BRET MICHAELS Tour Rider Revealed

Date October 6, 2010 / 1160 reads

The Smoking Gun web site has posted POISON singer Bret Michaels' 2010 tour rider, which includes a request for "6 individual size bottles of 100[[[%]]] orange juice" needed to regulate the diabetic rocker's blood-sugar levels. Other beverages requested for Bret's dressing room include six bottles of cranberry juice, a 12-pack of diet Lipton green tea ("*Citrus ONLY (no other flavors)*"), and a six-pack of sweet tea. Promoters are also asked to supply "1 CLEAN electric tea kettle, in working order, to make hot water for tea should be provided along with assorted teas (caffeine free green tea, earl grey, throat coat, regular Lipton tea bags etc.)."

Michaels, concerned about the spelling abilities of production staffers, also makes sure to point out that, ?Artist name is Bret Michaels ? Please be diligent in all billing, advertising and signage that name is spelled correctly and NOT with two (2) ?T?s.??