged 25 cents to all our friends in our neighborhood to watch us jam in my dad's basement.

* at the moment, we're just doing feature films, but i'll be doing something in the near future with MadTV when I release my solo record, as well as the Jay Leno show.

* that's a hard question to answer--i'm proud of all of them. I was very much into making each record as we did it. but I would have to say, my favorite overall, that I felt good about was Flesh & Blood.

* Do you foresee a day in the future where your acting career will be more important to you than your music career?

* no, I very much love doing both, but music will always be my first love.

* most of the time, i'm a very personable human being. I consider myself to be very down to earth, but being of Russian-German-Italian blood, I do have my mean streak.

* as far as music goes, my biggest influences come from people like Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Paul Stanley, and Bon Scott.

* What's your views on your fans buying CAS bootlegs? How do you feel about it?

* I think it's a great album, and although I don't approve of people bootlegging us, I think fans should try to get that album any way they can.

* we write how we feel at the time. but I assure you that we are very much a hard rock band, and we will not pretend to make music that is not our style, whether it's trendy or not.

* I ALWAYS stick up for Poison! and I feel proud of what we've done. but you can't waste your time getting in a battle with every single person who take a potshot at you or you'd be giving them too much credit.

* a lot of these bands or people that take potshots--you must be doing something right to make them jealous enough to take potshots at you. the bottom line is, you've gotta enjoy the music you make, be proud of it, and worry about your own life.

* when we go out next summer, I would like to see us on the road with Whitesnake and Def Leppard.

* Poison's new sound, although updated, will very much sound, I feel, like the feel we had on our first 3 records--very guitar-driven.

* I think Marilyn Manson, for theatrical's sake, has kicked rock n roll in the ass, and I think it's cool. as far as the devil content of his music, I can't say that i'm totally into that. but theatrically and as a performer I dig him.