C.C.DEVILLE Claims He's Back In POISON

Date February 14, 2000 / 647 reads

Source: KNAC

According to Krys Barratto, bassist in CC DeVille's solo project Samantha 7, CC has patched things up with Poison and has returned to the group. Barratto told MTV News story and DeVille himself confirmed the news in an interview with WDHA Radio in New Jersey on Saturday night. However, KNAC.COM spoke to sources close to Poison, who said that while things are "progressing in a positive direction in the Poison camp, Poison has made no official word about CC returning to the band." Our source claims that "despite the MTV News report, there has been no official announcement from Poison and therefore, it is not officially true."

The outspoken guitarist parted company with his original band two weeks ago over a dispute with Poison singer Bret Michaels over giving DeVille's band Samantha 7 the opening slot on the summer Poison tour with Cinderella, Slaughter, and Dokken. Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns was brought in as DeVille's replacement and has been writing material for their upcoming Live + Five CD, which targeted for a June release and scheduled to include live tracks from last summer's tour as well as five new songs. The Samantha 7 CD is scheduled to be released by Sony on May 2.

All of this reconciliation started when CC came on the air here at KNAC.COM two weeks ago and expressed regret over his decison to leave Poison on the eve of their reunion album and upcoming tour. After that, CC approached drummer Rikki Rocket at the Namm Show and, apparantly, the healing began.