BRET MICHAELS The Solo Career & Movie

Date May 29, 1997 / 514 reads

Source: Sheen-Michaels Entertainment and Ticketmaster.

Bret Michaels Band scheduled to perform - August 14, 1997 at Billboard Live in LA, California. Tickets will soon be available through Ticketmaster. Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8. You must be 21 or over to attend! 9039 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA.
Price for admission: $20. To charge by phone, call (213) 480-3232, or order online by clicking here.

Soundtrack to A Letter From Death Row - Scheduled for release September 9, 1997.

A Letter From Death Row - Scheduled for release on Halloween 1997

(Written and directed by Bret Michaels)

A psychological thriller that takes you through the mind of convicted killer, Michael Raine, (Bret Michaels) and his experiences on death row. Was he guilty of killing his girlfriend, (Kristi Gibson) or was he a victim of a conspiracy to frame him for a crime he didn't commit?

As the story unfolds Jessica Foster, (Lorelei Shellist) an assistant to the Governor of Tennessee begins to interview Raine while on death row, claiming that she's writing a book about the inmates. Through various circumstances, Raine puts two and two together and builds a case that he believes can prove his innocence...or does he? Ms. Foster is the only one on the 'outside" who can give Raine a voice, but is she working for those who framed him?

As time draws near to the date of his execution, in his most desperate hour Raine finds the missing pieces to the puzzle to prove his innocence, but is it too late...? Was this story told from Raine's point of view or from the book writers or from yours, the viewer - you decide. A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW also stars Martin Sheen and Rob Wild with a special cameo appearance by Charlie Sheen. Watch for it in theaters near you Halloween 1997.