C.C.DEVILLE's Home Burglarized

Date October 24, 2005 / 293 reads

Earlier this morning, the home of C.C. Deville was broken into. Many guitars and several amplifiers were stolen from his private collection.

Arriving home from a personal business trip, Deville noticed that several guitars were not where he had left them. Upon further inspection, an initial inventory showed that approximately 30 pieces of equipment had been taken from his house. Included on the list are several vintage amplifiers and collectible guitars. Many of these are recognizable to C.C.'s fans, as they have been used on stage by this talented guitar player as well as featured in the numerous music videos he has appeared in during his 20 year career.

"This has been a difficult year for me," said C.C. I have struggled with my alcohol addiction and sought and completed treatment. Then to return home only to find it had been maliciously violated. Unfortunately the finger points to someone I have graciously allowed in my house and life. This saddens and disappoints me greatly."

C.C. continued," Not only do these guitars represent a large financial loss to myself, but they are also a damaging and hurtful loss to Poison and all of it's fans. Several of these pieces have become recognizable icons whose value exceeds their monetary or insured value." "I'm doing my best to think of this as a test to my hard earned sobriety. It's a test I do not intend to fail. It is, however, made more difficult by the fact that my feeling of safety is gone. And that I have lost some very gifted friends in my guitars." C.C. concluded.

A list of everything that was stolen will available on his personal website Planet Deville when the inventory process has been completed. While the proper authorities have been notified and are working on solving this case, we urge anyone with knowledge of the theft itself or the where abouts of any of the missing valuables to contact Roberta Cowan at Johannessongs, Inc.