BRET MICHAELS TVGuide.com interview

Date April 10, 2009 / 621 reads

TVGuide.com recently spokes with Bret Michaels and asked about his reality Rock of Love Bus, his paternity, and the posibility of fell in love with one of the contestants, a few excerpts from the interview:

About his paternity: "The one thing I can say is I'm a good father. I realize they are young, but their mom ? my ex ? and I are really great friends, and it's clear to them their mom is their mom. They know daddy is on a dating show and that he's a crazy rock guy. I bring them on the road all the time and they love it."

And about lust & love he said "Love takes time. You got to go through the flu with somebody, a family member passing away, a broken heart, a broken leg ? and then see if they still want you. After a month-and-a-half of filming, you might fall in lust, but love is a little different. I definitely felt love at the end of all three seasons. Or, I felt lust and a lot of like. I go into these relationships with the same intention, but whether or not they last is a whole different ball game."

Read the entire interview clicking the link above.